The World Today 8-19-11

Have you ever floated in the water? Just let everything go and let your body’s natural bouyance overcome any fear of drowning? Perhaps you used a floatation device and just allowed the water to take you where it would as you quietly watch the sky float by. It’s a time of suspension, this floating. You have surrendered your control over the situation and just let things be as they will. Doing this, using floating as an example, allows you to see a different perspective—that is unless you are used to walking around staring only at the sky and not watching where you are going.

You may feel as if or have witnessed an ending. At the same time, nothing new has been introduced. A new beginning has yet to begin and you are lingering in that in between state. You may feel sensitive, vulnerable and introverted. Nothing looks the same to you as it does everyone else. Go with that. Quietly. Surrender all that you thought you knew and see what occurs to you as you look at life from a new floating perspective.

Disregard those who may come at this time forcing their opinions down your throats. Take no direction from someone pushing their own agenda. In turn, don’t be that person either.

Take that swirling idea that is in your head and quietly contemplate it. Look at it. Study it. If there is no swirling idea, stare at the blankness. Let the dots form pictures. Let the clouds take shape and liken them to images in your imagination. Again, internalize what you are learning.

Life is a constant evolution of thought and being not to mention an opportunity to grow in spirit. There are two ways to about and achieve change. The direct and honest approach or the sneaky around the corner approach. However, if you follow the direction given here allowing the swirling to swirl, surrender to the “water” and the “suspension” in regard to direction you will not only find new insight but also be ready to act upon it in a more direct manner.

For now, let your thoughts flow. Meditate. Pray. Find the quiet and avoid those who are not.