Morning Star: Daily Astrology for the week of December 25 to December 30, 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017

Much has changed since the beginning of last week. And, we have a few more shifts ahead in our near future. One of those shifts occurs today as Venus leaves the sign of Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn joining the rest of the “party” there. This occurred just at the genesis of this day right after midnight while the Moon in Pisces was Void. She will remain Void for most of the day giving an emotionally relaxed feel to the day on the whole. However, once again, under the Void Moon Venus is busy. She finds Saturn by conjunction at about 1 PM EST.

Now, let me tell you, Venus in Capricorn is not everyone's cup of tea. All this in Capricorn can feel rather heavy to some, actually. However, those of us that have a Venus/Saturn vibe in their chart or that have Venus in an Earth sign may really dig Venus' transit through the sign of the goat. What happens here is Venus is tasked to grow up. She wants us to act maturely and responsibly in the realm of money and our relationships. Unfortunately, whenever Venus is in contact with Saturn, the resulting feel can be loneliness, coldness, a shortage of pleasure and/or a feeling of restriction or being metaphorically “booted” from the Garden of Eden.
Long standing, grown up and mature relationships can flourish here. Those that are not supportive and reliable could, in fact, melt away or be frozen out. If you are responsible with your finances then your reserves may grow due this transit. If you are wasteful, neglectful or take your resources for will be shown why you should get a grip on those issues within this venture of Venus through Capricorn.
At the same time, we are looking at reward and appreciation coming to those who are mature and model strong examples of true leadership. True. Leadership. I'm not talking about everyone in a leadership position. Because, to be frank, some folks in leadership positions have NONE of the qualities I'm talking about. Leadership is not about using your power to better yourself. Leadership is about holding yourself to a certain set of standards and values, conducting yourself under an air of accountability for the betterment of all not just the betterment of you, acting with integrity and then modeling those responsible qualities for others. Pluto in Capricorn continues to show us the darkness of Capricorn and leadership while Jupiter in Scorpio will continue to expose those that use their powers for abusive efforts or malefic means. But, what Venus is going to do here, is shower those who do display these responsible qualities with a little sugar. She is going to show you what you are doing right. She will also show you what you need to handle more effectively as she withholds her blessings. It's just the latter of those lessons has a tendency to strike a hollow and remorseful tone when they occur.
My grandson and his pet goat. He is farmer rising er I mean Virgo with Saturn conjunct his AC

Basically, with Venus in Capricorn, pleasure is not something that is just handed to you. It's something you have to make for yourself. You earn the money. You plan for the pleasure. You become a source of self-made bliss and internally fostered love and appreciation. You can't rely on the outside world to deliver it. It's on you to be the carpenter of such.
With that, there is an admiration of the traditional. Custom. The antique. Things that last and endure the test of time instead of the next flashy gadget that may or may not make it through the next year. In 2017, we discussed a lot of our history, in general. Things were pulled like thorns from our collective psyche to remind us of all the horrible things that occurred in our past. 

But, there are also good things we can look back on and appreciate too. That's what Venus wants to remind us of. While we are searching our history and trying to absolve some of the atrocities that occurred in it, there is nothing wrong with going back and picking up a worthy stitch or two and bringing some of the good things from back then forward with us. Rekindling a lost art or bringing forth the things from our history that we can still enjoy. It's ok to remember the good in tradition and custom. By that, I mean things like remembering skills we no longer use in our technology driven world. Sewing. Cooking. Building things by hand and taking the time to produce quality over quantity.
Knowing how to manage money and learning how to be resourceful with the same are also key. That makes Venus' transit through Capricorn a good time to stop and consider your long term financial goals...or at least maybe think about setting some. Look to places where you can shore up financial leaks and par down on unnecessary expenditures. Set goal for yourself in that regard whether it is just sheering $10 or so off your utility budget or taking up an initiative to recycle instead of fill up a dump. Most importantly, only invest money and heart resource in things that are secure, will last the test of time and that are quality...worthy of your investment. I'm not talking about being cheap here. I'm talking about investing your resources responsibly and with the interest of longevity in that buying a new couch or starting a new relationship.

