Jupiter retrograde sextile Pluto in Capricorn. What the hell does that mean, anyway?

I started writing the forecast for next week and ended up going off on a 2000+ word tangent about Jupiter Rx sextile Pluto, the Sun finding this aspect and Mercury retrograde. My forecasts are long enough to keep up with. So, I decided to snip this section out to stand on its own. Want to know what this ongoing Jupiter Rx sextile Pluto means and how you can access it? How the Mercury retrograde plays into it and why the current mini-trine with the Sun is so great? Here ya go.

Just as Monday officially begins, the Moon hits a sweet spot. It does involve a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn at midnight. But, it also lights up a sweet mini-trine by way of sextile to both Jupiter Rx in Scorpio and Sun in Pisces. All this occurs between that midnight conjunction with Pluto and ending with the sextile to Jupiter at 5:01 AM. That being said, even after the Moon moves on, these other planets are not going anywhere very fast. Fastest moving would be the Sun who will fall out of orb of this in the next few days. But, today, this rather empowering mini-trine (Sun/Pluto/Jupiter) is in force. The Sun officially trines Jupiter tomorrow evening. That will mark the beginning of the break up of the Sun's involvement. However, Jupiter and Pluto will be in orb (have been in orb of this) for quite some time. Right now, the orb between the sextile of the God of Heaven and the Lord of Hell is at about 3 degrees. Plus, with the Sun that draws in Poseidon the Sea God, too. As Jupiter retrogrades, the alliance between Hades and Zeus only gets stronger lasting the duration of this month and all the way into mid-April where the two officially meet at 21 degrees of their respective signs on April 14. At that point, the aspect begins to wane. But, yes, of course, it will eventually come back once Jupiter is direct.

So, what does that even mean? What it means is this energy sets an undertone for at least the next month which underscores the New Moon in Pisces at the end of the week, the Full Moon in Libra at the end of the month and is only beginning to break up under the New Moon in Aries in April. It means there is a lot of power available. That “power” becomes even more piqued as another planet aspects it, such as the Moon. Jupiter's lesson plan in the sign of Scorpio is greatly varied. We learn about the shadow psyche, our own psychology and potentially that of the other. Discussions regarding taboo, sex, death, rebirth (which will be fitting topics at Ostara/the Spring Equinox) are held. And, we cannot forget the tendency toward expansion and exposure that belongs to Jupiter.
In Scorpio, Jupiter has a wicked sense of humor. You have to be half twisted and have a certain appreciation for macabre to see the funny in it. When he is retrograde, he gets his jollies flipping scripts. Turning the tables. Putting the shoe on the other foot. Prompting us to change our perspective and challenging our current beliefs, stories, opinions and philosophies. Stuff like that.

In aspect to Pluto, Jupiter's spotlight shines right upon the ugly underbelly or shadow of Capricorn. That looks a lot like corrupt leadership, abuse of power and dealings made with a common motivation of glut and malefic greed. Which is rather interesting considering that another part of Jupiter's lesson plan in Scorpio teaches us about the proper use versus the malefic use of power. For the duration of this time, these abuses of power and malefic uses of authority will be exposed by Jupiter delivering unto the collective plenty of information to consider. At the same time, Jupiter in Scorpio also shows the shadow of all things Jupiter ruled. Politics, major publishing factions such as the news, school systems, mainstream religions, foreign affairs, law making factions...I dunno. Any of that sound familiar? Get used to it because we still have over six months of exposure left coming from Jupiter in Scorpio.
It's not forceful or harsh but sextiles are more active than a trine and in the scope of a month, the Moon will light this waxing aspect up several times from different signs eventually making a Yod with the configuration when it passes through the latter degrees of Gemini (3/23).
The ridiculously interesting thing about the Yod is that it occurs right after Mercury stations retrograde in Aries on March 22nd. Making that movement super relevant since Mercury rules the Moon as this Yod flickers into existence. We will just be beginning to reconsider our personal motivations, how we engage, and other Aries things such as war. Mercury Rx flips scripts too and gives us opportunity to change our mind and the way we think about certain things. In Aries, these also include the most basic matters of self. Meaning, there is a huge possibility that during this interaction between Jupiter and Pluto and particularly under that Gemini Moon Yod, a lot of folks are likely to change their opinion about certain things as a result of Jupiter Rx flipping the script on the “powers that be” (Pluto in Capricorn) and delivering those happenings to the public at large (Moon). Especially since Mercury is also newly retrograde making things go haywire and causing us to question the very core of ourselves at the same time. Sounds fun, right? That's just the Yod. There is much more to it than just that. But, in my opinion, it would be an especially good day to pay attention to what is going on in your own life regardless of world happenings.

