Spiritual Cleansing

Today is the New Moon in Virgo. And, I thought, this is an appropriate time to share my personal formula for Spirtual Cleansing.

If anything, Virgo loves clean. I have Venus in Virgo and new cleaning supplies may me burst with joy. Yes. I know this is odd. I have the same reaction to school supplies and books. I could have worse afflictions. But, when those cleaning supplies are something that you can actually cultivate in your own yard (no matter the size) then my Venus in Virgo is happy, happy, happy!

This is the case with my formula for Spiritual Cleansing. Plus, it is versatile! You can use it as a bath tea, a deodorizing steam, a smudge (when dried), or dilute the extraction in water and safely clean anything in your home. Libra loves this..what a deal!

My formula is:

2 parts Lavender (flowers, leaves, stems..I'm finding it really doesn't matter)

1 part Lemon Balm

1 part Peppermint

2 parts Rose Petals (I use my own roses mainly because most of the store bought ones have dyes)

You can prepare this from fresh cuttings (which is the way I prefer) or you can collect the ingredients in the summer/late fall and dry them to enjoy all winter long.

For bath tea, I boil the formula in about a half gallon of water. How much you use really does not matter as long as there is enough there that the ingredients float. After the water and ingredients begin to boil, I throw in some epsom salts to dissolve. Then, I turn the heat down so the mixture simmers. The longer you allow the ingredients to simmer the more rich your infusion will be. I let mine simmer for awhile because it also detoxifies the air in the house. Plus, it smells WONDERFUL.

I usually try to make a double batch. After straining off the plant elements, I place the mixture in two containers. One goes to the bath tub with me immediately! I like to put some of it in the water and use the remainder to pour over my head right before I get out. Then, I allow myself to air dry as much as possible so the fresh scent lingers.

I allow the second half of the mixture to cool. Then, I pour it into an atomizer and use it spray throughout the house. This chases away lingering odors and the stray negative vibes. When I'm all finished, my house and I feel brand new.

I do usually try to do the bath with the tea right before bedtime. It creates quite a peaceful light headed relaxed feeling that you will at least want to take a nice nap afterward.

Metaphysical properties:

Lavender: Lavender promotes happiness and harmony in the home by invoking good health, providing tranquillity, ensuring fidelity and devotion in marriage and offering psychic protection. Lavender is a protector of children against the evil eye.  Lavender is said to stimulate the conscious mind and stabilise both the emotional and etheric planes. Lavender clears the environmental energies and neutralizes disharmonic frequencies and is often used for these reasons in purification and space clearing rituals.  Lavender is also associated with; Love; Health, Peace, Long life; Happiness, Chastity, Clairvoyance, Longevity, Sleep, Healing and Balancing.

(Source: http://aromaticamedica.tripod.com/id19.html)

Lemon Balm:Lemon balm's main action is as a tranquilizer. It calms a nervous stomach, colic, or heart spasms. The leaves are reputed to also lower blood pressure. It is very gentle, although effective, so is often suggested for children and babies. The hot tea brings on a sweat that is good for relieving colds, flus and fevers and an antiviral agent has been found that combats mumps, cold sores and other viruses. The tea has also been shown to inhibit the division of tumor cells. Studies indicate that the herb slightly inhibits the thyroidstimulating hormone and restricts Grave's disease, a hyperthyroid condition.

Lemon balm's antihistamine action is useful to treat eczema and headaches and accounts for the centuries-old tradition of placing the fresh leaf on insect bites and wounds. Lemon balm has antipyretic, refreshing, cholagogic and stimulating properties. Use a pad soaked in the infusion to relieve painful swellings such as gout. Use as ointment for sores, insect bites, or to repel insects. Use hot infused oil as ointment or gentle massage oil for depression, tension, asthma and bronchitis.

A clinical multicentric study in Germany offers evidence of the antiviral activity of a specially prepared dried extract of lemon balm against herpes simplex infections. The extract was a concentrated (70:1) dry extract of lemon balm which was included at a level of 1% in a cream base. Patients applied the cream 2-4 times daily for 5-10 days. In the group receiving the active Melissa cream, there was a significant improvement in symptoms on day two compared to the placebo group and on day five over 50% more patients were symptom-free than in the placebo group. To be effective, the treatment must be started in the very early stages of the infection.

Research has clearly demonstrated the plant's ability to impact the limbic system of the brain and "protect"; the brain from the powerful stimuli of the body and should be part of any ADHD formula. Combinations: Digestive troubles: hops, chamomile or meadowsweet Stress and tension: lavender and linden blossoms Formula for ADHD: 70 ml Bacopa monneira; 50 ml Ginkgo biloba; 30 ml Valerian; 30 ml Panax ginseng, 30 ml Melissa officinalis. Dose is 5 ml t.i.d.

