The World Today 9-13-11

Feel like you are carrying more than you can bear? You’ve worked hard at something you were passionate about but now it’s all about the work and not about the fun. That sucks. Mentally you may feel overloaded and you might need to delegate, take a break, breathe..already. While you’ve got all that weight on your shoulders, take a look out on the horizon. See what you have accomplished. Know that your ship is coming. Remember why you started this. A lucky break is likely to come your way with an attitude like that. Imagine if the people you need to impress see you SMILING under all this weight! What if they see that you are not just trudging but still happy to be doing what you are doing and still doing it well even during the tough times. Hang in there, the skies should clear up today. The confusion, moodiness and fog from the weekend will dissipate and we are headed into some very active and fun times. Buckle your seat belt 