Morning Star: Astrology for the week of March 18 to March 24, 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018

It's actually a pretty busy week in Astrology land. Lots happening. Beginning today with the Sun in Pisces conjunct Chiron. Which, looks pretty ouchy to me. But, before we get there we begin this morning with a square to Saturn (6:19 AM) from our waxing Moon in Aries. This offers us a good dose of boundary and maturity. Just not in a gentle way. In dealings with others this looks like an ambitious, rambunctious but possibly immature and over-eager person being called down by an authority figure or reminded of the rules at the very least. On an internal level, we can don the role of gentle but stern father figure and apply his direction to our ambitions and eager emotions. It can be felt as depressing and it does help to achieve a sense of accomplishment with it. But, as it comes in super early this morning, it could be that we just wake up sober and over-whelmed with our task list.
By 5:58 PM, the Moon has left the harsh curbing of Saturn and moves on to make a conjunction with Venus in Aries. This is quite upbeat and pleasant. Great for dancing or just fun activity.

At this point of the evening, though, the Sun also waxes strongly into conjunction with Chiron in Pisces. This occurs on the Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees Pisces which, according to Dane Rudhyar, reads as follows: Scientist is making tests by means of spectrum analysis. Capacity of mind to transfer its powers to machinery. Enlargement of perception. A closing in of vision. Subtle analysis.
Other writings for this Sabian merely describe a prism and it's ability to refract light. However, the connotations are the same. The only difference is, in the longer write up, we have someone analyzing and experimenting with this method. In the shorter write up, we are the observer while also somewhat operating as the refractory prism too.
We can look at or meet someone and subsequently be tempted to put them into a certain set of categories in our mind. This person is a he or she. A Mrs., Mr., or Miss. They are of this race, from this town and older, younger or the same age as myself. Categorizing them overly simplistically. Right? Basic obvious details are noticed. Some information inferred or assumed. The person is categorized accordingly. However, none of that tells us anything about the essence of that person. We are all multi-faceted but that fact and our personal nuance does not reveal itself until folks look a little more closely. Only then, by separating from our facades can the full spectrum of colors be visualized. In order for that to happen, the light has to pass through the prism. So, the prism can be metaphor for a particular type of experience we pass through, a challenge, a bending or a gateway.
also a great set up for Chakra or energy work, btw
The white light that passes through the prism can represent any number of things, as well. It can be a problem we need to solve, a situation we may be over-simplifying or generalizing, people including ourselves, a relationship...whatever. Then, when this “entity” passes through the prism all the variant parts of it, the detail, the nuance, the emotional connotations, the motivation, the fears...everything is broken apart into its separate pieces so that we may analyze the “whole” of the dynamic by visualizing all the parts that make the thing up. It could be we do this on purpose or that something is shown to us to be more complex and diverse than we initially believed.
On that same note, if we reverse the set up and put the rainbow of colored light through the prism, it is focused into a single ray of white light. So, that reverse connotation is accessible in this Sabian too. So, there are various indications here. Seeing someone (white light) go through something (prism) and thus having their true colors revealed (spectrum). Focusing (prism) varied efforts (spectrum) on one goal (white light). Or, taking an issue or a situation (white light) and breaking it down (prism) into all it's pieces (spectrum) or analyzing its bits to suss out its root cause, etc.

Regardless of what the symbol has to say, we are talking the Sun and Chiron. In the natal chart this can denote a healer. In the sign of Pisces, this can be a Spiritual healer. Perhaps a clergy person or someone deeply intuitive having fostered an ethereal disposition. It could be an artist or musician who copes with their pain through their craft. But by transit? It is a meeting of ourselves with our Chironic pain which can emerge from the seas of Pisces in many forms. Denial, addiction, naivete, disillusionment, all the skewed -isms (racism, sexism, ageism, etc), spiritual or religious wounding the revelation (white light) of which also displays (refraction/prism) all the inner workings and subsequent after effects of both positive and negative coping skills in regard to the pain itself (spectrum). Point of it being to realize whatever issue this may dredge up as multi-faceted and in need of our observance in an effort to heal instead of exacerbating these issues through self-martyring, malefic or dangerous escape or self-victimization. Again. The point is to heal not wound the self more or evolve into the state of a wounded animal.
At 7:47 PM, the Moon in Aries finds Mercury by conjunction. Mercury now resides in his retrograde shadow and is only one degree away from his station. He is slowing down and you may feel this by way of time. As an example, under yesterday's Void Moon, it felt to me as if those few hours were at least 3 days long. That was the mixture of the Void Moon and Mercury's slower motion. He officially stations retrograde on 3/22. But, at this conjunction, mind and emotion meld. We are encouraged to speak how we feel in a forthright manner. Or could receive messages or have conversations that have an emotional impact. Any news that Mercury delivers to us now (or since he entered shadow) is likely to be revisited as Mercury rewinds.

