The world today 8-25-11

Oh the wheel in the sky keeps on turning..I love that song.

Are you ready for some karma? I hope so, because it's coming your way today. For some, it might seem like something good out of the blue. But for others, it is that smack in the face..but you know what, either way you deserved it one way or another. The act is good. Even if the smack does leave a sting take it as a signal “don't do that again.” Work on figuring out the “what” was.

It's going to be a surprise for sure. But, all indications are that it is for the best. Santa Clause is coming to AUGUST! Are getting coal? Or are you getting that shiny new bike you've always wanted.

LOL, that is yet to be seen. I'm hoping for the bike, myself.

When it first happens you might not feel a thing. That's called shock. There is good shock, you know. As in, what do you mean I just won the lottery? Or where did that come from? There is also the shock of “what the hell just happened?” Be numb. Good or bad..just go with it.

You have a choice about how to take this. Bad karma smacks you, you can be the martyr..the victim OR you can overcome that and learn from your previous actions/mistakes. I don't believe in bad karma really..karma is karma. You are going to get back what you put out and that's just how it goes. Being the martyr isn't going to help anything your next go around. So don't do it.

If you have a positive payoff..after the shock wears off everything is going to be glowing. Keep those good vibrations going! Look to someone who is suffering and uplift them. Share your wealth. Nurture those around you with those good vibes. Negative, look for the uplifted and see what they are doing that you have not.
Karma..gotta love it! Or at least I'm hoping you do today!