New Moon in Capricorn 2018

Sabian Symbols:

Sun and Moon at 27 Cap: Men climb a sacred peak; below the world—above, peace. Necessary linkage of above and below in the seeker's personal experience. Balanced dualism of subjective-objective life.

In the “seeker's personal experience.” As above. So below. As within. So without. In your experience, do you believe that? I have found nothing to debunk it in mine. Life in some weird way sometimes seems to be like a series of energetic echoes. Just a dance of energies in constant flux at all times. Some energies we recognize as feeling good. Others as not so good. Of course, there is every variation in between. That is all dependent upon what makes up our perception. How we choose to perceive things. How our brains are trained or taught to interpret things. This, among other factors, shapes the lens of our own personal perspective. So, essentially whatever we are on the inside determines how we perceive the outside. As within. So without. Yet, do things on the outside of us or things beyond the boundary of ourselves, in turn influence what is at the surface of ourselves. Can something happen to us that changes or alters something on the inside of us? Yes. I think we can all agree on that. Using a simple example, I am not the same person I was before becoming a parent. It changed my perspective. That change in perspective changed my entire world. It at least seems plausible, then, to imagine that could work conversely, too.
If things can happen to us causing our perspective to change and thus trickle out into changing our whole lives; then, why can't we change our own perspective in an effort to change our own experience and thus allow that to trickle outwardly into changing our own lives.
Do we really have that kind of power? Or is it just necessary that a seeker be able to connect or feel connection (linkage)? Is that what we are seeking to begin with? Connection? Or is it that all motivation comes from a desire to pull ourselves up and out of our own current chaos (world) and into our “vision” of a better place (peace).
Or is this Sabian just telling us that the more we distance ourselves from something the more peaceful things become? Either way, the men on the journey are either halfway up or halfway down. They know what they know from experience; but, in an effort to continue moving forward they must be willing to encounter what they don't know. Perhaps, even, come together to share what they collectively know. Essentially, Rudhyar says, balancing the dualism of the subjective versus the objective. There is more than one man climbing. You must be assured of your own footing. But, you are not alone. Why not collaborate? Can you be isolated and distanced from “the world” and collaborate toward that peaceful peak all at the same time? I do believe that humans, as a species, do have an innate drive toward improvement and continually reaching higher. It seems latent or dead in some, admittedly. But, on the whole, this is true of “us.”

Saturn at 4 Cap: Merry makers embark in a big canoe on lantern-lit lake. Externalization through individuals of the collective urges of the race. Foolish love for pleasure. Exploitation of self.

Once upon a time, when Josi was a teenager, a group of 15 friends decided that it would be fun to all load up in a Jeep Wrangler and go for a ride. Those friends may have also been a little intoxicated. From the first suggestion of it, Josi thought this was a really bad idea. But, her friends knew her well. They caught a whiff of her hesitancy and hit her with the one thing they knew would get her “on board.” They dared her.
So, Josi furrowed her brow with “I'll show you..pfft...dare” and climbed into her place in the standing room only Jeep ride. Precisely one fourth of a mile and likely just short of 2 minutes later, Josi saw the roll bar she had been clutching when the Jeep left the parking lot soar over her head. The Jeep had made it to only the first curve in the road ahead before hitting loose gravel and flipping completely over in a field. Josi and all 15 of her friends were tossed out of the vehicle into an open field...scattered like the hay seeds they were.
She knew it had been a bad idea. She felt it in her gut. But, she fell for the exploitation. She was a fool for pleasure and sucker for a dare. Make sure you aren't being enchanted (exploited) to do something against your better judgment. Know “they” might be aiming for your soft spot to get you on board.