From here the Moon moves on to square Pluto in Capricorn before dawn tomorrow. So, dreams are deep and likely littered with symbolism. Fear may become a factor, or resentment, greed, temptation or even emotional abuse or manipulation. Key here is to recognize what you have control over and bravely face down your fears. However, as the aspect manifests overnight, some of this may take place in the realm of the psyche by way of dreams or nightmares.

Monday, March 19, 2018

There is not a whole lot going on this morning. We wake up recovering from yesterday's Sun/Chiron conjunction and last night's Moon/Pluto square. The Moon makes no major aspect until our early evening hours by way of conjunction to Uranus at 3:29 PM EDT. This can cause disruption, anxiety, headaches or inspiration. In any of those possibilities, we will be prone to response. In our responses we should first be observant of the emotional body prior to taking action. Stepping aside from the possible fight or flight energy that comes from it and discerning the best course of action instead of leaning into the immediate response. This is also wonderful energy for breaking with routine and trying something new, making a new friend or joining in a new social group or team.

The Moon is rendered Void following this conjunction and remains so until entering the sign of Taurus at 9:07 PM. The 7 hours of VOC Moon are best reserved for continuation of what new plans you already have in motion, resting or merely calling a time out for play time and non-productive efforts.
The Moon in Taurus meets Mars in Capricorn by trine at 11:36 PM. This is steady forward moving energy that combines maturity, goal setting, common sense, patience in methodology and due diligence. It's rather settled and wonderfully grounded. Then, a half hour later, Mercury and Venus meet at 16 Aries 22 which is where Mercury will officially station retrograde on the 22nd.
Rudhyar states and delineates the Symbol for this conjunction as follows: 17 Aries: Two prim spinsters are sitting together in silence. Poised and dispassionate outlook, involving either great dignity or integrity of self or inability to live life fully.
On a more simple level, this conjunction symbolizes a joining of heart and mind.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This morning we awaken under the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Pisces. But, as the day moves forward, it becomes quite clear that most of the energy deals with the sign of Aries.

At 12:16 PM, the Sun officially enters the sign of the Ram ushering in the Spring Equinox. Which, if that doesn't give you an inkling of a call toward balance, I don't know what will. But, yes, the World balances by bringing night and day to the same length (just as it does during Autumn with the ingress of Sun into Libra) and calls us to bring this same balance across the factors of our lives. It also means we have left the womb of Pisces and are now born. Here is what the Spring Ingress chart looks like for Washington, DC. Now, the aspects within this chart are going to be the same no matter where you are. However, there could be variations in AC and subsequently chart ruler in comparison to that of what it looks like in DC depending on where you are. To discover where this falls in your area, cast a chart for today at 12:16 PM using your own location.

In this chart, we have Cancer rising. Therefore, our Moon in Taurus in the 11th house rules the season with the 6th degree of Cancer and 9th degree of Taurus bearing relevance.

Sabian symbol for 6 Cancer: Innumerable birds are busy feathering feathering their nests. Instinctive preparation for mature and full expression of the self. Subconscious planning or dreaming of idle dreams.

Sabian symbol for 9 Taurus: A Christmas tree loaded with gifts and lighted candles. A symbol of promise which outer life offers to the pure in heart; of immortality through giving of self.

