Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 17, 2014

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! For all my Irish kinfolk out there.
Today, the Moon is in Libra. This evening, she passes through the Cardinal T-square. But, what we will most this morning is the waxing of those aspects.
The first is a square to Jupiter in Cancer that perfects at 5:03 PM. Jupiter expands. So, be wary that the possibility of over-reacting emotionally persists this morning. Engage Libra's ability to mentally detach from emotional situations and employ Mars in Libra's ability to act strategically while working with the NN in Libra which tells us we are truly in this together—even though it seems like there is a lot of opposition out there right now.
At about the same time the square between Moon and Jupiter occurs, Moon makes a nice trine with Venus in Aquarius. That pulls in our value of the "whole" and prompts us to consider what is ideal for everyone involved. This aspect may even temper our tendency to overreact. You may feel like overreacting and blowing something up, but the fact that none of that occurs in a vacuum and that there is a chance of collateral damage may keep us from it.
Then, to make matters even more fun, at around 6:24 PM EDT, Mercury takes the plunge into Pisces. This is the third pass of Mercury across these degrees as he turned retrograde at 3 Pisces not that long ago. Mercury in Pisces is unique in that it speaks without words. The emphasis shifts from what is being said to what is being not said. Information is collected through intuition and what we feel more than through what we already know.
Imagine you were underwater and trying to convey a message to a fellow diver. Our traditional forms of verbal communication are going to fairly ineffective. You are going to have to employ other means of conveying that message…hand signals, facial expressions, clicks and whistles…
I plan on speaking in song lyrics and poetry, myself. But only because no matter how much Neptune/Mercury is in the air, people don't respond effectively to me attempting to communicate like a dolphin.
After Mercury heads out for his polar bear swim, Moon opposes Uranus in Aries at 6:50 PM and is well within orb of square to Pluto in Capricorn which perfects at 10:12 PM.
The Moon's ruler, Venus, which she just met via trine is waxing into sextile with Uranus in Aries. Uranus is Venus' current ruler as she is still in Aquarius. So, it would appear that the Uranian tendencies of the day are going to be highlighted. Freedom. Independence. Wishes. Friendships. Technology. Uniqueness.
All of this mixes nicely with the Moon in Libra even if it may feel pressurized with the t-square action. This is a day when ties are cut in those relationships that hold us back, restrict us, and thwart our individuality.
That doesn't mean it will be pretty and that is stressful for Libra. But, I'd encourage you to pay very close attention to what you feel and notice within the intensity. What are the underlying themes of the day for you? What types of friction do you encounter and how do you feel? All of this is likely to come back to you as Mars will cross these same degrees before flipping direct (at 9 degrees Libra) and passing through them again.
Mercury's entrance into Pisces can bring you those initial intuitive inklings of what is coming down the pike.  Definitely keep your radar up and pay attention.
It does also feel a lot like this morning just kind of zips by without much in the way of hiccups and then by tonight, there is a feeling of "What the hell just happened?!"
Our benefit lies in the principles of Cancer. Ok? So, home and family and those sources of beneficial emotional support are where we are going to want to turn…unless those are the very ties that bind you. If that is the case, you may be looking to generate new ties that fit that bill.