About the conditions around the Moon:

Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are still locked in sextile. These two planets in mixture can equate to a lot of things. But, the thing that Jupiter loves most is exposure. The scene leading up to this New Moon has Mercury leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricorn on 1/11. This brings Mercury fully out of retrograde shadow. In a way, it tells me that all that we have discussed since he entered this shadow comes to a conclusion. There is an assured shift in mentality that comes with this transition alone. Mercury in Sagittarius is not Mercury in Capricorn. Minds turn to serious matters. Executive decisions. Long-term plans.
A mere two days later, Mercury meets Saturn who is also newly in Capricorn. I can almost see our grandfather goat Capricorn Saturn heaving with a sigh of relief when Mercury shows up to join him saying, “Thank goodness. You got here just in time. You would not believe the mess I've found.” Saturn then sends Mercury off with his message of discontent and scorn to the necessary recipients. As the information trickles into the collective body, Venus squares Uranus and sextiles Chiron. Now. I play around and call Venus/Uranus the break up day. Because, it really can equate to such. Sometimes, though, it can have the same effect of having your “pleasure” ripped away from you. In Capricorn, Venus' pleasure is found in antiquity, accomplishment, a fat bank account, prestige, an appealing social standing, customs and the established. Uranus does not give a shit what Venus' pleasure is. Uranus thinks much of the stuff in Capricorn is stoic and outdated. It needs to be shook up because change and instability offer growth. What happens here is Venus in Capricorn has change forced upon her. Sudden icy cold frozen change. In the fall out of that, as she sextiles Chiron, she may also realize how her naivete had been taken advantage of. Exploited. The thing she admired wasn't the thing that she thought it was and THIS lightening bolt has lit that undeniable fact up to her.

