Morning Star: Astrology for the week of December 18 to December 23, 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

This morning we wake up to a call from duty as the New Moon officially finds Saturn by conjunction at 8:10 AM Est. Sunday was well spent readying things for the week. Monday would like for us to have a plan. We feel better if we do. The Moon is Void briefly until entering Capricorn at 8:34 AM. The Saturn feel of the morning continues into the day. So, be a good goat and get to it. Take care of business. One step. One level. One chore. Initiate. Build. Step one of where you are going starts from where you are.

Also, in terms of goatly ambitions, tonight the Moon finds Mars in Scorpio by sextile. Got a lot to do? There is energy here that is well used toward burning the midnight oil. You could get quite a bit accomplished and have energy to sustain you through the nighttime hours. If you don't need to use it toward that, then this can take sexier and more indulgent tone. As in deeply restorative efforts that may be needed following a recent illness or injury or general periods of busyness. Overall, it is not forceful since it is a sextile. But, it can definitely be used if for nothing more than grasping full physical benefit from getting a solid night's sleep or toward health regeneration.
Tuesday morning is geared for lingering in bed a little longer than usual as the Moon sextiles Neptune. So, leave room for slowness, delay, fog, weather and the like knowing that “getting on the go” may take a little longer than usual in the morning. Or, earmark to sleep in (after all the work you accomplished overnight), if you can.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

If you work the 9-5 or early to whatever, leave room for this morning's movements to come slower than typical. Otherwise, we wake up kinda floaty and groggy and fall into the “mechanics” of our typical daily routine as if on “autopilot.” After lunch we start to brighten up as the Moon nears Jupiter by sextile and grows more near her nighttime conjunction with Pluto.

Now. This can be used toward productive efforts into our afternoon hours. In the emotional sphere, however, it could also translate to blowing something out of proportion and then falling into full fixation by the time night falls. The better use would have us studying the language of our intuition and learning more about our own emotional depths while looking for ways to employ all this energy consciously and deliberately instead of allowing it to rule us. We can face down fears here. Take our first steps toward learning to withstand the temptation to backslide after stopping a malefic habit or tendency. It can be used to deeply introspect in regard to our own psychology and restore/heal in those areas. This is great energy toward any initiative that deals with psychological or mental health issues. It can be used to deepen existing emotional connections and help further build bonds of trust. The middle between the extremes here is vast. But, the focus and use of it is still at your option.
The Moon does find Pluto by conjunction, officially at 9:54 PM. Wherever you were during Moon/Jupiter deepens and grows...becomes more intense and focused. More consuming. Shortly following this, however, something magical happens.

At 11:50 PM EST, Saturn comes home to Capricorn. Daddy comes home just as Momma (Moon) has jumped into bed with “temptation” (Pluto). Ha! But, yeah. It might be a lot like that. I've waffled back and forth in regard to my excitement/fear of Saturn in Capricorn. I do feel his activities here are going to set skewed things straight. Either way. Plus, this kicks off quite a big new era. Once Saturn crosses 2 degrees Capricorn in January, he will be in his retrograde shadow. He will turn Rx in 2018 at 9 Capricorn. But, he is done with the sign of Sagittarius for quite some time. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ah, our first full day with Saturn in Capricorn with only a blip of the Moon left there this morning. She passes by Chiron by sextile and Uranus by square around 10 AM. A chance to grow awareness of our triggers and employ new coping techniques presents. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 9:30 PM.
Meanwhile, Venus is a busy creature while the Moon is Void. At 2:10 PM she repeats previous lunar aspects. A square to Chiron in Pisces. A few hours later she is trine Uranus. This gives us an opportunity to be observant of our philosophy of Venus...our theories on relationships, money, matters of finance, generosity, worth, value...all that. The Moon is Void. So emotional reaction during our observances will be lowered. Then, as we carry this data into the Aquarius Moon..well, it's ripe for study and experiment. The problem is how this stuff is stirred up into our awareness comes by way of Chiron. It hurts. It's a trigger. And, something happens around all that to bring our attention to it. In response, Venus in aspect to Uranus can quickly detach from it and observe how all these Venus philosophies may be affected by the “trigger” or “hurt” or what have you. This could also equate to one of those moments in which we decide/declare...enough is enough! I've withstood this for too long! I'm going to do something about it! Ahhh....get er done, man. WELCOME TO THE SEASON OF THE GOAT! What a perfect conclusion to come to just before we officially meet with the ingress and the solstice. The time to "do something" about it draws nigh quickly.

