Morning Star: Astrology for the week of April 9 to April 15, 2018

Monday, April 9, 2018

Today we wake up with a brilliant Moon in Aquarius. I like these brief moments of the Moon moving through an Air sign right now because the rest of the sky is all Fire, Water and Earth. Yes, we are lacking and have been lacking the element of Air in our energetic mixture for some time. With that we are both busy and heavy. When Air swoops in, there is a chance for a bit of lightness to find us. Literally wafting over us like a breath of fresh spring Air. Spring being something that has been rather fickle itself this year. But, what were we to expect with it coinciding with a Mercury retrograde? Almost as if Spring poked her head out just to get poured upon by a revisit of winter.

However, when Mercury does turn direct, those weather patterns will begin to straighten themselves out. That being said, an Aquarius Moon who makes contact with Mercury after midday could have a bit to say about the weather. Aquarius is the season of ice. So, frost and chill would not surprise me. However, it could also be a break of sunshine and warmer breezes hinting at the direction we will fully stride upon once Mercury does his turn around. I have a tendency to think it will likely be both. A combination of frosty melt with a thaw later in the day along with an enticement toward what it is that lies on our path ahead.
The Moon makes her sextile with Mercury Rx at 3:17 PM. Aside from how it may effect our weather patterns, in the brain we are given the same types of potential enticement...what lies ahead of us following the work and brain rewiring we are doing now. It's hopeful and inspirational delivering information to the emotional body that it needs. It is by sextile so it's not conflict or forced. Just kind of like a sense of knowing and understanding that dawns upon us.
With the enticement toward change, even though we may be eager for the same, there is still some draw back within us. Change means at the very least temporary discomfort. That fact doesn't sit well with Venus in Taurus. That “clash” comes by way of a lunar square to Venus overnight. It helps to have a personal incentive to entice you to “endure” some of the possible discomfort of the change itself by realizing the benefit the change may deliver.

Comfort is nice. But, just like every other kind of energy, it is fleeting. Plus, nothing grows there. Do notice what types of things you want to carry over with you into the new. Pay homage to the things that are stable in your life right now. Yet, use your incentive to grow like a carrot on the end of the stick that you lead yourself forward with. Discomfort is an instigator toward change. It is the catalyst that provokes growth. It's neither comfortable nor pretty for a seedling to burst through its shell and the crust of the Earth. But, it will rot in the ground if it doesn't endure the discomfort of breaking free of its encasement. We don't want to rot. We want to grow. We must push through our “shell” to do that.
It is mostly a light day, though! One in which things feel less cumbersome. Use that to your advantage.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We are still under the light prowess of the Aquarius Moon this morning. Yet, things click by for the most part without major aspect. By nightfall, the Moon dances with the Sun by sextile (9:11 PM) and then finds Jupiter by square (10:09 PM).
Again this offers incentive and inspiration to move forward into making positive changes in our lives. Yet, this time, it is Jupiter that offers the “pull” back. Perhaps we remember times on our past journeys. Times of success, failure...however our mind labels it. This can cause fear and self-doubt. The thing to remember is 1) you are not in that situation which you are remembering right now. Ground yourself in the present and THEN look back there as you are a safe distance away from it. Realize you are remembering this “time” not because it was a failure or success. The definitions of those words are malleable. Something deemed a failure could turn into a long term success. None of that matters. What DOES matter is marking your personal progress in comparison to the time frame you are remembering. Looking at this “event” from more mature eyes and gleaning residual lessons from it. And 2) Remember your incentive. Remember why it is you want to change something. Foster a sense of faith within yourself that shows you how much you've already survived. There is a chance that fear of the unknown may threaten to stop you. You've been in that position before and obviously you are still here. Meaning, you lived through...whatever. That should tell you that you can survive, also, whatever unknown factors are ahead of you now.

In all this, it's not like we don't have brave energy backing us up in staring down our fears. At midnight the Sun in Aries meets Pluto in Capricorn by square. You can either conquer your demons and your fears or be totally taken over by them. On the lowest end, this is trying to make positive changes in your life only to be met by folks who are afraid that within those changes you might actually find a source of your own power and they will not be able to control you once you find it. Remember that. The folks who discourage you from making positive changes in your life have something to lose if you are successful. Those who lash out and try to drag you backward...same kinda deal. You don't have to make that your problem. As much “pull back” as this offers in response to making changes it also offers a strong sense of resolve, focus and power to follow through. All you are doing here is learning about the role others may play in that. They either show up or they don't. I'd encourage you to take notes about each as either may actually surprise you. Some of that might hurt, actually. But, you'll have a real clear picture of where your true alliances lie along with a nice sharp cutting blade to cut off any barnacles.