The very next day, this happens again. Only this time, not to calm and responsible Venus in Capricorn who tries her best to maintain a steady face for the sake of her “public” but to the Sun in Capricorn. Now, the Sun in Capricorn wants to save face too. A true leader is ill advised to allow themselves to appear rattled. He will try to be the sturdy oak in this chaos as he, too, also sees what Uranus has decided to illuminate. (You know, it's the tallest tree in the forest that is the greatest risk of being struck by lightening. If you are the only tree in a field...all alone and isolated...your chances at being struck are even greater). At the same time, the Sun in Capricorn also realizes how he too has fallen prey to his naivete.
Again, anything in Capricorn is concerned about the public image it projects. So, even though Venus (financial systems, long term relationships) may be rocked and the Sun (public leadership) might be rattled...that doesn't necessarily mean that the public at large has been made aware just yet. Ok? There may be a period in there where things are kind of sheltered, explained away, diversions created or whatever. Until, here comes that pesky Jupiter shining his spotlight on the dark underbelly of Capricorn exposing all his secrets and ugly for what it really is. This sextile occurs at 10:33 PM on the 15th. The Moon (the general populace) passes through the sextile right before 6 AM on the 16th. Meaning the collective is fed all the information that Pluto and Jupiter have gathered just in time for breakfast on the US East Coast.
The Moon then goes on to sextile Mars in Scorpio. A little over an hour later, the collective gets the same “illumination” by way of Uranus as the Sun and Venus did. It's all exposed here. Fileted wide open BEFORE the New Moon occurs. That happens at 9:18 PM on the 16th.
Let me tell you something. When it comes to Uranus, it is entirely possible to be so accustomed to the constant shocks that a person becomes numb. That “numb” feel is literally referred to AS shock. I like to call it a “give a damn breakdown.” To the point that you can sit still and continue enjoying your coffee even as the roof of the coffee shop you are sitting in caves. By the time we get to this New Moon, many of us could very well be wearing that “shocked numb” face. We greet the newest exposure and subsequent shock with a sober “It is what it is.” All that matters is where we go from here. It is just that dry and just that simple. Now that we have this knowledge and have received these “flashes of unsettling insight”, what do we do with them?
The Moon collaborates with Venus on the last degree of Capricorn by conjunction at 1:30 AM prior to reaching Void status. She enters Aquarius at 3:33 AM. Venus is right on her heels. Entering Aquarius also on the 17th but later that evening. You know Venus...always has to be fashionably late. But, her values do morph from an adherence to the custom and established and become more focused upon the “greater good” of the collective and looks to break free from the stoic nature of Capricorn in search of a better way of doing things. All this that is in Capricorn will also experience that shift. More notably so, Mars will eventually retrograde here. I cannot pound on the importance of his upcoming retrograde in Aqua and back into Cap enough. We've got quite a road ahead before we get there. But, do not overlook this in importance. Our ingress of Saturn into Capricorn and Uranus into Taurus are great big deals in 2018. Yet, this Mars retrograde is the sneaky wild card that bears a relevance of its own.
Essentially we will be called to employ the beneficial qualities of the South Node and channel the through the ambitions of the North. That does not mean getting sucked into collective melodrama. It means taking a concern for humanity and a desire for a better and improved world and employing it IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL WAY. Not the way someone tells you to do it. Not in a way that is “acceptable” to everyone. In a way that is truly authentic to you. If that involves tossing your hat in the political arena you will know because it will bubble in your heart. I can't tell you what that will look like because it's wholly dependent on who you are, what you are capable of and where it is you feel you can put all that to make the most positive impact. We've been getting these hits for years. At LEAST since Jupiter's time in Leo in which we should have been focused upon self-discovery and humble but sincere self-appreciation. The time to “know thyself” and “how to apply those talents” is ripe. Most certainly.
All that being said, this New Moon offers some very fertile ground for intentions. However, with the strong fertility and inclination toward making long term goals, my suggestion is to not take that lightly. Also, don't you dare do something just because Sally down the street thinks you should or may like you better because of it. This is all you and the pitfall of this Moon is letting yourself be dragged down off your current plateau by worldly distraction. If you do not know where your talents are, what kind of world you would like to help co-create or how to apply your talents in that direction...then you've got plenty to think about to keep you from getting “sucked” into frenzy that is the world of electronic media. This New Moon is “go” time. All planets are direct. We will be laying pavers for the road we will back track on ALL year. Know what kinds of seeds you are planting and stretch your vision out over the long-term. Slow. Steady. Deliberate pace and the most grown up version of yourself plus a very solid GOAL is all you need.
If something crazy and diversionary goes down in the collective, remember the message from Saturn. Don't allow yourself to be exploited toward going against your better judgment. If you realize that you have been way of naivete, immaturity, ignorance, bias, religious/spiritual beliefs, prejudice, addiction (these ARE Chiron in Pisces issues)...note it. Bring what was unconscious into consciousness (the biggest challenge of anything in Pisces). Remember it. Don't fall for it again. Shore that leak up and keep climbing.

The 2 weeks between Moons

What happens, then, between this New Moon and the Full Moon in Eclipse in Leo on the 31st?

First, expect the energy to be shaky and unstable. Why? Because eclipses are shaky and unstable. Remember Saturn. Ok? But, here is how the energy lines up in this two week period following this New Moon.

Jan 17
Venus enters Aquarius

Jan 18
Mars in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces

Jan 19
Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces
The Sun enters Aquarius

Jan 24
Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 19 Cap 35
20 Capricorn Sun/Venus/Pluto: Through the empty church, the choir I heard rehearsing. The unrealized fullness of life even in the emptiest hours. Ray of hope through all difficulty.
Note this is the same degree Pluto was on for the Jupiter sextile and the same degree he was on when Sun/Venus found him.

First Quarter Moon 4 Aqua/Taurus 53

Jan 25
Mercury in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Scorpio

Jan 26
Mars enters Sagittarius

Jan 28
Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries
Mercury in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces

Jan 31
Full Moon eclipse in Leo 11 Aqua/Leo 37

12 Aquarius: Life's broad stairway; each landing a new grade of life. Points of pause and transition where the soul can evaluate its progress. Graded effort. Necessity for divorcing the past.

