Libra Full Moon, March 27th, 2013

I drew a card for the full moon tomorrow. Yes, I could cast the chart and analyze the aspects. But, really, my brain just isn't thinking very analytically right now. It's in a more of a flowing state. It has stopped trying to logically figure out what in the world is going on. It has also ceased to believe that it has absolutely any control of it. Sure, it still tries to think ahead. It still tries to work through cause and consequence, but for the most part, my brain has just given up trying to figure it all out. Instead, it's watching, observing and finding distractions that are fun to play with while all this stuff goes down.

The tide has rolled in and washed all sorts of wonderful things on the beach. Well, some of them are wonderful. It's also washed up some jelly fish and other things that are intriguing, if not beautiful to look at, but yet very dangerous and painful to play with too much.

I've managed to side-step most of those dangers. I looked at them. Marveled at them. But, I didn't dare touch them.

Not every new treasure is intangible. There have been some perfect shells. I've even discovered some things that I didn't know existed. I had to poke at them a few times with a stick to make sure they weren't dangerous. Some were. Others you could pick up and put in your pocket because they were keepers, just like the shells.

But, back to my original train of thought, I decided to draw a card instead of look at planetary configurations for the full moon. That's just where I am.


Enter, the Page of Cups.

Look what he has found! He has a gorgeous goblet and he's taking very good care of it. He must have just found it because it seems like he is only now looking up from it to notice your presence. Carefully, he holds in front of him as if to say, “Wow. Look at this...”

He holds it nurturingly but his mind is racing with all the possibilities for this new find. This thing is a budding mystery and he's ready to dream it into whatever his little heart can conjure up. But, he's going to be careful with it. That's for sure. He's going to take care of that cup while he's showing it off and having his adventure in finding out what it means, where it came from, what it does and what it can do.

He's just amazed by it. And, his amazement is hypnotizing to you. You get swept right up into his wonderment and following your own train of thought as you imagine all that could be and is with this cup.

“Careful,” Says the Page. “You can hold it, but be really careful. This is a very special cup. It can become anything you dream it to be. Anything. But, there are somethings you are better off not dreaming about. So, don't try it. You've got to be careful with it. If you use it right, you will be in the most wonderful places and see the most wonderful things..whatever your heart desires. You know the difference. Right?”