Morning Star: Astrology for the week of January 8 to January 14, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

Not everyone is going to enjoy this week. I, however, am looking really forward to it. You see, I'm ready for a fresh start. I'm ready to scrape the barnacles off my back and move forward. I ready to ditch the albatrosses and move forward with a plan for myself that is self-supportive, empowering, full of new freedoms and opportunities. Are you? Because this is the week we make the final preparations for that long climb ahead. We finish taking out the trash in our lives and in relationships. Abusive and manipulative efforts fall flat and the perpetrators are exposed. So, you know, the one's that have been abusing and manipulating for their own personal gain or out of fear and limp willies are going to be the ones knocked off their game this week. But, those with integrity and a desire for a truly better world have power behind them to support them in their leadership efforts. At the end of it, we all end up with a clean slate whether that is what we choose for ourselves or not. There will be whining. There will be attempts by the barnacles, albatrosses and manipulators as this goes down. But, the tolerance gauge for such is set at zero and folks WILL move forward without these shackles on their ankles and not even think of looking back. An air of seriousness and focus overlays the land. Ensure you buckle down and put that to use in your life. This kind of power doesn't come along everyday.

This week the Moon hangs low but we have a slew of personal planet aspects that are going to color in the nuance of the week. The Moon plays a part, too, of course. But, on the whole, as we experience these internal changes brought forth by the interaction of personal planets, emotions are low key. Quite a few of these swirling energies are captured within today. Also, I would like you to know right now, if you are an abuser, a manipulator, a leach...your days of suckling off your host are coming to a swift end. However, if you have integrity, self-reliance and a plan for a better world for us all in the future the Universe is going to support you in “taking out the trash in your life (ie..see the abusers, manipulators and leaches)” in preparation to stomp your firm leadership foot. Focus in on the business of your life. Remove anything that may stand in the way of your goals this week. Cut off the albatross...the time for the climb up the mountain draws nigh. Grow it up. Dry it up and get busy. It's time to be the boss of your life.

We begin under a Libra Moon this morning as the Sun in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio. Just a few minutes later, Venus repeats this aspect just before Mars sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. So, we have this swirl of Capricorn and Scorpio energy that, in truth, can sincerely support us well in focusing in on absolutely anything we choose. This also supports progress. I'm still inclined toward suggesting follow through and clean up efforts especially under this “leave no stone unturned” energy. This is Saturn and Pluto in amicable relations.
Sun to Jupiter is ready to put its head down and push through absolutely any task ahead of us. Venus to Jupiter brings optimism, pride in progress and perhaps even assistance in what it is we are trying to receive by way of financial backing or just friendly helpers. Mars to Pluto is your clean up crew. Delivering us the tenacity, endurance and focus to get things done.

The Moon, however, may not like this much. She does square off with her industrious ruler, Venus, at 5:15 PM just before perfecting in the Last Quarter Moon square with the Sun at 5:26 PM. Part of the reason the Moon is uncomfortable is that this may be productive, but it may not necessarily be leisurely or pretty. It calls for rolling our sleeves up and clearing out gunk that may keep us from progressing toward our goals in 2018. Few will be inclined to socialize or chat about their plans. Neither Capricorn or Scorpio waste time on statements of “I'm going to do” or “What do you think I should do.” They are too busy doing the things. And, lighter sentiments perhaps brought by the Libra Moons need for social approval and conversation are going to be seen as annoyances in that.
Plus, in some instances, moving forward and clearing out gunk could include releasing negative attachments by way of ditching abusive, manipulative or life force sucking relationships. That could also cause Libra to lament. But, it's just the business. The business of your life. If you want to walk forward into that with an albatross around your neck have it. Otherwise, leave the garbage on the curb and keep walking. This energy offers the ability to severe and NEVER look back. Use it if you need it. Make self-respectful and self-supportive decisions in that regard. Take a step back, engage your logic and treat relationships just like you would a business deal. Either they have supportive and lucrative potential or they are a drain to your bottom line.