After the Sun/Pluto business (which could produce some shady operations in the outside world...could expose some shady operations in our own lives, too), Mars and Venus meet by trine (2:03 AM). There is a clicking together of sturdy energies here. A place in which motivation and goals for our future meet with support from a solid sense of our own values and our own self-worth. A gentle reward. A fruit of past labors showing us...yes, we are capable and pointing us in the direction where things are running smoothly and solidly.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

You know I have no idea why but every time I look at this date, specifically, I see a huge turn around. Like, an intuitive hit that things shift around for the better in this day. Something is broken through. Something is revealed that is important. Or, at the very least an “aha” type of thing.
What's funny about that inkling is the only thing we have on tap today (though wonderful) is a sextile from the Aquarius Moon to her ruler, Uranus in Aries, at 10:56 AM. After that the Moon is Void until entering the seas of Pisces at 2:40 PM.

The mood definitely changes as the Moon leaves airy Aquarius for the melting and fluid energetic nature of Pisces. There is a final dissolution that occurs under this Moon that prepares us for the “fresh start” we find under the New Moon in Aries. But, a lot of what is flushed is likely from the emotional body...letting go of self-doubt, worry...whatever sludge may remain in the emotional body in light of recent happenings. Of course, makes it wonderful for physical detox efforts as well. But it is the withdraw into personal quiet spaces that allows the detoxification and purification of the emotional body that is of the utmost importance at this strongly waning Pisces Moon. There may be tears. Sentimentality. Remorse. Regret. Sensitivity. I strongly encourage you to let the dam break on that. Let the tears flow until there are no more. Let the waters run until they are clear. I assure you, Pisces Moon is stellar for this. But, it's important to carve out the safe space you need to do this while also allowing yourself plenty of time to recuperate after. Plus, it's not only sadness that can provoke tears, you know? We cry in joy and excitement too. Let them flow either way. Allow yourself to mourn, to grieve, to release, to forgive, to accept, to release. Especially in the confines of this day.

Tomorrow we are more well boundaried as we begin the day with Saturn in sextile to our fishy Moon. Boundary is restored a bit and we are more strongly supported with that aspect. So, under today's Pisces Moon, we need to lighten our emotional burdens as much as possible because it's kinda hard to float (even with the flotation device that Saturn delivers us) when you have a bunch of luggage hanging around your neck.
So, essentially, we begin this day high and dry but end it with our fins wet. Could this be the turn around I'm feeling and that we've been waiting on? I don't know. But, I reckon we shall see soon enough. Remember this morning's lightness and be very gentle with yourself in our evening/night to come, either way.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today looks rather lush to me, folks. The Moon is positioned rather sweetly even if swimming in the emotional tides of Pisces. Listen, the only reason I even say that is that a lot of people really are uncomfortable with the intricate dealings of the emotional system. Feelings can be scary. If you have water in your chart, though, you have the skills to navigate this. Today, the reward for doing actually pretty sweet. And, it comes less from closing off the heart and more from opening it up.
By now, you should know a little bit more about who supports you and who doesn't. Who is out to help you get the “win” and who is not. Thus you also have information about who/what is deserving of opening your heart to. Right?

This morning we start out a little more sober and sturdy with a sextile from Saturn in Capricorn to our Moon at 8:18 AM. This is creative mud and it is not the only clay we were are delivered within this day. It's just the first little lump allowing us to shape our own emotional sphere and also assisting us to bring to ground any kind of creative visions. Then, it's a veritable landslide of malleable clay that we are delivered by way of Venus in Taurus in sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This is beautiful stuff here. Solid sense of value and self-worth and a willingness to share that openly in the world. Carving out channels of flow to where we want it to go. Giving shape and firmness to our dreams and visions. We are gifted the tools of manifestation here. There is no stronger nor sturdy hug to a tender soul than that which can be delivered from the source of Taurus. Dependable. Solid. Supportive. Strong and yet compassionate and loving too. And, here's the thing, especially if we are talking about relationships. Aries season is the rut. Ok? We have a tendency to get twitterpated and attraction happens fast. But, creating a long term sustainable relationship is nothing less than creating a work of art. Difference being, this is a team effort. There is more than one artist. However the creation itself is worth the time, sweat and effort you put into it (or should be...otherwise...wth are you doing?). Relationships are Venus ruled, no? Venus' higher vibration is Neptune. Not only do those planets answer to love and higher love but they also rule over artistry and creating a sustainable trustworthy bond is no different. It's not something that blossoms over night. It is something that gets stronger and more intricate with time after heartfelt devotion to detail and patience/understanding in the building. This mixture of Venus and Neptune can be used to that end. Neither are any better placed than they are now for such. And it can be used to craft within self to prepare for tandem sculpting of a relationship in the future. It can be used in current relationships to rectify/fix things in disrepair or to add fine detail. It can be used to craft a new relationship. The thing to remember is that a relationship is art. It needs to be treated as such. You are a skilled craftsman and should work only with folks who respect your skill and offer the same types of talents in crafting in return.

