The New Moon in Aquarius and the 4 of Cups

Ciro Marchetti-Legacy of the Divine

I've spent a good deal of time with this card. It's not an overly “exciting” energy. It's a 4. Fours are stable. Which is a good thing.
Before I get started with it, though, I want to tell you that I did not and STILL do not want to call this incoming New Moon an eclipse. It's wide to the Nodes and I'm eclipse over-hype fatigued. But. NASA says it is an eclipse. Dammit. An itty bitty partial Solar Eclipse. Visible only to a small portion of the world...for penguins mostly. It does hold relevance in that it hits very, very closely in opposition to the point of our eclipse last August. So, there's that. Otherwise, if you want hype, you might wanna check elsewhere cause I'm all out. LOL! I'll be back for more details. But, for now, know the New Moon occurs in Aquarius on 2/15 at about 4 PM EST.
Anyway, my first observatory go around with the 4 of Cups realized itself as shattered idealism. Meaning, I was taking an “overview” stance in regard to the timeline of my life. I saw things I had wished for, received and was disappointed by. I saw wild idealized visions I had that were never fulfilled. It reminded me of that adage that speaks about “unanswered prayers.” And the adage is correct. There are some “idealized” visions that collapsed in front of me in my past. At the time of their collapse, I was disappointed. However the crash of those gave me a much more clear vision of what it was I truly wanted. Then, right beside them were things that manifested that were much greater than what I could have imagined. Strong. Sturdy and solidly in place. Much like the upright cups next to this guy.
Image credit: katrynnie

Then, my most recent venture with this card, showed me how sometimes I spend a lot of time wishing and dreaming of things I think I want and end up missing out on the stable, sturdy that already is. I can overlook that as my brain is one of those creatures that is always trying to look, sometimes, so far ahead that I miss out on what is happening and accessible to me “right now.” With that realization, I pulled myself back into the present moment and took time to pay gratitude for what I had instead of wistfully dreaming and lamenting all the things I do not. This simple “back into the now” really helped to stabilize the energy. I didn't like it. Ha! I'm one of those types that likes to wallow and hang on a cross for awhile. But, coaxing myself into this did make me feel better.

That's just two sides of this card. There is more. As in, sometimes idleness births creative visions. New dreams and ambitions that we can manifest right along with the Cups we already have. Dreaming and imagination are important. Idle time should be cherished and some times that in and of itself is the “gift” of this card. Just don't miss out on what you have in “the present.” Realize if you are “dreaming” of it, there could be some see things that you are unable to see just yet. You could be over-idealizing. You cannot know until you know. And, dreams and imaginings are largely “unknown” things anyway. Sometimes they work out. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes the end product is not what we envisioned. But, I promise you this, you will learn either way.

Coming in as guide for this New Moon, the card encourages you to dream of the future. To take some time alone and time travel to the future in your head. Craft that initial vision. But, don't forget about what you already have. Be sure to come back into the present and notice what it is that you have rather than spending all your time romanticizing the “have nots.” And, if all you can dream up is fear and nightmares in your visions, know there is something for you to learn there too. Then, look back to those unanswered prayers and shattered ideals. Glean the lessons from those as well while realizing, it's not always a bad thing that we don't get what we wish for every single time.
New Moon in Aquarius is a wishing Moon, though. Such things as wishes are greatly supported under an Aquarian sky. There is nothing wrong with making a few. Just know that whatever you are inclined to wish for is going to teach you a lot about you all by itself. So, don't miss out on that.