Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 3, 2014

We wake up to a Void Moon after coming off a square from Venus in Aquarius at 2:44 AM. This has what we need at odds with what we want. Venus in Aqua may be attracted to something unusual. While the Moon just needs to sleep on it.

Moon leaves Void status at 7:40 AM EDT and enters Gemini. “Let's give them something to talk about” comes to mind. Gemini Moons bowl me over. I have Saturn in Gemini, so I'm slow on the draw when it comes to the social butterfly stuff. I also have Neptune in early Sagittarius which explains why I woke up feeling as if I were in a dream this morning.

Aries Sun perfected its square with Pluto in Capricorn at 5:18 AM. This is forceful and has the ability to endure. It can also bring out the shadow side of our personalities. But, you know, if you were launching an evil scheme to take over the world as this aspect perfected, its likely to fail. Just saying. Moon was VOC. Get an Astrologer to help you time it next time, Brain.

The Gemini Moon's ruler is currently still swimming in Pisces. So, while conversations will likely pick up today since people will need (moon) to talk things out, the more telling conversations will be unsaid and played out under the surface. Pay attention to body language and other subtleties.

All day the Moon waxes into square with Neptune in Pisces. So, a few of you will be joining me in water world as the day progresses. This perfects tonight at about 8 PM EDT.

Last couple of days have been a bit eventful. I can't say today will be significantly lighter. Not with Sun square Pluto. But, we do have the ability to bear it and are inclined to gather information and share it with others.

Today is Venus' last day in Aquarius. She dives into the oceans of Pisces tomorrow. I'm sure she's already lined up several new swimsuits. Hearts will melt a bit then. Particularly as more water comes into the picture with the passage of Moon into Cancer on the 5th.

With that, I'll advise you to prepare for the tides to rise a bit with the square to Neptune from the Moon tonight. It could produce some sleep---finally. Or, cause confusion and tears. Then, later this week, the influx of water is more pronounced. Look for your sensitive spots and gather information on how to best cope with that. Gather around friends.
Side note: April 9th is the next Woo Woo Wonderful show with Dixie Vogel (and me, of course). We will be discussing Animal Symbolism. If you have something creeping or crawling across your radar, let us know! We will see if we can address your question on the show and dig up some information for you.

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