Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 26, 2014

The other day, I mentioned that we would be able to see how Capricorn feels about this tightening Cardinal Cross in the sky. The feeling I picked up on most was Grief. Capricorn is grieving.

And, I'm talking about the archetype of Capricorn here..not necessarily just people with heavy Capricorn or Capricorn Suns, though that applies too.

Capricorn, on the whole, is industrious and proud of its accomplishments. Now, however, with Pluto in the sign, it is watching many of those structures come tumbling down. Capricorn is seeing the death of many conventions and social standards.

With any type of change or loss, grief quickly follows. People are in various stages of grief but I do see that the feeling is very wide spread. Being aware of the stages of grief and being able to recognize where you are in those stages (and you may waffle back and forth through the same ones for a time) can help foster acceptance and healing.

The stages of grief according to Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

How can the world not be overwhelmed with grief. Internationally we have family members of nearly 250 people who have just been asked to accept the fact that their loved ones are not coming home, but have, in fact, drowned in the Indian Ocean. Many of these family members are angry and looking to who they can blame. But, all too often, blaming is useless. It does not change the current outcome.

Also nationally, we have upward of 200people missing in Washington State whose loved ones are mourning the devastation caused by a huge mudslide that took out 1 mile square area of homes in an instant.

Then, if your area is anything like mine, you wake up every day to the local news bringing word of deadly car crashes, murders, untimely deaths and the fall of people we trusted enough to elect into powerful positions.

Capricorn is aghast with all of this. All that hard work building and constructing...down the drain as it is exploited or destroyed. We are indeed back at the drawing board in many ways. But, we will need to work through these stages of grief before we can truly move forward. Only then will be able to look at these changes logically and regain future-mindedness.

Grief sticks you in one place with these overwhelming feelings. Frozen. Fixated. Leaving you with a feeling of immobility and possible stagnation. Without the proper addressing of our emotions, we can become stagnate or bitter.

Neptune in Pisces, among other things, is fostering compassion and empathy in people who are not normally familiar with these feelings. So, the news of devastation even if we were not directly touched by it, is felt by the populace at large.

I'm used to this. I'm familiar with feeling other people's pain. However, I forget that not everyone is. Some may not be comfortable with this shift.

I remember when I first discovered there was a word that described why I can feel others. Empathic. When you become aware that this is an actual thing and there are things that you can do to control or process the emotional body that you help others carry, it is very liberating. And, this is what Neptune in Pisces is currently doing. Making us feel. Making us care. Making us share feelings of devastation, pain, anger and grief.

Not understanding why you feel something that you don't recognize as yours is helpful as well as understanding that you may, in fact, be grieving for various reasons.

Today, we are given a chance to detach and process this emotional information by engaging our higher minds. Moon moved into Aquarius at about 6:30 PM yesterday evening. Aquarius, the water-bearer, is an air sign. But, it is traditionally Saturn ruled, giving us a container for our emotions helping to make them more manageable.

Overnight, the Moon made a nice sextile to the Sun in Aries bringing emotions and ego into harmony.

This morning, we wake up to Mercury in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer (9:11 AM EDT). Our nurturing instincts give us the empathic words we need. Things may be a bit louder as we have been given a megaphone to use while we are talking under water. However, at its best use, this aspect helps us express and acknowledge our newly gifted empathy. While Moon in Aquarius may allow us to squelch some of our tears over the whole mess. And, that will likely be needed since both Mercury and Jupiter are in Water signs.

Later in the day (2:42 AM PM) and waxing as I type this, Moon makes a sextile to its current ruler Uranus in Aries. This is the desire to break free and be lighter.


Tonight, we will feel the Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius. It doesn't perfect until overnight (3:53 AM) but can be felt later today. What we want and what we need are on the same page this evening and both want to be free and independent. Follow the planetary lead and detach, detach, detach to get your bearings.

These aspects in Aquarius may also lead us to see that even in our personal horrors and sufferings, others are suffering too. Aquarius is concerned with the collective and what is happening on a Universal level. Mercury and Jupiter encourage us to pray and meditate over it. Send love out into the Universe and don't forget to save some for yourself.