Riddling the Beast: Full Moon in Scorpio Guide the Page of Swords

The curious Page of Swords is our Guide at this Beastly Full Moon. Which I think is funny. Thinking of big intimidating beast being innocently riddled by the young Page. Because that is what the Page does and it brings forth nearly a humorous scene not unlike that which I used to watch via cartoons as a kid. At anyrate, the inquisitive and nearly infuriating (especially if your are trying to get something done) incessant riddling of “why” by this Page is exactly the suggested approach that we each take. Instead of physically responding to our impulses and instincts, the Universe seems to suggest that we riddle these things instead. Sussing out their root. Figuring out what kind of mentality may have birthed them. Why are we afraid? Why are we worried? Why are we jealous, resentful, angry...what's at the bottom of that. We need to know.

This is something that no one can give you to answer to. It has to be an inside job in which you confront the issues this Moon illuminates on a personal and cerebral level. Why does this word trigger me? Why do I feel this way or that? Along those lines.
And, this is very self-confrontational, though many will lack the where-with-all to stand off with themselves and will choose instead to project, deny or...whatever with it. Wholly forgoing the opportunity to see exactly how their own actions and mentality along with their own way of decision making has landed them precisely in the spot in which they find themselves and no one else. If those conditions you find yourself are unsavory, there is information in here that could help you steer your way out of such in the future. But, many will miss that and doom themselves to repeating the same mistakes and building the same karma over and over in their lives. Never consciously waking up to the level of control they really have and continually surrendering that and the fate of their lives over to others.

There is nothing more depressing my opinion. And the end result of that feeling of having no power in ones own life is depressing. There is power there and within each of us but we have a tendency to be mildly afraid of that fact. It's a lot easier to envision ourselves as powerless so that we can hang upon our crosses pointing fingers at everyone else. Which, if you enjoy hanging on a cross that's one thing. But, you aren't going to experience much of life up there. The same scene day after day continually being slain with the whatever powers that be in that moment choose to slay you with. I hate to tell you this. But, you are not powerless.
This BEAST that rises within in you is connected to your power source. It may be laying latent in your subconscious. It may be blocked by your current mentality. It may be a power you never even knew you had or did know but that fact was talked or beaten out of you years ago. Now is the chance to figure out how to have that power back under your control in an effort to put it to use or at the very least learn that you have it and how to use it instead of allowing it to use you.

But WOW is that the scariest thing ever or what? To admit that you have power in your life but you are not using it. To stand off with yourself and really, really get to the root of you on a more intimate level. It's so much easier to stare out at our windows at the world feeling more and more helpless in light of recent events everyday while pointing our fingers at things like celebrity, world leaders, media or some other imagined entity...Satan, the illuminati, deep state as being who is to blame for the circumstances we are in or find the world to be in. Continually surrendering our control over to these entities like sacrificial lambs. I'm exhausted with it. We find every excuse in the world to pin stuff on elusive groups of folks without ever stopping to see how our own hands are dirty and bloody having played a part in the condition of our world and being the whole of hands of the carpenter who created the constructs of our own life.
That's what scary about this Moon. Not what is happening out there. But, what we are able to view in our own insides and how that may cause us to respond. When really all we are being called to do is riddle the Beast who becomes less and less of a threat the more conscious we make him.

So, that's you cue. When this Beast wells up bringing fear, a feeling of no control and being powerless..shines light on all the seven deadly and some that are too horrific to even be mentioned...interview him or her as if you were writing the story of your life. Excoriating every detail and event that may have led you to this place. As you know more and the beast begins to lose his fearsome power...leash him up. He's yours to employ as you choose not acting on his own fearful or defensive impulses. Figure out what made him. What continues to make him tick and where he came from fearlessly. This Page knows no fear and that may be due his youth. You don't have to be naive to understand that you need not fear your demons. They are yours, after all...aren't they? Get to know them...then, own them.