Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 8, 2014


Let me tell you a little bit about what I'm seeing before I get into the daily forecast. Prior to Mars flipping retrograde, I was talking a whole lot about how to get what you want, how to decide what you want, etc. Are you going after what you want or are you doing what “they” think you should do?

This started all the way back when Mars entered Libra and I was even talking about it during Libra season last fall. At that time, I told people, “You will be challenged when Mars turns RX.”

Well, that's exactly what I'm seeing. I am seeing people who have something they want or somewhere they want to be challenged or threatened.

I keep going back to the story of my son who has Mars Rx in his natal chart. From the very beginning with him, as early as learning to walk, he would try to stand and get pushed down. Take a few steps, get pushed down. Then, finally, he was making a lot of progress and ended up contracting pneumonia and was FORCED to sit down because he had an IV in his ankle and was restricted to a croup tent.

Why is this happening? Does the Universe just exist in order to test us?

Well..I'm not really sure, to be honest. I don't know if it is our plans that need to be tested? Do we need to reconsider what we are doing? Are there adjustments that need to be made? Or, is it our resilience and tenacity that is being tested? MAYBE we are being put in positions to build our tenacity and resilience for a reason. Maybe we are going to need it down the road when Mars enters this Cardinal Cross with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.

Is the Universe separating the wheat from the chaff here? Are we finding out if we are quitters or the type of person who keeps marching forward in the face of adversity? Are we finding out whether what we want is worth the energy it is going to take to overcome these obstacles? Are we learning that sometimes we need to give up on something and go back to the drawing board?

I think the answers to those questions are very personalized. Sometimes, we do decide it is time to give up. And, other times, a challenge arises, and then another and another and we defiantly stare at the Universe and say, “Is that all you got? Because, I'm getting back up and moving forward again anyway!”

How bad do you want it? Are you sure? What if I throw this obstacle in your path and add a little criticism/resistance from others in the mix. What if I throw “Nay-sayers” at you who say what you want to do is ridiculous? Are you going to follow your heart? Or are you going to allow their negativity to dissuade you? What are you made of?...Punk. This is planetary BOOT CAMP!

This is what I'm seeing. Mars RX in all his glory. Stand up. Get pushed down. Stand up, take a few steps, fall over something and bust your nose. Stand up, get physically ill until you have to go down.

Does that mean you aren't supposed to walk? Should my son have just given up? If he had, he'd be 19 years old and still crawling. Instead, he's walking around upright like there never was a problem to begin with. He DID succeed in learning how to walk and the struggles of learning are a very distant memory. And, as a result of this struggle (and many others he encountered..playing sports, riding a bike, etc), he's pretty freaking tenacious. And, patient. And, NON-VIOLENT.

Do you have grit? Do you have stamina? Are you flexible enough to make adjustments without letting setbacks deter you from what you want? We are finding this out right now.

And, I'm holding my cards close to my chest. This isn't typical or comfortable for me. I have a broadcasting Mercury in Scorpio in the 9th. Want to know my game plan? I'm very prone to divulge every detail to you. But, not this time. No. I'm saving that energy for playing my hand. Poker face. Which is exceedingly hard given that I also have a first house Moon.

Change the way you go about things. Switch things up. Try a different tactic but for goodness sake, make sure you STAND BACK UP. Ok? No allowing this RX frustrating Mars to back up on you. No internal swirling vortex of anger and frustration. Instead, convert that into something you can use in the face of adversity.

Anyway, that's what I'm seeing. Stand up. Get pushed down. Stand up. Trip over something and smash your face. Is it worth it? You are about to find out.

This morning at 8:30 AM Moon in Gemini aspects the Sun in Pisces via square at just short of 18 degrees. That is the First Quarter Moon as we are waxing our way to the Full Moon in Virgo. First Quarters are notorious for throwing up blocks and increasing tensions. Stand. Back. Up.

Then at 3:20 PM, Moon in Gemini meets her ruler, Mercury in Aquarius, via trine.

We might get pushed down, but by early evening our mind and emotional body are on the same page. Use that to get some of your frustrations out. Talk out your plans with your close friends. Engage your higher mind to come up with tactics to adjust your path in the face of obstacles. Rationalize those emotions out. What am I feeling? Why?

Gather your rosebuds of information where ye may. The picture and the path are going to become clearer...eventually. 20 years from now, these struggles are going to be either something you allowed to push you down and make you stay down. Or, they are going to be a distant memory of when you acquired the skills you needed to move forward during adversity. I know which path I want to look back on. Do you?