The World Today 9-9-11

I don't know about you but I got up 3 hours ago and people have continually struck my "piss me off "nerve dead on ever since. Anyway, the message today is you may find yourself trying to mix oil and water. As you might know this isn't going to happen easily. Oil and water never really mix or dissolve into eachother. But, they are not reactive either. Put them in a bottle and shake them up and they mix without mixing into an emulsion. Let it sit and the two elements separate. Say you wnat to mix business with pleasure. Good luck. Say you want to mix your desire to have a family with being celibate..nada. See? It's suggested that you stand up for what you believe in but do this on a mental plane. That means KNOW what you believe in. Pick your battles. Don't argue with brainless rocks. (This is actually hard for go into a mental fight with an unarmed But, become determined NOT to be what it is you are seeing as so vulgar, stupid, or down right "pain in the assness" from the other. Chances are you hate that outfit on them so much because a part of you has a tendency to be that way or could be that way. You can harness your internal passion by taking action upon yourself. Leave the stupidity to the masses..may they drown in it.