The Moon's next aspect comes by way of a relaxing and dreamy sextile to Neptune in Pisces at 10:42 PM positioning us perfectly for a night of peaceful sleep.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

This morning the Moon moves away from her cuddly sextile with Neptune and refocuses and restores with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn at 9:56 AM. Then, she stands off with Jupiter in Scorpio at 1:21 PM which is where emotional situations can become sticky, heavy or blown out of proportion. This can, on some levels, operate to lift the mood, but is most likely going to be a call to regaining perspective. The fact that the Moon is in Taurus, helps to temper the situation. And, it's likely to make your belly growl. Ensure you have an energy sustaining midday meal with your cookies.
At this point, the Moon is rendered Void until entering the sign of Gemini at 1:30 AM. So, we have a good solid 12 hours of a VOC Moon which gives the emotional body time to settle and rest. It's a good time for plodding or tinkering with ongoing projects or just light indulgences. Sometimes a Void Moon in Taurus can feel very stuck. If that seems to be what you encounter, instead of feeling stuck, why not do what you can to find comfort (or tolerance for) the place that you are in.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Void Taurus Moon's “Stand in place” energy breaks up today under a more light energy brought forth by the Gemini Moon. Again, Air is a lacking element in this sky, so, the feel of Gemini can be like a fresh breeze. That breezy affect met with our fiery Sun in Aries overnight at 4:22 AM thus leading us to feeling enlivened and active as we enter this day.
Only problem with that is due the fact this is also the day of Mercury's retrograde station and Mercury rules this Moon. So, how we feel is quite dependent upon our ability to be flexible and deal with any Mercurian hiccups that may occur...such as problems with our technology, weather, travel plans, communication efforts, etc.

The potential for things like that to go sideways does settle down a bit once Mercury gets used to his backward motion. But, that “more settled” feel is NOT today as he stations retrograde. So. Be flexible. Make sure you are receiving, delivering and interpreting verbal communication efforts clearly (asking for clarification or reflection, if needed) and don't be surprised if something Mercury ruled acts a little wonky today and tomorrow. As a matter of fact, I'd suggest expecting such a thing and preparing yourself for the patience required in dealing with these issues. Mercury officially “flips his script” and turns Rx at 8:11 PM.
Tonight, the Moon will square Neptune (2:40 AM) and sextile Mercury newly Rx before daybreak tomorrow (6:32 AM) which looks a WHOLE lot like alarm clock failure. So, watch out for that potential.

Friday, March 23, 2018

This morning the Moon is still active in Gemini. At midday she makes a sextile to Venus in Aries and an inconjunct to Pluto and Jupiter (thus lighting up the Yod created with that ongoing sextile between Jupiter and Pluto) between the hours of 1:39 PM and 4:46 PM. All this serves as prelude for the strongly waxing square between Venus and Pluto (and the subsequent inconjunct created between Jupiter and Venus) that perfects today at 7:14 PM on the 21st degree of their respective signs.
Now. I happen to know that this is first entrance of Pluto to the 21st degree of Capricorn within our lifetime; because, that just happens to be where my North Node is and I'm But, it's always relevant to know when Pluto shifts degrees because he moves so very slowly.
This square between Pluto and Venus represents the opening square of their new cycle which commenced on January 25th this year. Opening squares within planetary cycles present the same types of challenging issues that a First Quarter Moon presents (which we have coming in tomorrow, btw) only in relation to the planets involved instead of our luminaries. So, what we have here is a challenge that rises most likely in the guise of either fear or temptation. What we may encounter are old relationships...ex's, friends from our past, freaking love zombies or even seductive yet vampirish folks. The point of all that being discovering what it is that lies within our own psychology that may, in fact, be acting to prevent us from moving forward or achieving our goals.

Can't move on to a new relationship fully if you are still having issues with a relationship that is dead and gone. So, the Universe puts these issues in our faces in some way stirring deep responses so that we can see more clearly what types of demons may be infecting our hearts. The energy itself is wonderful for cutting malefic attachment but it is one of those very tempting, persuasive and alluring energies that has the ability to kind of enchant us toward lesser expressions. Deals with the Devil can be made or broken here. But, over and above the enchantments of evil (because these are fleeting and often demand a high level of interest in their payback) is the fact that whatever we feel this strong desirous pull toward is driven by shadow. Any fear we feel is driven by the same. The square is harsh but when handled appropriately it exposes all our malefic vices giving us a chance to nab some of our own power back from them.

Sabian for Pluto at 21 Capricorn: A relay race. Each runner springs eagerly into place. Extreme of cooperation and give and take in life-relationships. Full surrender of self to service. Planned group behavior.

Sabian for Venus at 21 Aries: A pugilist, flushed with strength, enters the ring. Complete immolation of self in things purely physical. Intense self-assertiveness physical and psychological.

