Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 12, 2014

We may still be a little bit love drunk this morning as Venus is still lingering around Neptune. However, I think Saturday mornings are a wonderful time to be love drunk.


Today, the Moon is still in Virgo with all her major aspects behind her with the exception of a sextile to Saturn that perfects at 1:12 PM EDT.

After this, Moon goes Void until entering Libra at 4:34 AM tomorrow.

The sextile from Moon to Saturn brings emotional stability and grounding to the day. If you have work to do, its favored to be dealt with in the morning.

The evening is geared toward relaxing.

Next week is colored with the Moon passing through the Cardinal t-square (early morning tomorrow), Mercury in Aries passing through the t-square (Monday and Tuesday), Pluto stationing retrograde (Monday), a total Lunar Eclipse in Libra (Tuesday) and Venus making pleasant aspects to both Jupiter and Pluto (Thursday and Friday respectively).

In other words, it's a freaking busy week ahead, ok? Relax this evening and enjoy yourself. Things become pressurized tomorrow and that is likely to last through mid-week. You are going to need your energy. Your main job today is resting and grounding in preparation for that. You'll be glad you did!