Morning Star: Daily Astrology for the week of April 1 to April 8, 2018

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Today the Moon is still active in Libra and still feeling a bit of pressure to boot. She is square Pluto in the hours before daylight which gives us a sense of daunting, perhaps, as we rise this morning. Feelings are deep but we don't want them to be. Of course, this fits nicely with sunrise services that celebrate rebirth and renewal. Our inner spaces respond well to a call toward the same.

At midday, Mercury is aflame during a conjunction with the Sun in Aries. This occurs as Mercury moves away from and the Sun moves toward 12 Aries: A flock of white geese flies overhead across clear skies. A soul as yet socially immature and unadjusted; not come down to full and steady concrete expression. Self-discovery.
With Mercury retrograde, not much may be said outwardly but internally there is much to think about. There could be some clarifying personal realizations here or just a point in the day to stop and consider various things about ourselves. As the conjunction occurs in the sign of Aries, there is also chance of headaches. Of course, due various things...not excluding allergic response to tree pollen or changes in the weather.
As the conjunction between Sun/Mercury occurs, the Moon also finds Uranus (2:31 PM) by opposition. This puts a little extra pizzazz into the brain activity and can kick off insight not only into your own nature but how that nature operates in relationship. This can help you assess if that is a good dynamic or one that needs to be better balanced. It's information worthy of your observation more so than an immediate response. However both these aspects can translate to a feeling of anxiety or need for immediate response. The true reward is found in collecting the personal data and letting it gestate more so than reacting to it at this time.

Also, it is highly like for more of Mother Nature's creations to burst forth with more new life within the confines of this day. Watch for new to blossom around and within you.
Following the opposition with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 6:59 PM. The emotional body gets a bit of reprieve before the Mood deepens. This is followed by a rather seductive opposition from the Moon in Scorpio to luscious Venus in Taurus. Indulgences are highly favored here. Massages fit well as do late night trips to the fridge for a snack. Feeling run deep and we are in the mood for comfort and tangible pleasures.
The early parts of the day are best for checking in with yourself. Reviewing short or longer snippets of your personal history and gleaning the insight found therein. Tonight, as the Moon leaves her Airy position in Libra diving into the depths of Scorpio, the atmosphere quiets down. Becomes more subtle and less busy. We are left with the quiet and our thoughts likely seeking some gentle reprieve prior to the new work week kicking off in the morning.

Monday, April 2, 2018

This morning, still waters still run deep in the emotional sphere. However, the Moon finds the waxing Mars/Saturn conjunction amicably at midday. This is focus and traction. Mars/Saturn gets a bad rap by conjunction. It can be a mark of cruelty and even blockage in the realm of physical action. But, as the Moon finds this supportively, what it can provide is focus and traction. Yes, it will hold us to task, maturity and accountability. Scorpio Moon has the endurance to follow through. It's not light airy and fun, though. It's quite a sober affair. But, in truth, you can accomplish a great deal with this energy at under you in support. What's important to remember is to work with the blockages. By that, I mean if you begin doing something and experience a lot of resistance, move on to something else. Follow how you feel and your instincts until you find an activity that flows more steadily. That will reduce the tendency toward frustration. Problem with that is with the Moon in a fixed sign, we are pretty determined to do exactly what it is we had in mind to do. So, once you meet resistance in those activities, we are more prone to put our heads down and push extraordinarily hard in our efforts to get it done.

Yet, it is a water Moon. Water that is steered and corralled by Mars/Saturn. Working WITH the resistance instead of continually pushing against it may steer you more toward success or completion.
The conjunction between Mars and Saturn officially perfects at 11:45 AM at 9 degrees. Saturn is moving very slowly these days. He will station retrograde at 9 Capricorn 09 on 4/17. As he slows and while he stations his energies will be particularly astute. We may feel stuck or heavy until he settles more fully in his “backward” direction. The Sabian symbol for the Mars/Saturn conjunction reads as follows: An angel carrying a harp comes through a heavenly lane. The basic harmony of fulfilled selfhood. Realizing harmony in everyday life through detached and lofty understanding.
As you can see, there is nothing in that symbolism that suggests brutality. However, Mars/Saturn, as I said can be brutish and a fixed Scorpio Moon can and will absolutely push itself to the extreme of its limitations. Yet, this is unnecessary! Again, work WITH the resistance instead of pushing against it. We are being ethereally guided here. The hardest part? Neither energy coming from the sign of Capricorn or Scorpio, do well with being led. It can be quite a stubborn energy. But, the answer here is to surrender and allow yourself to be led in your course forward. That is how we can monopolize upon the grit and focus brought to this day.

