Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 11, 2014

Good morning, sleepy head. Was there any part of you that really wanted to get out of bed this morning? Or would you have rather slept in? At least it is Friday, right?

This morning, we wake up to Moon in Virgo in opposition to both Venus and Neptune. This opposition makes me want to coo love messages to someone in French. It also makes it really hard to come up out of dreamland and enter the real world. There is a part of us that wants to meet the day. But, there is another part that would rather lie on a chaise lounge and have people carry chocolate to you or feed you grapes.

Waking up comes slowly and the full emergence from our dreams comes even more slowly. Moon opposite Venus perfects at 5:55 AM EDT. The opposition to Neptune peaks at 7:21 AM.

The rest of the day, Moon waxes into a sextile with Jupiter in Cancer perfecting at dinner time (6:47 PM) and trine to Pluto in Capricorn (perfecting at 8:53 PM). It's as if Virgo steps in to talk to big Momma Jupiter and dark Daddy Capricorn and says, “Look, you guys can get along. Momma, could you help make us something good to eat? Daddy, help me start overhauling the place with this Spring Cleaning business.”

That sounds like the perfect plan to me. Spring has definitely sprung. Weather permitting, opening the windows and allowing the stagnant air of winter to escape is perfect for today. Smudging, creating sacred spaces in your home or chasing dust bunnies in an effort to clear the air in general all sound delicious to me today. Perhaps I will sit on the chaise and day dream about all the work I could be doing to renew the air in my space.

Things have been heighten emotionally. Cleaning can be a metaphoric (and literal) effort to wipe the emotional slate clean by scrubbing the floor. And, with a Full Moon Eclipse approaching, I would suggest you do a big purge of clutter and junk which most certainly works with our current Moon in Virgo and the approaching surgical excising eclipse.

Physical space may not be the only area that needs cleaned. What about your psychic space? Can you open the windows of that space as well and allow the renewal of spring to waft in?

Meditation. Taking meticulous care of your energetic and physical body and creating a sense of order, peace and serenity in the current chaos are all highlighted today.

Sure, at first glance, cleaning may not seem like much fun. But, it will make you feel so much better and lighter.

You are going to appreciate that as Venus meets up with Neptune by the end of the day. That perfects at 10:24 PM. These are moments when you gaze into your lover's eyes and realize, “Not only does my heart adore you, but it feels as if my soul has touched yours.” insert long cooing amorous French phrases here.

Honestly, the idea of a freshly cleaned space followed by a night of mutual drooling and fantastical mutual adoration sounds blissful. My Pisces Moon and Venus and Virgo see satisfaction in that.

It is also a wonderful day for charitable works and placing yourself in a position of service.

If you are unattached and end up finding your dream lover today, know that your eyes are probably partially veiled. The fairy dust in the air may be fogging up your rose colored glasses about this person and they may be feeling it to. Keep that in the back of your mind. But, why not drink that amorous liquor in and enjoy it while it lasts without worrying about what you may not be seeing at this moment. You'll wake up from your lovely day dream eventually. But, not today.

Sure he may be an axe murderer. But, aren't his eyes simply divine? (little joke—but entirely possible, ya love drunk fool). But who cares! You are in looooooooove. Twitterpated.

Or. Your heart could be bleeding as you pine for that elusive and dreamy love that you have lost. Clean those memories out! OUT OUT DAMN SPOT!

We are very sensitive today. And, regardless of how I spin the loveliness that can be Neptune/Moon and Venus, some will be quite emotional. That, again, highlights the need for a bit of a reprieve and loads of spiritual cleansing and purging. Heal sweet one. Allow the Divine to cradle your heart so it can be repaired without bitterness and disdain.

We'll wake up from this dream soon enough. Tomorrow we can worry about the future. Further into the weekend and the beginning of the week we can contemplate the Full Moon Eclipse. Today, join me on a rainbow colored cloud and entertain visions of butterflies, fairy dust and Johnny Depp hand feeding us chocolate.