At 6:29 PM the Moon passes by Mars in Capricorn by sextile giving us traction and an element of creativity to overlay our plans. Then, tonight...we melt. But not necessarily in a bad way, mind you. I'm seeing luscious melting indulgent chocolate here. Slipping into these places of solid comfort and compassionate support and...about the only risk, here, is drowning in bliss. It's an absolutely beautiful mixture of energy that both softens us and supports us all at the same time.
All that I've just mentioned occurs as the Moon meets Neptune by conjunction and then finds Venus in Taurus by sextile between 8:09 and 8:57 PM. Drink this up. Every single drop.

Friday, April 13, 2018

This morning we wake up from our night of bliss under a Pisces Moon making tandem aspect to Pluto (sextile at 7:16 AM) and Jupiter (trine at 7:27 AM). That in and of itself is not something that is likely to involve a lot of stuff happening outside of you. This is...a realization or dawning awakening in the realm of “knowing.” Focus is strongly in force here. But it is the information that is delivered internally that is the most important. This sense of “knowing” that greets us as we wake needs to be incorporated as “Truth” even if we have to physical proof to back it up.
After this internal swirl, the Moon is Void allowing us to plunk the pieces of this together rather dispassionately and resume our operations of wiping the slate clean in preparation for the New Moon by way of winding down existing projects, layering on finishing touches...assessing what steps we still need to traverse.

The Moon is Void ALL DAY LONG allowing room for the emotional body to settle and restore offering time for everything that I just mentioned. At 11:26 PM tonight, the Moon enters the sign of Aries. We are going to find the “Metaphorical” clutch....just in time for Jupiter to perfect in sextile to Pluto (we will have focus and direction) and just in time for Mercury to turn around (review ends in the mental body and the highway opens wide Sunday morning)...and just in time for Mars in Capricorn to find Neptune in Pisces by sextile. But, not in this day. Here we are in what seems like a long gestational period...holding pattern...incubation.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Today we find the clutch and are ready to jettison out of the gate. There are few hiccups due Mercury's condition but the main thing? What are we doing? Once we hit the clutch, where are we headed? What kind of journey can we expect?

Well, lets look at that. The focus of the Jupiter/Pluto sextile is going to hang around for a bit. It perfects at 6:38 AM this morning. So, this “focus and power” will run in the background, ok? Our Aries Moon is ready to go! Ready to get started! But, Mars is sextile Neptune (1:29 PM) saying we need to surrender to the flow...remember to work with resistance instead of against it. If you feel tired, go with that instead of fighting. If you feel energized, monopolize upon that and keep winding things down. This is actually going to help us find a little bit of patience in the process and faith in the unfolding but Aries Moon is NOT the type known for it's patience. Make your actions conscious and ensure you leave room for flexibility, creativity and COMPASSIONATE EFFORT. This energy does NOT run over others to get where it needs to go. Matter of fact, it's more likely to stop and lend a hand to help others than try to run over them.

At 4:02 Pm our Aries Moon is square Saturn and curtly reminded to “STICK TO THE PLAN! DON'T GET TOO FAR AHEAD OF YOURSELF. ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME.” Then, tonight, our ambitious little Moon meets with another reminder of the same type of thing by way of a square to Mars in Capricorn at 3:47 AM. That's the mark of ambiguity right there and the answer to that ambiguity? All you have to do is choose the next step. You don't have to lay out the whole staircase...just one step is all you have to take. We are going to feel rushed. Machinery, communications, travel and other Mercury ruled things may act a little...wonky or possessed presenting us with unexpected things to deal with. We are going to feel as if we are not progressing at the rate we want to or should be. Remember we don't want to be spindly sparse plants. We want to ensure steady and supportive growth that occurs over a period of time..not overnight. We feel anxious because Mercury is stationing and his energy is erratic...but the answer to all that is keep your goals in your sites but slow down. Deal with what needs to be dealt with..these little loose ends that present themselves. Follow through! Resist the urge to jump out of the gate too early....we....are....almost....there.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Got your seatbelt on? Hands on the steering wheel? Know where the all the buttons and pedals are? Tired of being sunk? Tired of rethinking and redoing and fixing and planning and ready to get on with it already?
OK. So lets do that then!
But, be prepared. When I think of Aries or a New Moon in the sign, usually I think of a quick stacatto tempo and high fluttering notes that sounds like this...