Regardless of whether you are sweeping your love life clear of snakes, leaches and manipulators or just winding everything down in an effort to get ready for the fresh start under the New Moon in Capricorn next week, this energy is stellar for focus, endurance and follow through. Put that to good use. Mercury has made his final trine to Uranus. You have the information you have been waiting on. Don't allow the Libra Moon's tendency toward procrastination or sugar coating to dissuade you from doing what needs to be done. Use it to carefully weigh your options and make fair well balanced decisions instead.
Before the night goes out the Moon does square Pluto in Capricorn at 6:17 PM. This is where the “manipulators, abusers and folks who wish to cling to you” panic. They will threaten. They will beg. They will use every trick in the book to maintain their source of “feeding.” After you've experienced this a time or two it becomes rather predictable. Like they all have a playbook they go by or something. And, you know what, they've done that in the past too..haven't they? This also delivers the resolve you need to stand strong against those efforts.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Overnight, Venus in Capricorn met with the Sun and before dawn both of these entities are conjunct Pluto. You talk about some deep power right there which is surely going to back you in any “taking out the relationship trash” efforts. It's also highly supportive of focusing in on financials, worthy investments and resourcefulness. It favors those who earn what they have and are loyal, faithful and mature in their dealings with others. Unfortunately, though, it can also kick start cowards to lean into abuse as they remain panicky over loosing the “teat” from which affection or resource once flowed.
Then, the final stand off with this occurs as the Moon opposes Uranus in Aries...still yet, before dawn at 4:45 AM. Balance the dynamic of self against other. Assess your level of freedom of expression in relationships across the board. If you are overly beholden to the expectations of others or have a habit of anchoring yourself in toxic relationships this is your time to blow that shit to smithereens and walk into a world with less encumbrance.

Why I am so focused on the relationship part of this? Because we are talking Venus and we are talking Libra. Thing is, I'm not only talking about romantic relationships in that. I'm talking about your relationships with absolutely anything. Your job. You boss. Your family. Your parents. Your money. Yourself. It's break up day.
Outside of this, the opposition to Uranus can rattle your schedule. So, remain limber and keep an eye out for the unexpected. Expect folks to be a little nervous and potentially reactive...this internal swirl of energies and change is happening within them too. You don't have to allow that to become a distraction.
Following the opposition with Uranus, the news about what has been going on under the surface for many is released into the public sphere as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Sagittarius. This delivers more info we need to employ on our path forward. Mercury has made his final trine to Uranus, but he still has a few degrees of shadow left. Following this sextile the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 3:06 PM.

This Void period allows us to assess and incorporate the happenings of the last few days. Shortly following, Venus in Capricorn sextiles Mars in Scorpio. Another very supportive and very empowering personal planetary pattern whose focus and endurance can be aimed at absolutely anything you choose...including heart healing and regeneration. All the efforts are solidified and well boundaried as the Moon then sextiles Saturn at 7:47 PM EST. These are the days of putting the final nails in the coffin...metaphorically speaking. The information delivered in this day and the awareness it brings has that feel. There are some things in our lives that will end and be over and done with for good. That might hurt for a bit or take a while to get used to. But, chances are, what leaves needed to go because it wasn't doing anything but keeping you complicit, complacent or enslaved (essentially) to begin with.
The “take the trash out and get it done” traction energy persists through the night with as the Sun sextiles Mars in Scorpio just after midnight. Monday and Tuesday obviously offer a lot of traction. Sheer away distraction and albatrosses and put that to use.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Today is a stopping point or resting point largely. We still have the Sun/Mars sextile in force to aid in finish up tasks if needed. The Moon in Scorpio, however, only makes one major aspect within this day. A trine to Neptune. If you've cleared out space and made progress this is the point where we can stop, rest and contemplate where it is we would like to go next. It can be emotional. We could find ourselves walking through some stages of grief in regard to some of the things we had to leave behind. Emotional purges are supported here as well as just taking time to unwind.

After midnight, Mercury finally leaves Sagittarius and joins the “business luncheon” currently being held in Capricorn. Minds gear down and get ready to get down to business. This becomes less a time for philosophy and theory and more of a time of executive decisions and creating plans.
Use today to get re-centered and rested. Then, employ the practical and earthy nature of Mercury to help create your new plan for world domination...or...whatever.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Moon in Scorpio re-ignites all the lovely sextiles between Capricorn and Scorpio. After yesterday's period of rest, reflection and potential grief, we are ready to put our feet back on the path ahead layering more and more details to our personal plans forward.
The Moon finds Jupiter by conjunction at 3:22 AM. At 4:28 AM the Moon sextiles Pluto. At 7:35 AM, she is conjunct Mars in Scorpio. By 8:41 AM she sextiles the Sun and Venus shortly after. Hit the ground running. Again, this is not necessarily ripe for starting anything new especially after the Moon is Void following the Venus sextile. But, it's great for scooping out any leftover gunk and taking a few sturdy steps away from the things that may have been holding you back...which INCLUDES fear. This week is filled with bravery and fearlessness. Those that are slain by cowardice will be left behind, surely. But, those with grit will fly high and get quite a bit accomplished.

