The World Today 8-9-11

The world today 8-9-11

Ever feel like you are fighting a losing battle? Imagine two sides of polarity battling it out. You are one of those polarities and it seems like the harder you try to get your point across the more muddled your message becomes to your audience. You may feel like you are wasting your breath or talking to a wall and WOW do I ever know THAT feeling!

The best thing to do in a situation like this is just shut up. That’s right. Put a lasso on your mouth and walk away from this. There isn’t a solution right now because communications are obviously hindered. Introspect about things you can control, like your approach. What are you really trying to say? Why are you having such a hard time getting that across? Is the battle even worth all the time and energy you are putting into it? Answering these questions will help when/if you faced with the same or a similar situation in the future.

But right now, today, a resolution just isn’t coming so let it go. Do something else.

The result of this will appear hopeless. But in fact, what you have done is removed yourself from an all too frustrating situation. The spotlight moves off you and onto something else and allows you deal with the one thing you can control, yourself.

Maybe read a book or listen to some music or watch a good movie because you are not going to get your point across today. But it’s not forever. Who knows, if you are less stubborn about it and give it a rest, you might just have a good day after all!