There may be some buyer's remorse that comes unexpectedly as a gift on this Christmas Day. We may look back wistfully at Christmas past and miss some things that we experienced there. This day may not be a huge spectacular production. And, all that is ok. The point is, you can take things from the past that were enjoyable and recycle them so that they can be modernized and enjoyed yet again today. You can learn to be more financially independent and resourceful. You can learn from relationship's past and apply that knowledge and wisdom to your future endeavors. You can build better boundary around both your heart and financial resources. That's what Venus in Cap will call you to do or reward you for doing already. All you really have to do is start from wherever you are.
The Moon clicks over into Aries at 7:29 PM. Things liven up about then for better or worse. Her first aspect is a square to Saturn in Capricorn, though. So, it would appear that it is a pretty “sober” night overall..perhaps complete with grouchiness and intolerance of childish behavior. The highest call of this says “your body (Aries) is your responsibility (Saturn).” So, if you feel like a grumpy old goat tonight, maybe give yourself the gift of some self care. Go to bed early. Do something nice for your body like a long soaking bath or a massage. If you are surrounded by grumpy goats, maybe build better emotional boundaries so that their grumpy affect doesn't rub off. Otherwise, it's not a big joyful day but more of a one where we are given a gut check about several things. Be easy with yourself through that and again be mindful of the call to duty in regard to self-care. At 9:31 PM, the Moon squares off with Venus. Find a simple pleasure. A little deserve it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

This morning our First Quarter Moon comes in and says, “Hey, you know all those things you let slide because there were holidays coming? Well you better get your ass busy doing them today.” LOL. The First Quarter begins her “push” of pressure pitting the sign of Capricorn and Aries at odds again at 4:21 AM. What First Quarters essentially do is put challenges in front of us in regard to any intentions we may have set at the New Moon. Blocks emerge. We feel pressure to perform. And the answer to all that is 1) decide if your goal is still worthy effort 2) if it is, take ONE DELIBERATE STEP in that direction...yes, even small ones count! And 3) if your goal is not still something you want to do you can change it, declare a new one or adjust your plans accordingly. If it is worthy, then you want to focus on what blocks and challenges emerge now and work on your plan in regard to how to overcome them. ONE BIG STEP...that's all you need to alleviate the pressure.

The rest of the day moves under the pressure of the First quarter. However, at 9:27 PM we are at high chance of meeting with the information we needed in an effort to move forward. The Moon trines Mercury in Sagittarius who is now blessedly direct even if still in Rx shadow. Information comes together and pieces of the puzzle that have been missing plunk into place helping the picture become more clear.
Mercury to the Moon in Fire signs is much less cumbersome that what we may feel from our First Quarter. It offers us a chance to reach out and broaden our existing knowledge. Meaning, if you have a problem you can't solve on your own, this is a good aspect to use to for further study or asking someone questions who may have answers in the area of your need. Maybe even just praying about it. Either way, the door opens to lively, active and upbeat discussion tonight. It's kind of late in the day for that and in turn, the brain may be a little too actively inclined for rest. You can use that, though. Aries Moon's do sleep but that's not necessarily their favorite thing. Our stellium in Capricorn is fine with working after's also fine with working your fair share and taking the evening for something fun. Moon trine Mercury support those efforts too. See, Cappy isn't all stoic goat. These folks work hard but often play harder...which is why they work so much to start with sometimes. So, while Capricorn may call us to accountability, it also leaves room for adult fun too. So, don't forget about that!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Today doesn't look all that settled to me. As a matter of fact, it looks pretty frustrating..potentially. And here's why. Early this morning the Moon squared off with Pluto in Capricorn. This likely deepened our yearning toward moving forward in some way. Which would be fine if we weren't trying to run on water.

The ruler of our Aries Moon, Mars who currently resides in Scorpio, is waxing in trine to Neptune. Which is IMPORTANT! Why? Because that means he is not going to act the way we typically expect him to. As a matter of fact, we may feel like we need to move forward and attempt action toward that end in our traditional Mars way only to have energy feel elusive, have effort diffused or in the physical body we may feel something equivalent to an energetic washout. Illness and fatigue may take over our productive efforts. Or, our traditional ways of producing and moving forward simply fall flat.
With Mars in water sign and in trine to Neptune, the best way to make progress is to follow flow. What that means is follow what you feel. If you feel energetic, then embark. If you don't, then you need to resort to restorative efforts. The body is collecting tons of intuitive cues so really what we need to do is listen to what our bodies are telling us above and beyond what our ego might be telling us we have to do.