For example. I realized the my idea of success, in some ways, excluded being happy. As in, in order to be successful that meant you could not also have happiness and enjoyment. I caught myself running that script on autopilot in my head. Now. I do not truly believe that but it got planted in there somewhere and was affecting how I thought (my philosophy) on matters of Venus. This could be as simple as being confronted with a bias in regard to someone's appearance or financial standing. Almost a knee jerk kinda response. Then, observing your response, figuring out/bringing understanding to how and why that response is there and adapting your philosophy accordingly. At the end of it, with the observations, what we essentially can end up doing is increasing our expertise in the area of finances, access to joy and abundance and insight into our relationships as well as how they are built.
All that being said, Venus in aspect to Uranus especially in fire signs loves to try new things. She loves her freedom, travel and independence. Suffocating relationships or strapping financial systems will not hold her for long. She cannot bear to be encumbered because she feels there is way too much life to be had out there. 

The heart is wild and fierce here. It WANTS to live and experience tasting every flavor of life. She has very unique, vibrant and individualized tastes. She may also wee bit resistant to things like commitment but really enjoys sci-fi, sports, science, technology, light and active relationships and adventure. She is the fun, quirky and potentially eccentric friend who can be (if the rest of the chart is set up so) quite a lot of fun to be around. I encourage you to use this energy in that manner. Have some fun. Gather around some friends. Let the deep stuff go for the evening and keep things light and entertaining. There's plenty of chance to do “adult” in our tomorrow. Let your hair be free and wild tonight. Be active, try something new or lean into your definition of wonderful.

Thursday, January 21, 2017

Aaand, today is the day for grown ups. Don't be wearing your bib to the big people table, k? Cause you'll get cut zero slack for overboard emotionality and immaturity today, my friend. Grow it up and dry it up. Come ready to get down to business and today. Go on. Go be the boss of your life.  

We begin the day with the Moon in Aquarius. Then, just after noon, the Sun enters Capricorn. An hour later, the Moon is arguing with Mars in Scorpio. Motivations are skewed and ambiguity is upon us. The way to ease this tension is fairly easy. Sun in Capricorn. Saturn in Capricorn. Moon answering to traditional Saturn rule. In the case of ambiguity just do the right damn thing. The responsible thing. The accountable thing. The reasonable and adult thing. Mars may want vengeance or to employ overkill. But, nope, not really a great day for that. Maybe just do the grown up thing and spend less time in jail.
Consequences do come swift in this day as the Sun meets Saturn in Capricorn at 4 PM. There is pressure here and the dark sullen sounds of consequence. Bear the accountability where it may fall. Refrain from judging others who may get hammered under Saturn's don't need that kind of karma. Keep your eyes in your lane and take care of your business. Handle it...whatever “it” is to you.

Authority will be stern in this day. And, again, high messy emotions and immature behavior will not be tolerated. However, it is a great time to model how you might think everyone should be acting while you are redirecting your own internal judgments. Don't worry about what they do. Worry about how you go about doing what you are doing.
Today, is just that. All business. All day.

Friday, December 22, 2017

This morning our Aquarius Moon is square Jupiter in Scorpio early. Ensure you are keeping things in proper perspective and attempt to steer toward a future minded perspective with a twinge of optimism. Otherwise, the day is fairly quiet save the turn around of Mercury at about 9 PM.

Today is one of those days where Mercury related things can go haywire due to Mercury's station. After however, things begin to return to normal in terms of Mercury. Know there could be communication blips, travel issues, weather patient with these things. We are almost through.
After the Mercury station, our Aquarius Moon sextiles her ruler, Uranus in Aries (11:02 PM) then Venus (5:13 AM) before reaching Void status. She enters Pisces at 9:42 AM on Saturday.
It's not a day that I would recommend for over-thinking. However with our Jupiter/Moon square we could have that issue. Problem with that is the mix had a tendency to over-complicate matters and miss the simple solution. Plus, as Mercury stops and turns around, the mental body could be subpar. Or there could be future steps we still need to fully figure out. By nightfall, though, the Moon to Uranus could spark an “aha” moment and the plan forward is free to unfurl from there as we move on into the weekend. This is not great for sleep. But, it is good inspiration and insight.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Moon is Void in our early hours, passing into Pisces at 9:42 AM. Her first aspect is a strong and stabilizing sextile to both the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn that extends from 10:30 to about 2 PM. This is traction and manifestation power. This mixture is creative clay which we can use to sculpt the beginning of our dreams and creative visions.

Pisces is the dreamer. Often when the Moon is here folks feel..well, you can have the tendency to feel everything, really. Empathy compounds. We become more sensitive. And emotions can overrun us. However, with Saturn and the Sun's energy coming from Capricorn, we are given boundary, traction and can even dream up a workable plan. This creates a channel for the high emotional energy of Capricorn that you can use to direct the flow toward a goal. Great starts or progress toward a goal are highly possible within this day. Or, you may at least be able to dream up a starting point. Either way, Saturn to the Pisces Moon by sextile is much less pressured and much more supportive than the squares we experienced from Saturn in Sagittarius. I think our Pisces Moon natives, especially, will like the difference. But, for the world today, it's accessible for all.