New Moon in Pisces and The Page of Pentacles

I was watching a documentary the other day that compared Steve Jobs to Henry Ford. One thing that was said about each of them was that they had just the right amount of obsession and/or focus. There were other comparisons, too. But, the statement I chose is quite relevant to our guide for this New Moon, the Page of Coins.
You know, it's funny, this little Page and I have a history. I have no idea why the messenger for the Kingdom of Coins would want to pop up so often for me in readings for myself and for others. But, she has been lately. Not that it matters. I like all the Pages. Their energy is refreshing even if perhaps a bit naive. But, they do bring the lighter energy of youth to our Court cards.
Crystal Visions Tarot
In delivering the messages for the Court, the Pages also learn about the inner workings of the Kingdom. They do have presence but as you can probably imagine, a child like figure in an atmosphere of adults is likely to over-hear things because the adults are presuming the child won't understand or care what it is they are talking about. The Page of Cups is probably the most likely to miss these conversations...perhaps having drifted off in attentiveness. But, you can bank on the fact that the Page of Coins listens very carefully to what it she hears. She is attentive and engaged.
She has goals for herself and an interest in learning the ins and outs of the business of Coins. Plus, she takes pride her position. This is not playtime to her. Like Jobs and Ford, the Page has just the right amount of obsession/focus to follow her plans through to fruition. Just enough Earthy grit to bring her dreams into fruition. To manifest. Even if her initial vision is a little naive. She is not rushed or impatient. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite having learned from the Kingdom of Coins that anything of true value takes time and effort. She has every intention to put elbow grease and forethought into her goals. Her position as Page just gives her a leg up on her peers in that regard.

Robin Wood
Coming in as our guide for this New Moon in Pisces, the Page suggests a diligent and patient attitude. She is not a chattery Page. If she speaks during her deliveries, it is about business in general or she ensures that what she has to say is of value and relevance. Otherwise, she quietly delivers her messages as directed and listens attentively to the conversations around her so that she can learn. She does value her education and her elevated position among her peers. These are the things she will use to “have her own” some day. “Her own” being exactly her primary goal. The goal that she continually circles back to. On her “off” time she doesn't go home and play with dolls or paint or dance and sing. She counts her pennies in her piggy bank. Dreams of all the things she will be able to do when she is all grown up. All the baubles and beauties she can buy once she has put in all the work to “have her own.” She dreams of buying her first house, her first car, her first airplane ticket...all by herself. She hopes, one day, she can even help her parents returning to them the support they have given her. She really wants to make her parents proud. She dreams of leaving her feathery cap behind in favor of a well tailored business suit one day. She talks about things like equity, return on investment, taxes, interest, budgets, trade, deficits and the ins and outs of the stock market to her stuffed animals. Quietly but with big mature for her age eyes. Eyes that never, not even in the flux of running messages, never fully leave focus off her own goals. She is going to be a success one day having already defined what that would look like for her and drafted a plan to get there. Step by step.
Even in her naivete, this Page is also very practical. Her level of wisdom and experience is what gives her this youthful naivete. It is not generated by way of lack of common sense. She's got plenty of that. Plus, she is also very supportive of the goals of others delivering unto them quiet words of encouragement, “You can do this. You just need goals, the right plan, initiative and willingness to learn how things work. But, it all starts with your dream...your vision. An ability to know what you want.”
So, at this New Moon, we are still cast out into the Sea of Pisces. But, we are due to wake up in the fires of Aries in just a matter of days. On 3/20 the Sun will join Mercury and Venus in the sign. At that time, we are provided initiative and an overload of take charge Cardinal energy as Mars also moves into Capricorn. She is telling us that the dream begins here. At this New Moon. Discovering what you want. Discovering the best route to get to it. And, deciding what it is that is of true value to us. What ground it is that we are willing to stand on and the things we are not willing to compromise (like integrity, compassion, diligence) in order to get there. She has seen shady stuff go down in the Kingdom of Coins. She has also seen the severe repercussions that come when these transgressions are uncovered. That's not the path she is choosing for herself. She's all about “getting her own” but honestly and “the right way.” Plus, she values timeliness, dependability and taking pride in the work she does now even if it may seem menial others. She knows all these things are foundations for her eventual success. She is willing to climb within the boundaries of strong ethics while adhering to the codes of conduct. She doesn't believe in short cuts. She believes in following something step by step all the way through. With just the right amount of obsession and focus, just like Jobs and Ford. Two names (among others) that she is likely very familiar with.
After we develop our dream at this New Moon, the time to action on those goals comes very swiftly. We are likely to find that we have some learning to do ourselves. Not only about the reasons behind the dream we have chosen (questioning our own motivations) but also by rethinking the ways in which we may or may not engage moving forward. As good students and Pages, we should open our ears to listen and open our eyes to study the stories of others and the lessons they have to teach us about things they have tried and found success with. As well as learning what lessons they have learned by way of failure. She suggests we sign up for an official or unofficial internship in which we shadow folks learning the ins and outs of the business we are interested in. Just as her position allows her to do. “Most important,” she says, “Is knowing what it is you want. Creating a picture of it in your head. And, then, committing to it and following through.”
Ciro Marchetti Legacy of the Divine
What do you want? What type of vision do you have for your future self? What do you need to know in order get there? Are you willing to cut corners? Or are you willing to follow the thing through step by diligent step putting in just the right amount of focus and plenty of elbow grease? Do you take pride in the work you do? Or are you ashamed or humiliated by the daily tasks you have to stoop to? The Page says, “An honest days work is an honest days work regardless of what you are doing. You should take pride in any task that is set before you and do your best.” Then, she hands us our yearly property tax statement and says, “I'd pay this as soon as you can. Procrastination ends up wasting good money on the interest accrued. Waste not; want not.” She turns, and ZIP, is off again; because, she's got things to do.