We may need to embark upon less aggressive modes of approach in this day. Aries Moon wants to engage and head butt anything in it's path out of its way...but that's not going to cut it today. Flow instead of push. Follow instead of attempting to drag. And, I mean to follow your own energetic cues in that regard.
The point of frustration peaks as the Moon meets Uranus by conjunction at 3:58. Listen, lol...Moon/Uranus doesn't like water so much. And, frustration is going to come from putting forth effort all day and still feeling as if you are running in quicksand. That's because we need to increase our emotional expertise and broaden/sharpen our current abilities so that they can accommodate both traditional Mars and Mars behaving in a more feminine manner. There is room for both and each skillset has its place. Moon/Uranus can cause us to get frustrated with the whole ordeal and prompt us to blow everything up in an effort to relieve some of the pressure we feel. The better thing to do, though, is to take a step back and observe., that isn't easy to do. Low expressions take the path of least resistance and are much easier. So, before you embark on an “I'll show you” venture..know that it is the easy low expression way out and you certainly aren't doing yourself any favors. Ground the anxiety and adrenaline response out and instead look at the ways you typically engage. Then, look to the things that may have built those responses and decide if there might be a more ingenious way to go about it. Like...asking for help. Using new technology. Seeking expert advice. Rising up and out of the watery sphere and letting things take their course instead of feeling like you have to control and be able to predict every little outcome (because, that's your ego talking there). The point is to progress. That doesn't mean all your old ways of doing so are always going to work. It's time to increase our skillset in that area and in this instance it's more about learning to go with the flow and learning to trust the natural progression of things than charging in like we are going off to war. But, if you are one of those stubborn headbutting Rams, it might take you a few concussions to figure out that's not going to cut it under this sky.
Spare yourself. Ok? Flow into this day instead of trying to tackle it by force. We are going to hit with more sturdy traction under our Taurus Moon tomorrow as this Mars/Neptune begins to wane.
Following the conjunction with Uranus at 3:58 PM, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus tomorrow at 1:24 AM. Mars perfects in his trine to Neptune at midnight tonight. Perfect for deeply restorative sleep. Take advantage of that.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Ok, the Moon is little less hot headed but no less stubborn as she has sauntered into Taurus this morning. The Mars/Neptune trine has crested and now wanes. At 3:04 AM our Taurus Moon makes a nice grounded traction producing trine with Saturn in Capricorn. By 8:30, she is trine with her ruler, Venus in Capricorn, which adds even more traction in our day ahead. Then, she moves on to trine our sturdy and productive Sun in Capricorn. See? Even though Mars may still be a little hung over, we've got very solid ground under our feet today. We might not make HUGE steps but we can plod our way to our goal making sure every task we undertake is done with quality instead of so focused on speed.
By nightfall, we are ready to relax as the Moon sextiles Neptune at 9:36. This is followed by a lunar opposition to Mars at 10:31 PM. The answer to your ambiguity is to indulge sensibly in a guilty pleasure. It's alright, have a piece of that left over holiday candy. No one is looking. Enjoy a little pleasure...maybe a sensual massage or invite the brown chicken over to play with your brown cow (ha! Wink wink).

Either way, the morning is perfect for grabbing a little traction. Then, when the night falls it's time for some adult play time however that looks to you.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Here we go, sliding into Friday and another holiday weekend. This morning the Moon is in celebratory mood early but focused on finishing things up so she can truly enjoy it. At 5:23 AM the Moon is in opposition to Jupiter. We are encouraged to keep things in proper perspective. However, this can also be pretty uplifting. You will likely need (and crave) a strong sturdy breakfast. Bellies will rumble as we embark upon this day. Don't deny yourself...good grief...please don't do that to our pretty Taurus Moon.
By 9 AM, the emotional body is focused under a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. With a belly full of solid fuel, we can really dig in our heels and get some things brought to completion here. The Moon does go Void here. Which tells me it's not a great day to start anything new. But it is super for finishing touches, wrap up/clean up work and existing projects to a “stick a fork in it, done” stage of completion.
The Moon remains Void until clicking over into Gemini at 3:32 AM tomorrow. LOL, I can hear my Gemini Moon friends rejoicing at their first lunar return coming in without Saturn in Sagittarius. Enjoy, my little butterflies!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Today we wake up under a little lighter emotional affect. Now, the Moon does wax toward a square with Neptune. But, that doesn't perfect until 10:36 PM Est. Much of the day is wide open for lightness and flourishes when you allow yourself to follow your own curiosities, be social and feed yourself with interesting communication and information.

In our early hours and into our evening, the Moon makes a slew of inconjuncts to everything that is Capricorn. So you will feel lighter if you managed to accomplish some of what you felt responsible for in the earlier part of this week. We are flitty butterflies...but we aren't exactly encouraged to be butterflies that emerge from our cocoons only to fly into traffic and end up being smooshed on someone's windshield. Have fun but don't be so distracted that you aren't paying attention to where it is you are flying. Be the responsible friend. Seek out trusted contacts. Have a light heart but remain responsible for your actions and choices.

As the Moon does creep in square to Neptune, we may be tempted to reach toward a nightcap or turn in early tonight. All fine. Just responsibly partake while knowing the Neptune square may give your poison a bit more punch than usual. There could also be emotionality that creeps up on us at the end of this day. Resort to rest and self-care if so. This aspect is pretty sweet for sleep. So, rest up!