Full Blue Moon in Taurus 2020: Sparks

Halloween's Full Moon is not only blue...it's electric. Occurring at 10:38 AM on Saturday morning, the Full Moon blossoms during a conjunction with the Great Awakener, Uranus in Taurus. That can mean emotions are high and things are quite uncertain.

A conjunction to Uranus from the Moon can also amplify the effects of the Mercury retrograde especially as Mercury is due to station direct on 11/3. The combination of the Full Moon conjunct Uranus and Mercury entering direct station could create ultra-Mercury Rx issues including (but not limited to) dealings with the weather, electricity/connectivity, travel and communications. Further dealings with extreme weather would not likely come as much of a surprise given we are witnessing more than a few weather related events currently.

Yet, the Full Moon in Taurus does hold surprises. Plenty of them. She opens like a peep hole or a view through a periscope. Through Uranus' instruments we can incur flashes of insight that allude to happenings in our distant future. What's interesting about that in combination with where this particular Moon falls is that it cannot help to be a foreshadowing type of energy.

The Blue Moon occurs at 8 degrees Taurus. This is territory that falls in the path of the 2021 Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius squares to Uranus. The squares from Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus pretty much frame the themes for what we will be dealing with for the entirety of 2021. There are 3 squares in between Saturn and Uranus next year. However, the square stays within orb for the duration. Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius in mid-December of this year.

Saturn in Aqua square Uranus in Taurus dates:

1: 2/17/2021 at 7 Aqua/Taurus 14

2: 6/14/2021 at 13 Aqua/Taurus 07

3: 12/24/2021 at 11 Aqua/Taurus 05

Jupiter enters Aquarius just a day or so following Saturn's entrance in mid-December. He will only find Uranus in Taurus by square once. He zips through the sign of Aquarius landing in Pisces by May. He will retrace the latter degrees of Aquarius a total of 3 times. But, his path forward only clashes with Uranus' trajectory by square on January 17, 2021 at 6 Aqua/Taurus. Falling right in the mix of all these soon to be highly active degrees of Taurus, our Full Blue Moon on Halloween rises providing a very small point in the sky filled with clarity, prelude, potential and insight that could foreshadow what 2021 has in store for us.

She may also have a few warnings. Some of what is uncovered under this lunation will be shocking, disturbing, unsettling and perhaps even scary. Yet, other facets of the Full Moon hold illumination, inspiration, freedom, beneficial and welcomed change. Regardless of how the feelings of the Moon are interpreted on individual levels, on the whole, what it presents to us is a spark.

This spark is a catalyst whose purpose is to set things in motion. How we take action is entirely up to us and dependent upon what kind of situations we are dealing with.

With the sign of Taurus, we are dealing with matters of reality. This is our first Earth sign representative of tangible worth, resource and matters of personal value. Here we learn to respect ourselves and the basics of what it is we have. We learn what is essential and of quality. And, we learn of what is of more importance over and above things of material comfort. We learn of touch, hugs, snuggles and the warm comfort created between living beings in embrace.

There may be some events under this Moon which destabilize these Taurean matters or inspires us toward relinquishment of comforts or resource in contribution to societal welfare. Some sparks will inspire innovative ideas for the future and solutions to problems that seem so simple they are genius. Some shocks will awaken folks in a way that it destabilizes deeply rutted desires and yearnings that are no longer willing to be denied or ignored. Eureka and aha! Moments will not be uncommon. This is great stuff! But, the shock of it really could scare the pants off you initially.

We awaken...our attention is captured...we are drawn to a focus...we can clearly see down the road we are currently traveling upon with astounding realism and detail. Lightning flashes. Sparks fly. The wick is lit.

Once this electric Moon flips on her neon lights on Saturday morning, we are shuttled into a 2 week period whose tempo increases markedly and steadily. There's plenty of building momentum as we make our way to the late fall eclipses.

As Mercury stations direct in square to Saturn on 11/3, it could feel as if things are kind of stuck, haywire or merely grinding to a halt. But, once Mercury finally turns around and begins moving in the right direction again, the pace picks up.

Venus opposes Mars Rx in Aries during our trip toward Nov 15's New Moon in Scorpio. The opposition occurs on 11/9 just as Mars' gears begin to spin in response to pulling onto his station degree. Here, again, the tempo increases. Mercury continues to speed forward re-entering Scorpio on 11/10.

Jupiter and Pluto converge in Capricorn by conjunction on 11/12 as each reside upon 22 degrees. That does nothing to the pace but could increase the weight of what it is we are carrying, the severity of what we are dealing with or our tenacity to keep plowing forward. The next day, Mars turns direct. Heavy, dire, severe or tenacious...we are moving forward at a pretty good click well enough ahead of Mercury's third opposition to Uranus the day after the New Moon in Scorpio.

And it all gets set in to motion here.

At the Full Moon in Taurus, we are guided by the Ace of Wands. There's your spark. Your ignition switch, inspiration, inflammation, motivation...etc. The advice is to keep the flame going while being accountable for the power it holds. Every wildfire, every bonfire, every heartbeat, every gunshot, every wonderful idea, every wild and beautiful romance story, every life...they all began with a single spark. Under the Full Moon in Taurus, those sparks igniting randomly but aplenty across the globe could seem like a grand fireworks display. Know that you won't need me or anyone else to point out to you what it is that you need to see under this Full Moon and through her 2 week journey to her next New phase. It will grab your attention. You will notice because it will leave you with that “spark.” You don't have to let that spark burn you. Protect it. Kindle it. Claim and be accountable for it's power. But use it. It belongs to you. You may have even created it.