Morning Star: March 3, 2014

We may just need this Aries Moon Warrior energy today to battle our way out in the world. In my neck of the woods, we woke up to a blanket of snow and it is still pouring down. Of course, none of this is really that surprising. Local News and National Weather stations have been touting this as the biggest winter storm of the season for days.

Either way, Moon is in Aries. Early this morning (4:15 AM EST) Moon squared off with Jupiter and found Uranus (4:51 AM) by conjunction. It is now waxing into square with Pluto in Capricorn perfecting at (8:47 AM). All of this creates an air of tension with or without the wintery weather. And, this tension sets part of the undertone for the day.

Worst case scenario, you wake up and find yourself in the middle of an emotional battle. Best case scenario (or one of them), you wake up ready to face things that you would normally avoid.

Aries Moon is brave and with her ruler (Mars) newly retrograde, she may be less inclined to be emotionally aggressive opting for assertiveness instead . But, I don't believe the retrograde will take away her tenacity or have her backing down from a challenge.

If you can grasp onto the energy created between the Moon and the Cardinal Square, you can accomplish a great deal. Mental/book/paper/computer work is highlighted with Mercury now direct. And, physical work should be centered on finishing up projects and tying up loose ends.

It is also a good day to consider re-evaluating how you treat your physical body and implementing positive change in that regard. Decide to eat healthier or institute a new diet and exercise program. An Aries Moon with these early day aspects could feel all “Gung Ho” about something like that.

Busy Aries Moons can also bring about headaches.

The Moon isn't the only busy body in the sky today. The Sun waxes toward sextile with Pluto (2:12 PM) and a conjunction with Chiron at 8:25 PM. I have a story about what that is like. I recently went to the dentist. I was NERVOUS. But, thankfully (after a 2 year search), I've found a dentist who I have confidence in. He needed to numb my mouth and he said, “I'm going to tell you that you are going to feel a little pinch. But, that's a damn lie. This is going to hurt like Hell and I'm sorry.”

His straight forward and honest statement let me know, “Ok. This is going to hurt.” But, I knew the hurt would pass and the long term benefit from enduring the pain would be worth it. Of course, there was a period of healing after which I had to be gentle with myself. However, enduring the pain and taking care to allow myself to heal both lead to long term better health and a more stable foundation (for my mouth).

The pain did come, just like he said. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My fear of how much it was going to hurt was much worse than it actually was. Sun to Pluto can give you the where-with-all to endure the pain that bubbles up from Sun in Pisces conjunct Chiron. When/if the pain comes, your fear of how difficult it is to face and deal with it may be worse than the actual pain itself. Use the Aries Moon to be brave and straightforward. But, also realize that once you do endure or realize this pain, you will need time to rest and heal.

While our Pisces Sun is busy being a brave little fish and battling wounds that no one else may see, the Moon begins waxing into sextile with Mercury in Aquarius perfecting at 6:29 PM. Talk out your emotions with a group of friends. Consider the details logically. Be future minded and don't be afraid to approach the situation in a new and unique way—the inspiration for this will be accessible with this aspect.

Finally, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to wind down and find center tonight. You need your rest. Allow yourself that. Even warriors need a little time off to decompress and prepare for the next battle.