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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

She Cries

Over the summer, I was given a writing assignment. It specified to give a "sense of place" related to where I live. I can only imagine that others assigned this may have chosen to celebrate local attractions and little known facts. I contemplated writing about the serpent mounds..but settled on giving my rather sad rendition of the true sense of place.
I live in the Ohio Valley. And, if  you haven't read about us on the news lately, here's a bit that occured recently.
She cries. Can you hear her?
She was once alive with laughter and abundance. Now, her truth is raped and abused by the very people she once fed. 
She's been invaded by a self-exterminating pestilence. It threatens to take her too.
She is still powerful; but, she is sick. She is helpless and hopeless.
The change in her demeanor is reflected on the faces of the people who surround her. Her disease spreads.
Her community is unhealthy, obese, greedy and corrupt. Her solace is no longer sought. Her children are dying.
I've been warned not to touch her as if she were a leper. I've been told, "Do not take what she has to offer. She is nothing now. You have no idea what lurks beneath her glittering facade."
Once, there was a community that loved her. They took nothing from her that they were not able to return. These children are gone. They have been replaced by the unfortunate offspring of greed and corruption.
I can see her former promise. I will not leave her. She begs me to help her heal.
She asks, "Who will help you?" I have no answer.
We pray together as if she were my own mother approaching her death.
She is the Ohio River the largest tributary to Mississippi. She echoes the cries of all that flow into her. She carries sorrow with her leaving traces of her rotten guts on the blackened and littered banks.
The sun still rises at her head and sets at her feet. Yet, any hope she may have left is overshadowed by the tumors that have grown along her body.
Chemical plants dump waste on her breast. Petroleum refineries pollute her shores. Drug lords stash evidence in her pockets. Murderers place their victims like barrettes in her hair.
Why can't she be heard? Has everyone stopped listening? Have we been deafened by our own melodies made on behalf of "the dream"?
What dream is this? She awakens in hideously nightmarish gray fog only to fall asleep again on a pallet of garbage.
She beckons for me not to leave. I will not go; though, many do not understand why. "Leave this!" They say, "There is nothing left to profit from here."
My answer is, "To go where? What is left to destroy?" She is my birthright. She doesn't truly belong to those who have ruined her. We will cry together.