At 10:35 PM, the Moon meets Neptune by trine and we are ready to lay our tools and toil down for the day and restore ourselves in sleep. With the Moon now waning and good rest likely in short supply under our recent Full Moon, this is the chance to really sink into dream and restore overnight.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Our Moon still plunges the depths of Scorpio today meeting her ruler, Pluto, by sextile at 10:10 AM. This is followed by a lunar conjunction to Jupiter at 12:07 PM. We are likely ravenously hungry. A hearty lunch is just a given under this sky. However, there is also extreme access to focus in this set up. Jupiter and Pluto in waxing sextile is likened to a laser beam of focus. With the Moon there, we can point that toward anything we feel like inspecting, investigating or figuring out. But,'s hungry. Might wanna feed it there is nothing worse than a seething hungry beast.

Following the conjunction with Jupiter, our Scorpio Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 2:56 AM tonight. Fixed Void Moons can feel heavy and stuck. But, this is a wonderful time for putting finishing touches on ongoing projects. Assessing the foundations you've built thus far this year in your life. It's also great for detox and purge efforts. Collecting, donating or recycling items you have your home that may have been uncovered in your early Spring cleaning efforts is a wonderful expression of the energy. As the Moon is Void, there is not much indication of starting anything new in our afternoon hours. But, you certainly can progress in personal introspection or acts that help to clear or clean space in your environment. Capricorn and Scorpio both favor resourcefulness.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

This morning the Moon resides in the sign of the Archer. We will be quite inclined over the last few days to rethink absolutely everything in regard to how it may or may not affect our future plans. Sagittarius is a sign of growth and expansion. However, the brain spins as Mercury Rx meets Mars in Capricorn (3:06 AM) by square and we will likely rethink what actions we have taken in the past and question our motivations for the same. Our personal theories may flip flop or we may merely scrutinize them and look a little more closely. Plus, with Mars and Mercury in harsh aspect, the brain and the tongue could have quite a quick and sharp edge. You don't want to inflict yourself with overly harsh criticisms. What's done is done and if you trip over something you aren't pleased with in regard to yourself, there's no need for self-evisceration. Note it and your ability to change if you want moving forward.

Life is an ever unfolding learning process. None of us are expected to get everything right the first time. Cut yourself and others some slack. But, do know folks have a great deal on their minds these days and their actions will illustrate these thoughts and considerations. As a matter of fact, Mercury Rx square Mars can be so caught up in the world of inner thought while also still trying to feel accomplished that it becomes accident prone. Slow down a bit and set your pace on step by step while knowing this may be hard because both the signs of Sagittarius and Aries like to go fast! Yet, with this set up, you want to deal with matters more like they are a marathon than a sprint. Use Mercury Rx to take the time to consider your motivations and goals honestly. Use Mars in Capricorn to maintain control over your actions instead of trying to move too far too quickly whilst mildly distracted.
Of course, from here, Mercury will move on to square Saturn which is rather heavy and could lead us to negative thoughts, speech and what have you. But, the mere fact that the Moon is in Sagittarius may help the energy feel lighter than what experienced under Moon in Scorpio. It's pretty key to maintain your sense of humor, humility and ability to not take yourself too seriously.

At 8:52 PM, the Moon dances with Mercury Rx by trine and all that was previously under consideration and spinning in our heads this morning gently comes to roost in our emotional body. Then, Mercury officially squares Saturn just before daylight (4:23 AM) in the morning. We so much want to get out and about under this Sagittarius Moon. And Mercury/Mars may want to zip around freely without a care in the world. But, again, it's a given that we need to be mentally engaged in what we are doing. Doesn't mean we cannot get out and stretch our legs. Just means, it's a really good idea to pay attention to what you might be stepping in. Most of the day's activity occurs in the head. So you will want to steer that deliberately as well. There may be personal worries that emerge as we lay down to sleep tonight due the waxing Mercury/Saturn square. Spend less time worrying and more time seeking solution to help offset some of the heaviness here.

Thursday , April 5, 2018

Today looks really nice compared to the early part of the week. Much of this week is very “meh” and we spend a lot of time in personal contemplation and course correction. There is so much to think about and so many things that need to be done. We mostly deal with the pressure of that within the early part of this week. Today, though, Mercury moves out of his tandem squares with Mars and Saturn and the Moon is unchained following her groggy foggy square with Neptune at 8:20 AM.

After the fog dissipates the sky brightens considerably and we feel a bit more inclined toward jovial know..ditching the heavy in favor of the happy for a bit.
The Moon dances in a fire trine with the Sun (9:32 AM). These two energies want nothing to do with cumbersome. Mercury and Mars' interaction with Saturn is now breaking up, we can surely feel the relief of that. This day can play out as gently fun and active or even feel a bit euphoric or manic. But, we are soooo done with lamenting the past and ready to move forward. This is a nice, light active feel that escorts us toward our weekend.