The Moon will trine Chiron at 4:00 PM. However, she remains Void until entering Sagittarius at 2:05 AM.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Moon in Sagittarius is a lighter energy than what we've had in the past few days. If we have captured this tremendous grit from our past week, we may find ourselves rather satisfied, here. We begin to assess our horizons, our future and where it is we want to leave our footprints next. There are no major aspects from the Moon within this day. So, it is ripe for contemplation and focusing more on the space that you've created as a result of taking the trash out. What will you fill it with. What new experiences and opportunities can you dream up. Where do we go from here?

Mercury in Capricorn is listening to your dreams and runs in the background checking them for realism and potential. As he meets with Saturn in Capricorn, he favors us taking a serious look at the things we may want to do in our future and start making plans. Assessing returns on investment. Looking at viability and reality. Figuring out the steps we have to take to get there. He meets Saturn by conjunction at 2:04 AM. That part of it is not a wholly enjoyable affair. But, it is the energy we need to figure out our next steps toward our new goals. So, where are going? I like Prince's idea.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ok. Today may be a little more watery and could have an upset or two in it. Overnight the Moon met with Neptune via square. In the middle of our day, Venus in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries. She then goes on to sextile Chiron in Pisces. The lunar square could provide remorse, emotionality and self-doubt. The square from Venus to Uranus and subsequent sextile to Chiron is going to deliver pink slips. For example, if YOU are the drain upon someone's resources, the albatross around someone's neck or the whining immature manipulator that thinks they are going to continue getting away with such...welcome to your new life because someone is likely to push you through that door whether you expect it or see it coming or not.
This can literally translate to layoffs in the business world. But, in our personal lives these are sober decisions made in the realm of relationships that takes a sharp knife and cuts off barnacles without hesitancy. Don't even try the whining and the clinging because Venus in Capricorn has no emotional connection to your sorrow. This is just business.

The freedom that is felt from finally ditching albatrosses and barnacles compounds upon itself as the Moon trines Uranus overnight. There may be some remorse. But, maybe we feel so light as a result of all the garbage we just shoved out of our lives that we sleep through it as the Moon squares Chiron at 4:38 AM. From here, she is Void until entering Capricorn at 2:43 PM on the 14th.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Moon is inactive during our morning hours allowing us to engage in whatever we choose dispassionately. She wakes up in Capricorn at 2:43 PM. At at 3:45 PM...WE are surely awake too. That “Awakeness” sounds a lot like “ch-chunck CLEAR!” The Sun squares Uranus and if you weren't done with being told what to do or how to act before, you will be now. This is the catalyst toward a new start but many will find it uncomfortable because it can also bring unexpected change and anxiety. At the same time, it is wildly independent and innovative. It can monopolize and create opportunity out of change and does not shy away from a chance to blow “the old standard ways” to smithereens and walk out into a fresh new day. No one is going to be tolerant of the whiny dependent shackles around their ankles. IF you managed to tolerate those through this week while you were trying to get things done (and I'm telling you..few would have had inkling toward that) then this is the day in which your patience and tolerance disappears. Wholly intolerable today.

You want to ensure that you are making decisions consciously though. This energy can be spiteful, reactive and you impulsive when allowed to run unchecked. Don't blow yourself up just because “well, I'll show you” instead engage with your anger and your desire for freedom with consciousness. Breath through the adrenaline and use this catalytic energy wisely. But, do know your give a damn will likely be shattered by this aspect. There's no room for anyone else's bullshit here. We have stuff to do.
At 8:50 PM, the Moon does find Saturn by conjunction. We feel the emotional weight of our choices and consequences for the same are delivered. How that goes depends on your ability to control yourself and steer things toward your own best interest. If you lost your grasp on that and let this catalytic energy control you instead of vice versa, this is where you find yourself sitting in the ashes that once were your life.
You get a clean slate and fresh start either way. Hopefully you conducted yourself with a sense of purpose. Overnight, Jupiter makes a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. We've had sextile energy between these two signs all week. And, it is was all just practice for the magnificent source of power that this particular sextile delivers. We are able to fully assess our future horizons and make deep supportive plans to embark upon them...just in time. Check every corner for any garbage that may remain and escort it out. Tomorrow, my pretties, is the New Moon in Capricorn. The green light flickers on and it's time to engage in all these plans for your future. The trash man has come and picked up what you left for him at the curb. Tomorrow, we officially begin this New Year and, for some, this “new life.”