12 Leo: A garden party is in full swing under Japanese lanterns. Easy intercourse of human souls in moments of relaxation from strain. Examination of, or self-loss in social values.

Comparatively, these aspects/movements seem much less than what we have experienced leading up to this New Moon. Remember, though, the Moon was releasing at the first of the year. Emotional response was lowering. Between this New Moon and the eclipse, the emotional energy is waxing...building. It's going to be more punctuated than it looks. See that First Quarter Moon up there right after Mercury finds Pluto in Capricorn? That's the “critical mass” point right there. Things will really be ramping up and you will have to grab your thickest “I do not give damn” mask to keep yourself on your own target.

Tarot Guide for The New Moon in Capricorn

We had this guy show up in the end of 2017 at the Full Moon in Gemini. It made a t-square with Neptune, remember? (Ha...little astro joke)
We had wet weather at that time. Now, on this sea captain's journey, there are storms on the horizon. So his focus will pull in sharply on directing his ship. This King. Bless his soul. Was born tender. Imaginative. Compassionate and empathic. Life has forced him to boundary that. I'm sure in his previous experience the lessons he had to endure in order to “bring to shore” some of that watery energy and then employ it toward running a kingdom were rough. Idealism shattered. Naivete crushed. Heartbreak...all that called him toward boundary and learning to take conscious control of his emotions. He is still compassionate and empathic. He still cares deeply about those that fall under his wing. But, he is much less prone to be manipulated by his emotions or threatened by outbursts of the same. A rise in emotion is not going to knock him off his goals.

The incoming weeks may bring storms to your ship, also. In that, you will be called to put some of the emotions behind you or in a bucket so that you can deal with a sure and steady hand in an effort to keep your ship moving forward. We aren't denying them or staving them up. We are putting them in their proper perspective and disallowing them from unseating us.
Still yet, our call to self-direction and containment IS an act of love and compassion toward others. What we are undertaking involves more than just us...WE ARE THE KING! So, by controlling ourselves and putting emotions in a place where they can be viewed from the proper perspective IS taking the “greater good” into consideration. You can steer the ship and deal. Or, you can devolve into the corner as an ineffective sniveling mess. The strength of your boundaries, integrity and ability to look beyond your own perspective will determine that.
This calls for grounding, common sense (a limb this King had to literally grow) and a target...a goal..something to aim your ship toward. This salty captain will throw you and your juvenile emotional tirade overboard if it is a threat to the safety and security of the rest of his crew. The patience for such is going to keep getting more thin. So get good and steady in preparation. Put your hands firmly on the helm. Roll WITH the tides and deal with any emotionality in its proper time, perspective and place. If emotions rise, put them to work. Employ your creativity in problem solving too. But, if you want to remain at the helm with this King, you cannot let yourself get caught in the undertow.

Stones/activities that can assist with this New Moon

Tiger's eye
Red Jasper
Black tourmaline
Star Ruby
Lapis Lazuli
Clear/smoky quartz

I'm specifically looking at the black, brown and deep red stones for our Capricorn energy. The rest are aimed at managing the squares to Uranus. Also, in regard to color for Uranus, we are looking at those deep blues or, sometimes, the neon blue/green colors. What is most essential is grounding and backbone. Wooden pieces, particularly oak, are stellar for this. Earthing (as they call it) is great as well as getting outdoors and connecting with natural elements especially if you've been trapped indoors due weather. One way I deal with that is by having plants indoors. Their care taking and presence is very grounding. Pets have the same effect. Eat in, treat it as if it were a necessary function instead of a luxury. Eat to live and sustain your energy levels. Reduce intake of stimulation by way of media and diet. Make a vision board. Write plans/goals in a yearly calendar. I don't know how well this next suggestion is going to go over but bones are also not a bad thing to have around in Capricorn season. Don't get too whacked out of shape about that. I'm not suggesting you go knock off a chicken or nab a tibia from your neighbor. Deer shed antlers every year, for example. Picking up a set never killed a thing.