The Moon continues to wane encouraging us to let go and release in the emotional sphere which does offer additional relief. It's a day in which folks will be inclined to lighten up and ditch the heavy. That feeling is going to extend into tomorrow morning as the Moon finds Uranus by trine. This sends the Moon out on a bright and active note. She spends a large portion of tomorrow in Void status but the feel is not as stiff and stuck under a Void mutable Moon as it is under a Void fixed Moon like we experienced with Moon in Scorpio. This is a lighter more hopeful feel that we simmer in tomorrow.

Friday, April 6, 2018

This morning, the Moon is bright and inspired by way of a fire trine with Uranus at 9:37 AM. Following this aspect, she is rendered Void before settling down in Capricorn at 2:02 PM. The morning points us toward adventure and lightness. But, still, we are not encouraged to launch new plans. After the Moon is rendered Void, the emotional body disengages a little bit offering us a nice break and feeling of lightness.

When the Moon re-engages in Capricorn this evening, we may consider what chores we can accomplish in our weekend. But, that's not the mode operandi this morning. This mix wants little to do with production and more to do with finding lightness and new experience. I encourage you to indulge that in whatever way appeals to you. We can worry about “work” and what have you some other time. Though, if you are at work this morning, chances are things click by as anticipated without much drama. Enjoy your freedom today sparing yourself any self-inflicted grief for what may seem like “shirking” your chores. With a Void Moon, nothing much would have came from them anyway.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Ok, the weekend is a little more dusty than our time spent under Moon in Sagittarius. Today, specifically, is about grown up love, firm establishment of comfort and security and hints toward enjoying the fruits of ones labors. Yes. We may be prone toward production and feel pressure toward the same. But, Venus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn is like the most expensive chocolate melting out of a fountain that you've ever tasted. Capricorn works hard and diligent. Venus in Taurus enjoys the quality and Cap earns the money to provide the same.
And, it's not like Capricorn doesn't enjoy this stuff called pleasure. Why the heck do you think they work so hard? Yet, this is not irresponsible indulgence nor one that comes by way of complacency. This pleasure has been earned making it that much more delicious.

The Moon wakes up easy and leisurely with a trine to Venus in Taurus at 8:20 AM. A little over an hour later, she sober and task oriented with a conjunction to Saturn. Then, Venus officially gives a solid hug to Saturn along with a goodie from her treat bag at 9:37 AM.
The reward of our past labors inspires us toward more activity that is production and goal oriented as the Moon meets Mars in Capricorn by conjunction at 1:42 PM. This energy can inspire you gently off the couch and toward engaging in or task list.

By sunset, it's wine-o-clock. Time for the goats to lay down their toils for the day and unwind into relaxation satisfied with the efforts of the day as the Moon meets Neptune by sextile at 8:46 PM. Overnight, we encounter our last quarter our Goat Moon squares off with our Ram Sun. We assess our efforts thus far and reward for progress while delineating the last few steps we need to make to wind things down before our New Moon on 4/15. Those efforts (assessing the details of what we need to do in wrap up) are supported in our tomorrow morning as well. Today, we indulge a little and work a little before finally settling down for a nice relaxing and reflective evening.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

This morning could be called Super Focus Sunday. The Moon sinks into a conjunction with Pluto at 9:03 AM and meets Jupiter by sextile about an hour later. If you have anything on your task list you need to vaporize, this is your day. No matter what you want to aim this astute focus upon can be reformed, completed and absolutely wiped from existence. We are engaged and in-tune on a emotional level. Mars is steadily stepping away from the hindrances of Saturn and able to move forward toward his goals more freely. But, it isn't necessarily a day of levity. It is one in which we could find a very deep level of personal satisfaction, however.

Things run fairly smoothly under this set up for most of the day. However, at 10:40 PM, the Moon is unsettled and potentially made anxious as she meets Uranus in Aries by square. This sends the night out on a nervous note. But, the Moon does slip into Void status here hopefully allowing us to settle down and rest before Monday dawns. Other than that, the day is ripe with grit, focus and traction allowing us to progress in any direction we may choose. Physical activity in the meat of the day will help offset some of the angst of Moon/Uranus as will paying astute attention to the amount of stimulation you take in during the day. I suggest unplugging early and engaging in real life rather than spending a lot of time online or with electronic devices. There's an element of disenchantment with these entities now anyway. Today would be a great day to ditch them and remember what life was like before all the beeping distractions. Wow...THOSE were the days, right? Don't know if you've noticed or not but you aren't chained to that thing you are reading this on right now. It's cool. Sometimes I forget, too.