Morning Star: Daily Astrology for May 20, 2014

The Moon is still in Aquarius this morning and she wakes us up with a sextile to her current ruler, Uranus in Aries (7:02 AM). Yesterday was a pause and reflect type of day. Today, we are more future minded and ready to move forward with the knowledge and wisdom we've gained through experience thus far. Hopefully you did harvest the potential lessons generated from Mars Rx. And, hopefully you are still listening and watching for what Saturn has to give us as he finishes his retrograde. Pluto is running backward too, prompting us to once again check our foundations and make the needed tuck points to keep it secure and strong.

Moon/Uranus can be impulsive and detached. However, the mood is likely to be quite sober in making these future plans since it correlates with a square from Moon to its traditional ruler, Saturn in Scorpio, right in the middle of the day (2:12 PM). The changes you are looking to incorporate are not light matters. And, launching them doesn't promise to be easy. However, the end point may hold freedoms you have never been able to enjoy. That is serious and can also be intimidating.

Venus calls to the Aquarian Moon from the final few degrees of Aries encouraging her to be brave and reach for what it is she wants. These two meet via sextile at 4:06 PM.

That encouragement is followed up by bringing your mind around to center through a trine from Moon to Mercury in Gemini at 6:22 PM.

Hearts are on board. Minds are on board. But, Saturn looms in the distance pushing you to either doubt yourself or to make solid plans about all that is taking place.

Finally, at about 11 PM, the Sun leaves sturdy Taurus for flexible Gemini. Take that fixed fear (Saturn in Scorpio)! We are mutable!

The tension tide does move in today and it doesn't exactly recede as the Moon clears Saturn. We are working our way to the Last Quarter Moon tomorrow as the Moon enters Pisces. Plus, once the Sun is in Gemini, it begins waxing into square with Neptune in Pisces. We are not as we appear. They are not as they appear. Little bits of our ego begin to get washed away and dissolved. We soften. Some may become deceitful. But, the question of “Were they lying or am I just not seeing things clearly” comes to prominence.

As the Sun squares Neptune you'll be reaching for that Saturn in Scorpio to bring you clarity and grounding.

The best use of today's tension between Moon and Saturn is to plan and work. Where to plan and work is contained in whatever houses the Moon and Saturn fall in your natal chart. But, I've got an inkling that you may know exactly where that is by now—without even looking. Will you help draft the future of the "new normal?" Or will you fight to maintain the status quo?
That decision lies with you, my friend.