My visit with the Page of Swords

Doesn’t she look so innocent? Here is this page, presenting you with two weapons. She is unassuming and wide eyed.
I get the idea that she observes, a lot.
When she turned up in my personal daily reading for yesterday, I didn’t quite know how to take her. There was an influx of Neptune/Pisces and I thought, “Really? Swords today? Really? I don’t know that I’m up for that with all this water motion rocking my boat.”
But, she’s cute. You know? She doesn’t appear threatening at all. And, in truth, she is not. She is third party bystander. We only see one small role of her life in this card. That is the presentation of the swords.
That doesn’t mean she knows how to use them. That doesn’t mean she knows which one you should use if you were to choose only one. And, it doesn’t mean she is equipped to advise you in any way.
She is just doing her job which is to present you with the swords. She may be waiting for you to make your choice so she can go off and enjoy a good book. She may have interest in what you do with them.  She may not.
To me, on this day, it did seem as if she was curious about what would happen after my choice. Then again, it could have just been a projection of my own curiosity...because, I was.
My day progressed and I kept thinking and watching for the results of the Page to show. It was not necessarily a good day. In the realm of communication, I did do a lot of talking. And, some of the things I said could have been handled in a much better way. I said some really ugly things at one point. At the time I was saying them, I was not sorry. I told myself, “That needed to be said!” And, it did. They were truths. But, another truth is I could have handled it in a more mature and effective way. Could have, that is. Didn’t.
All day, I seemed to have a theme of things going on in my head. And, I also seemed to have a nudging from somewhere telling me, “You are better off not holding on to that.” But, I kept coming back to them anyway.
When I got home and took the Page of Swords out of my pocket, I looked at her and asked directly, “What have you learned from watching people receive these swords? Do you pay attention to how it plays out? Have you garnered little secrets as to which one is better?”
She smiled and said, “No, Ma’am. I do not think one sword is better than the other. I also do not think it’s better to choose them both or only one. What I have learned is the benefit or detriment comes explicitly from how they are used. “
In that, I learned two things. 1) We have a choice. From the beginning, what sword will we use? What thoughts will we focus on? What is it that we need or want to say? and 2) We have a choice, again, as to how to use our ability to take in communication, focus on it and express ourselves in relation to it. Do we ponder on a thought or information that only brings us to a frustrated point? Do we lash out wildly with both swords in an effort to make a point?
The Page won’t answer those questions for us. She is merely there to present the options. As for what happens after that, it’s all up to the user.