All that says to me, stick to your long term goals disallowing the temptations of Venus to persuade you. Balance out the power dynamics within your relationships. Know who your “teammates” are in the metaphorical race AND always...always when entering the ring, know who and what it is you really fighting and why.

The Moon moves on to sextile Uranus at 11:53 PM, likely setting us up for a restless night. Following that aspect, the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 4:54 AM tomorrow morning. Gosh, we are so ready to move forward here. But, before we are officially unleashed into this new season there are obviously some things we need to be aware of. These “things” we need to have awareness of deal with shadow, fear, abuse, manipulation and proper use of power. Coinciding with the Mercury retrograde in Aries, there is a whole lot of rethinking we need to do in regard to the ways we engage and go about things as well as quite a bit of self-reflection upon what motivates and inspires us. Yet the energy, from here, grows exceedingly restless into our tomorrow as our First Quarter Moon cracks the sky and includes Mars in Capricorn within that mix.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ok. This morning the Moon is moody and at home in the sign of Cancer. Her first aspect comes at midday and operates to crack open the challenge of our First Quarter Moon. As I stated yesterday, the First Quarter happens right in orb of Mars in Capricorn. The whole of the set up creates a Cardinal t-square in the sky that finds outlet in the sign of Libra. Meaning, it is balance and perhaps even a partner or cohort that brings a more steady feel to the energy.

But, yeah, it's likely to be pretty crunchy. We are not really comfortable but the discomfort this does provide is also likely the instigator that has us choosing to take control of the situation. It's time to move forward with our plans while bearing in mind the condition of Mercury and employing the well balanced cerebral and partnership energy of Libra. This all goes down at 3 degrees Cardinal between 11:30 and 12:08 PM (Moon square Sun 11:36 AM, Moon opposite Mars 11:37 AM and Sun in Aries square Mars at 12:08 PM).
As night begins to fall, the Moon moves on to oppose Saturn. So, no matter what you do in response to the early energy of the day, you are going to want to ensure that it is mature, responsible and pointed toward a specific line with your plan. The energy created by the Cardinal t-square can actually provide a burst of physical energy that allows us to accomplish quite a bit. And, if we do, the opposition to Saturn is likely to feel more satisfied whereas otherwise it could be rather cumbersome. If you can look back on this day with a feeling of accomplishment, you will feel better at the end of it. If you take immature, selfish and irresponsible overly-aggressive action, well you are going to be wrapped up in the consequences of that fairly quickly. Your best bet is to set your purpose for the day in your mind clearly and keep steering yourself back to that end. I actually think it looks like a good day for a crab boil...but our Cancer peeps may not find the humor in that. There are no other major aspects from the Moon within this day...which is good. What we are given is enough to deal with.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

This morning is perfect for sleeping in which will be prone to do after all the activity of yesterday. Plus the Moon is in trine with Neptune in our early morning hours allowing us to relax and rest. Or, encouraging us to, anyway. Until our phones start ringing at around 9 AM as the Moon in Cancer squares Mercury in Aries. After that, the Moon heads off to conflict with the whole rest of the sky...basically.
At 4:42 the Moon stands off in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and re-ignites a Cardinal T-square with Venus' involvement from the sign of Aries (again, all this points a call for balance by way of the square's outlet landing in Libra). In the mix of creating this Cardinal t-square, the Moon is supported and empowered by a trine from Jupiter Rx in Scorpio. This delivers a more positive outlook, endurance, wisdom and a very strong intuitive nuance....a knowing without the need for visual or substantiated evidence. Employ the prowess of your empathy and intuition here to help serve you as guide.
From here, the Moon goes on to make a catalyzing and anxious making square with Uranus at 2:59 AM before reaching Void status. It's another potentially restless night and that is not going to sit well with our Moon in Cancer. But, it will help us understand that this morning's lingering fog and ability to rest up was in fact a gift.

The Moon remains Void until entering Leo at 7:46 AM tomorrow morning. Be ready for animated tales of everyone's weekend around the water cooler or coffee pot. The weekend will have proven itself both eventful and active for most of us. And, in sincerity, we really aren't done with “eventful” astrology either. Venus in Aries begins a new cycle with Uranus (conjunction) tomorrow evening under an active Leo Moon. So, there are certainly more changes and more calls to action coming to us in our week to come too.