Digestive: colic, indigestion, nausea; good for vomiting and indigestion of a nervous origin, relieving spasms and flatulence
Circulatory: a tonic for the heart, slowing its action, relieving palpitations and lowering blood pressure Genito-urinary: menstrual problems especially painful periods
Nervous: anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia, migraine, nervous tension, shock and vertigo
Emotion: melissa is vivacious and provocative, revitalizing the inner self and calming the senses. Makes the heart merry and joyful. Also helpful in dispelling a sense of dejection in times of grief or bereavement. Melissa calms raging emotions, engendering a state of quiet peace.
Other: used extensively as a fragrance component in toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes. Employed in most major food categories including alcoholic and soft drinks.

Ritual Uses: Lemon Balm is primarily used in the pursuit of romance. It is an herb which attracts, and is sometimes made into a charm and worn to bring a lover into one's life. It may also be used as a bathing herb, some of the delightfully scented leaves scattered over the water, or an infusion poured to mix with the bath. This is also said to attract romance.

For magickal purposes, balm is ideally suited for healing those who suffer from mental or nervous disorders. It is also very useful for those of sound mind who need to keep their mental processes in superior condition. A tea made of the leaves brings calm, which is appropriate for magickal students while preparing for ritual work.

Considered sacred to Diana, it is believed that it was once used in her temples.

Balm may also be used as a bathing herbe toward a variety of goals. It may be used as part of the ritual process of invoking the Goddess; it may be used when sharing a ritual bath with one's partner; or it may be used to find the fulfillment of one's personal desires.

This usage of lemon balm opens one to the divine love of the Goddess, but is also believed to add energy to one's being which makes you more appealing in the world of love and romance.

Planetary ruler: Venus

Spiritual Properties: Lemon balm has long been known as an herb that balances the feelings and the emotions. It helps resolve moodiness and melancholia. It was sacred to alchemists, and the plant-based philosopher's stone is made from an alchemical preparation of this plant. In a metaphorical sense, Melissa guides us as we traverse the misty emotional state of the Moon and enables us to view our emotions and feelings without getting lost in them.


Rose: Rose is the queen of essential oils and is also known as the flower of seduction.  It is a healing and balancing oil with a natural affinity with the heart. Rose has the highest frequency of any oil, and raises the frequency of cells bringing harmony and enhanced well-being to the body and balancing personal will. Rose offers psychic protection by raising the energy field frequency. Rose symbolizes divine or mystical love and attracts love, promotes confidence and is healing to the heart. Use rose oil in love spells of all kinds. Rose activates yin or feminine energies and awakens sensuality. Rose is also associated with; Protection of secrets; repulsion of evil, beauty, psychic powers, divination through dreams, healing, luck, protection, domestic peace and happiness.

(Source: http://aromaticamedica.tripod.com/id19.html)

Peppermint: Peppermint oil can be vaporised to clear and purify the atmosphere in buildings as its presence raises the vibrations of an area.  Burn peppermint oil in a new home to clear out any negative sickness energies. Peppermint prevents a downward spiral in consciousness, so it is especially useful following a trauma or when dark emotions set in. Use peppermint oil for healing, in a healing ritual place the oil on the person or their picture to help hasten the healing process. Add to psychic blends to enhance psychic awareness.  Use peppermint with other oils suitable for love or prosperity to boost love and abundance. Peppermint oil promotes sleep and visionary dreams which sometimes offer one glimpses of the future. Use in healing and purification baths. Peppermint is also associated with; Love, psychic awareness, lust, mental stimulant, energy; increasing psychic powers, Purification and self purification rituals.

(Source: http://aromaticamedica.tripod.com/id19.html)

The steam from boiling this mixture does open up your airway. If you have an bronchial or sinus illness (cold, flu, etc), it is really soothing. If you dip a wash cloth in the mixture and heat it in the microwave (Careful! Don't scald yourself!) you can lay it over your chest, throat or across your face and use like you would VapoRub. Best thing? You don't have to worry about what is in it because YOU made it and hopefully grew it!

I also pray through the entire process of gathering the herbs, steaming them and subsequently use them. This is in line with HooDoo tradition (which I learned from the fabulous Tarot Diva Dixie Vogel). I recite the Lord's Prayer because I know it by heart which makes it easy for me to focus (I don't have to read note cards to remind me of what it is I want to say). But, you can use any prayer, chant, mantra you wish. This can be (and should be) a very personalized experience.

To find Dixie, go here : http://www.afoolsjourney.com/

To find out more about HooDoo, there is this thing called Google... :)