The world today 8-26-11

Here's an interesting dilemma. Let's say you love something that is impossible to love. It or they are impossible to love because there is a burr in the saddle. Something, an action, a thought process, a past incident that is prickling away and eroding the relationship. You don't want to cut this person off. You love them. But your ability to love them is hindered. In a family situation, this could be the mentally ill family member. You know they are mentally ill and you love them, but they refuse treatment. It could be the lover with an addiction. You love them. You see the problem and know it can be fixed but the person denies a problem exists or knows a problem exists but enjoys the drugs or addiction.

Leaves you with a lot of questions. The given is, you do not want to stop loving this person or you simply cannot. Please don't make me go into the enabler speech in reference to codependency. Know that you can love someone and hinder them and debilitate them at the same time without meaning to. There are milder forms of codependency that would not be referenced as clinical but they are just as dangerous and destructive.

Of course, you are going to feel trapped in a situation like this. Especially if you are the only member of a group or family that can see the problem. You might feel like you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Well, in that case, if you are damned either way why not make the decision that allows you to sleep at night. Speak up. Say something. Don't be afraid of the verbal backlash from those that don't agree. Be afraid that something might happen to this loved thing if you don't speak up. If you love this person, say what is on your mind and ask for help. Otherwise, you are going to be eternally trapped and the person may never seek help or may think no one even cared enough to intervene. Big picture. You have to think BIG PICTURE here.

If you do not relieve yourself of the self imprisonment of this situation you are basically shirking your responsibility as a loved one. You are allowing the mess to perpetuate. You're mistake is just as big as the person who is denying the problem or the enabler who keeps someone addictive so they may maintain emotional control over the situation.

The time to speak is now. Today. The astrology is right as well as the general atmosphere of the outter realms. Go for it.