As a matter of fact, regardless of Jupiter's efforts at exposure on a profound global level, withdrawing into the current state of your life is actually kind of key in operating this ongoing sextile at it's highest use. In that, we can discover our own power in any given situation. Power we may not have ever realized before. Power that we can use to change anything we may feel needs to be changed within the realm of our personal lives. I mean, these are two POWERHOUSE planets and they are working together AMICABLY right now. It's not the same kind of set up we experienced during Jupiter in Libra when the two were engaged in battle. This is astute access to transformative power that you can literally use to change your entire life, game plan, perspective, outlook, attitude for the better. It all comes from the realization, recapturing and employment of your own power and has very little to do with what else is happening in the outside world. All this is “right there”. Hanging in the sky just waiting for you to uncover it. Sheer away the distractions so you can access it.

Any planet, regardless of what sign it is in, that you have between 20-23 degrees is going to be super-charged and empowered in some way serving as a continual access point to this source of power. IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING at those degrees, you can still grab on to it by way of house position or transiting planet. In other words, what houses in your chart are Jupiter and Pluto transiting? Those are the areas where this source of power resides just waiting for you to access it. For me, this is 1st house and 11th telling me that my access to transformative change comes from the way I use or recognize my own power and also the folks I surround myself with, social programs, networks, community organizations and technology. My Saturn sits at 20 Gemini (making the Yod for me ongoing). Saturn resides in my 6th house telling me some of this is based upon how I manage my brain, my efforts at communication, my health, how I stack my priorities and conduct my day to day. Meanwhile, Mercury Rx in Aries occurs in my 4th house drawing me back to re-consider how it is I engage in 4th house matters, emotions, home, intuition, family, the concepts of nurturing and mothering (either giving or receiving) and so forth. All of that tells me that my access to creating positive change in my life has to do with the reconfiguration happening in each of these houses (1st, 11th, 6th, and 4th). To figure out how that can work for you, do what I just did using your chart. That will tell you the specific areas of life by way of house position so you will know where the focus of this energy is coming from. Then, look to any planets at those degrees and realize they are a big part of this whole ordeal. Finally, consider where the Mercury retrograde occurs in your chart and know that as the mentality in that house changes, it will play a role in how you ultimately decide to use this energy moving forward. The retrograde will essentially line us out on how it is we wish to engage with this newly discovered power or the previously hidden truths that Jupiter is now exposing.

However, remember THE SUN is in this configuration RIGHT NOW. This provides easy access to this energy for all of us with a direct prompt coming from the adage “Change begins internally” which is so wonderfully true. Plus, the Sun in Pisces is beautifully intuitive and sensitive making this waxing aspect easy to feel.
There is a power surge going on here. I suggest you use it appropriately, humbly and generously. Or don't. That karmic gut check is your decision to make for yourself not mine. But, in sincerity, if there are certain elements in your life in need of transformation, the time is ripe to get busy in the re-sculpting of these things as you continually uncover your power across various situations. I'll give you a hint, most of your power lies in your ability of choice. Has nothing to do with how strong you are, how popular you are, how many weapons you have or how loud you can be. Especially NOT with the Sun in Pisces. But, you talk about delivering some astute manifestation power with the Sun in Pisces involved...holy crap. You reckon? This is the ability to manifest dreams, artistic creations, soulful ambitions and, yes, astute empowerment comes to the peaceful, the dreamers, the creators, the artists, the musicians and visionaries more so than the forceful under Sun in Pisces (Lucky YOU if you have a birthday in the next few days!).

Plus, if you have planets in Cancer at the latter degrees (19-23) you get the protective boost of kite as well. And your Cancer planet becomes quite pivotal in your ability to capture this energy during the Sun's involvement especially. Of course that's going to depend on how you've been handling the Pluto opposition coming in to this planet in Cancer. With that, we are looking at a stretch between 18-20 degrees with the 21st and beyond planets not officially being touched by Pluto, yet; but, likely feeling him darkening the doorstep. Balance the power of that planet and the houses involved. Then, use the Sun/Jupiter to empower you in proper employment which is going to have a lot more to do with the ability to read your own inner signals than anything else. The planets that get this energy the most amicably are the ones in Earth and Water signs. So it's a feminine type of empowerment more than masculine. I don't care what you have between your legs, we all have access to both masculine and feminine energy whether we choose to realize that or not. Now is the time to learn more about your internal guidance system while also learning to use it. Now is the time to Yin more than you Yang as we continually uncover these sources of personal power. That's what it means.