Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 2, 2014

There is a very familiar crackle in the air today. And, I like it!


Sun in Aries is conjunct Uranus.

Yesterday, I told my audience on Facebook that I could see ignition switches turning today. And, I do! I see motors starting, gears beginning to shift and tires starting to move. I see people saying, “I don't give a shit! I'm doing it, already!”


The Universe KNOWS I love the smell of burnt motor oil in the morning. It's exciting! Adrenaline. My favorite drug!

But, wait a minute. Just a second before we go out there and set the world on fire ok? I'm all for the revving of engines and squealing tires coming out of the starting gate. But, I'm going to have to throw up a few caution flags first.

The combination of Mars, Uranus and Sun can try to move too quickly and become accident prone. So, be careful! Second, this type of energy (though we have had it waxing in for a few days) is new and fresh. We are accustomed to swimming around for what seems like forever! Have you ever walked off a ship after spending several hours at sea? The earth feels a bit wobbly. Or if you've ever taken off running after spending several hours swimming? The old legs are a bit shaky at first.

Let this spark start your engine. Use it to cover some initial ground...cautiously and wisely instead of implusively.

In truth, this isn't a race. This is a personal quest where our only true competition is our selves. So, don't think you have to run over everyone at the starting gate. This isn't about them. It's about you! Set the pace YOU can maintain.

I know you feel great. I know you are ready to move forward. Just bear in mind Mars is still retrograde so the course still has some obstacles to navigate. Sun to Uranus will give you the quick reaction time you need to avoid them. But, you need to know they are out there so you can watch for them.

The next thing we have coming in (after your motors are good and warmed up) is clarity. Remember that concept? It's been awhile since we've had any of that!

Mercury in Pisces trines Saturn in Scorpio. All those intuitive messages and inklings start to take a tangible and workable form. The fog dissipates. We know! We may not know HOW we know but we KNOW! And, that knowledge is solid.

Ok. So, we have the motors running...the brain is do we feel?

Moon is still in Taurus. It meets Mercruy via sextile at about 5 PM EDT. We are on board with these ideas. Mind and emotion agree! At the same time, we may have all these fresh ideas and new founded sparks of enthusiasm, but we aren't really sure what to do about it. The wheels may spin in the mud a bit as Moon crosses by Mars Rx in Libra. Don't panic. Taurus is all about slow and steady progress.

Then, our confidence may be a little shaken as Moon opposes Saturn. Reality. Mind it. But don't let it stop you! Sun/Uranus (AND waxing into square with Pluto) is brave! The fear and uncertainty that may come with Moon opposite Saturn isn't meant to stop you in your tracks. It is just to make you aware that dangers could lie ahead. The Universe throws up a caution flag!

Turn this into emotional grounding. Turn this into the realization that these actions are happening and are no longer just a pipe dream and therefore some consequences may arise from them. Heed that caution WHILE moving forward.

Courage is not the absence of fear! Fear can be a valuable tool!

It will come together. It will continue to make more and more sense. We will continue to gain momentum but you are going to have to be patient!

As Sun waxes into square with Pluto, we may have some shady ideas about how we could be successful. We could be ready to bear and endure.

I don't think winning is worth it if you have to cheat. Mars in Libra agrees. Don't compromise your integrity.

Reach for the ability to endure with Sun/Pluto. But, remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't use this one day of energy bursts and completely wear yourself down in the process!

Ok..I think that is all the worries my Virgo parts can think of. To recap...don't spin out. Watch for bumps in the road. Get a map (do we have a map? We don't need no stinking map!---YES you do!). If you feel fear, navigate it with determination. USE IT. And, don't blow yourself out in the first lap. Pace yourself.

Now. What are you waiting on? GO! GO! GO!