This New Moon is NOT like that, though. Saturn sets tempo. He is in an Earth sign. Earth doesn't move quickly and Saturn in Capricorn is a very skilled carpenter taking his time to ensure that each cut of the board is right. Each nail carefully placed. Everything secure and steady as he goes. Besides, after this New Moon and the Sun's official conjunction to Uranus, Aries season closes. We open to Taurus season. We move from the lighter, active “fairy” and staccato energy of Aries and move to the stomp. Aries folks are usually rather compact. Lean. Muscular. Taurus is thick. Sturdy. Voluptuous and curvy. Aries flies quickly in and out. Taurus does not. When she enters a room you know it. She has a solid presence. And, when she leaves, she has left a footprint. That “footprint” can equate to a gentle wafting of her delicate perfume (which is high dollar quality stuff, I assure you). But regardless you know she was there. She lingers and leaves and impression. So, at this New Moon we are not in a race or running speedily into the future. We are committing to putting in the quality work that not only our lives demand but deserve. Aries right now answers to Mars in Capricorn. The apprentice of Saturn is methodical. He has a step by step plan and does not rush off to the next step until the one he is currently crafting is DONE DONE. Venus in Taurus is definitely not cheap and easy stuff either. This is quality that we are looking for. So, that's the commitment from us that this New Moon is asking for. Begin. But, begin slow. Methodical. Diligent. We are not sprinting. We are stomping. Which is kind of funny because for a long time I've been saying “When Uranus enters Taurus the ground will shake.” I believe that to be wholly true. Thing is, I don't know if that is literally from the tectonic plates in the Earth shifting? Or if its from folks sternly putting their foot down. Standing up. Refusing to budge. Or, just the resonance of construction...hammers, jack hammers busting up concrete or the noise of heavy equipment. Either way, bear in mind the pace. It sounds a lot like the drum beat to the cover of Zombies that I posted earlier. It calls for focus (which we have), endurance (also coming...we will have oppositions from Taurus to Jupiter in Scorpio and folks that “live” that axis are the Atlas' of our Universe), and a veering away from a “throw away” world toward one that is more quality. So, not the stacatto of Vivaldi's Spring. More of a deliberate well placed trudge wasting no energy on movements/actions that don't count. Focused. Leaving a sure mark that says “I was here.”

Early, early this morning...before daylight, Mercury stationed direct in the sign of Aries. It is time to move forward taking into consideration all that we've learned thus far in our review.
At midday, we are hungry, focused and eager. Stop to fill your tank. If you have anything outstanding you want to get rid of or finish up before we embark upon this New Moon's journey, get it under wraps today.
Our New Moon pops wide open under this “green light” Mercury direct energy (9:56 PM) and right next to an inspirational kick in the pants by way of a conjunction to Uranus. Get it all done. Get as light and free as possible as you can within this day. Anything you pack with you on this trip, you are going to be carrying for awhile. So par things down as much as you can.

The Sabian symbols for this New Moon read:

Sun/Moon 27 Aries: Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained. Beginning of mental maturity and slow growth of the creative faculty. Revision of attitude. Mental house-cleaning.

Mars/Moon ruler at 17 Cap: Repressed woman finds psychological release in nudism. Escape from bondage to social inhibitions. Readjustment of relation of spirit to body. Self-purification. Self-confrontation

Our guide for this New Moon is the 3 of Coins calling us to due diligence and layering within that process of building all wrapped up in a willingness to learn more in the way of developing our skills. Which means a strong but steady take off that is not necessarily a wild roller coaster ride. We are called to focus, to network, to be methodical in our moving forward...instead of hitting the clutch and just taking just kinda dump the garbage behind us and leisurely but also mindfully step into the path that unfolds before us. It is exciting. But not a venture that should be taken in haste. No. You enjoy and savor every bit of the newness offered here...stop to smell every rose and marvel at the passing stars outside the window. Drink it all up and be ready to put your best and most solid footprint down on that path tomorrow...then the next day...and the next day after that. One day and one step at a time. Steady and strong growth.

The Moon moves forward after her newness with her official conjunction to Uranus at 2 AM. She is Void until entering Taurus at about 4 AM. Tomorrow begins with Moon trine Saturn...stomp your way into the future being mindful of the footsteps you leave behind while taking the time to savor and pay gratitude to the goodness you find on your way. What? Did you think it was going to be race? A competition? A challenge to see who can finish first? NOPE. It's about building quality and that takes time and is a worthy effort. There's no competition here except that which comes as a self-challenge to improve and do better for ourselves. No one can gauge any of that but you. And you sure can't time it with a stop watch. Nor should you try. This is worthy of your full attention and all the time it takes to bring it full sweetly into fruition. That tree of your life you are growing over there? It's important. Take the time to show up to care for it.
Cha Wakan by Tamara Phillips