Morning Star: Astrology for the week of December 10 to 15, 2017

Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's a busy day out there for the planets, folks. It began stirring yesterday as Mercury waxed strongly into his second trine with Uranus as Venus waxed in square to Neptune. These both perfect early this morning. Mercury to Uranus blossomed at 4:29 AM EST shortly following our perfection of the Last Quarter Moon. Venus in square to Neptune perfected at 8:48 AM.
Mercury will go on to square Chiron in our afternoon just as the Mercury ruled Moon in Virgo finds him by square. This lights up a mutable t-square between Mercury Rx, Chiron and the Moon that may draw up some painful memories of the past, exacerbate illnesses or just leave us feeling a bit hollow today.

Mercury to Uranus likely gave inspiration or a brief feeling of clarity. But, Venus to Neptune fogged the glass up again. Then, this mutable t-square with the Moon in hypercritical Virgo could, in fact, have us aiming the critical edge of the knife toward ourselves.
Which, my friends, is likely unnecessary. The highest function of Virgo calls to us to heal and to serve. In these quiet personal spaces in which memories may come forth, our efforts should be geared toward release, absolution and self-healing while learning from what these memories may have to teach us.
During this time, it may help to toil in mindless chores. To keep the hands busy in matters of simple production as the brain assesses all that is being excavated. Cleaning is a physical way to also help purge in the emotional realm. As we release these “thorns” from our heart, we can create new space for fresh and new experiences. Or we can avoid them and allow them to fester. If we open to the release and self-healing efforts, however, then the physical act of cleaning space manifests the same kind of feel within our waking/walking world. Could be as simple as organizing a sock drawer. Taking time to smudge and energetically clear your physical space. Or just merely doing daily mundane daily chores is a chance to bring to life the dynamic of “as above, so below and as within, so without.” Feel free to get creative with it and lean into what feels good to you.

At 10:03 PM, the Moon squares Saturn as she is renders Void. So, if you can look back on your day and feel even the smallest amount of accomplishment it is going to ease the pressure of that square. Plus, you will have just illustrated use of an effective and supportive coping mechanism. I said, recently, that some days my idea of success is getting to sleep in my bed instead of in an some kind of institution. So, you know, you can kind of set your bar on “accomplishment” the same way.
Other ways to use this energy in a supportive and self healing manner include volunteering for charity functions, dismissing yourself to spiritual work be that going to church, meditating or taking a few moments for home worship at your personal altars. Doing something random and small that illustrates an act of pure kindness for no reason at all. The feelings rebound with this stuff. So, if you feel like it, reach out and nab the chance at a double boost in that giving of your talents, self or service boosts the recipient and makes you feel better too. This doesn't mean over-extending yourself. Tend to your needs first and go from there. Most of all, cut yourself some slack because it would be way too easy to be too rough on yourself today.
The Moon remains Void until entering Libra at midnight.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Well, we've got some highs and lows today. But, it's less like surfing and more like how a bird takes advantage of thermals using them to lift them up while using less of their own physical effort. Sorry, but that makes me laugh because it also sounds VERY Libra, to me. However, this energy does stretch over into Tuesday. So, it might be a good “metaphor” to look at.

Mostly the Moon merely lingers in Libra today. There is a brief blip of an inconjunct to Neptune at 9:41 PM. Then, she meets her ruler (Venus in Sagittarius) by sextile at 1:43 AM (overnight) giving her first inkling of a warm draft through which she can achieve some levity or buoyancy.
This could manifest through dreams or just a nice comfortable night's sleep. Keep an eye out today for those uplifting metaphorical “thermals” and get more well practiced in taking advantage of them. Again, it's a good day to reach out with random acts of kindness or gifts of charity in an effort to create your own thermal. It's also a good day to just generally seek out what tickles your Venus. What brings you joy and sharing lightly with others.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Today, the day begins a darkly and semi-ominous as the Moon squares Pluto at 10:10 AM. Remember your practice with thermals yesterday and resist the urge to entertain demons longer than you need to. Know this is a time in which some may be looking to use niceties as underhanded persuasion or in an effort of manipulative control. Yet, Pluto in Capricorn also gives us a sixth sense toward such and the ability to boundary ourselves against it.

The natural thermals in this day come as the Moon sextiles the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius just prior to their official conjunction. Laughter, singing making an uplifting sound through use of your voice or through full artistic illustration of more welcomed holiday memories and seekings of personal joy bring us to a high point here with the lift waxing in strongly from about 3:30 on. With the highest expression being allowing yourself to be lifted and reaching out to share that in some way.
Mercury Rx officially meets the Sun by conjunction at 8:49 PM. He will deliver unto the ego system all that has been reviewed thus far. Know that the complete picture is not finished yet in regard to what we need to fully know and understand. However, with this conjunction, it does begin to become more clear. The conjunction occurs at 21 Sag 14. So, let's have a look at where it is Mercury is headed. Sabian for 21 Sagittarius reads: Child and dog play gravely with eyeglasses on their noses. Usefulness of make-believe. Rising to situations through the imagination. Assuming a part ahead of natural development.

So, there's this phenomenally Libra thing called, “Fake it til you make it.” And, sometimes I get some snide looks coming back at me when I mention it. Fake? Nobody wants THAT these days. We need authenticity. Yeah. Ok. I get that. But, I'm not talking about the news we all gobble up like it is some kind of candy or something. I'm talking about the impact of your own attitude and how you can change that if you don't want to feel what you are feeling. See, Libra does wear a mask. Sometimes this is donned due public expectation. Sometimes we put it on because, frankly, it's none of anyone's business how we feel. So, we can be prone to smile on the outside when we are crumbling on the inside in an effort to “hide” that from public view. But. There is a different way to go about it too. And, that requires a shift in your perspective. To stop looking at what is going wrong and start looking at what is right, what is stable, where you are blessed. In the meantime, start looking forward with positive and hopeful eyes while releasing your attachment to the fear that says “don't do that! Because as soon as you start being optimistic you are going to be disappointed!” Screw that fear. What if we defy that and instead of letting outside circumstances and situations set our mood, take over the reins ourselves. I may not feel like smiling at you. But, if I do and you smile back, that helps me. That is faking it til you make it and that is what the child and dog are doing. Playing pretend in their future world. So, what is wrong with playing pretend that everything goes ok instead of wasting our energy dreading (and possibly having a hand in manifesting all that negative to boot) all that we know could go wrong. If those efforts fail or are destined to fail, so be it. What we've done is changed the attitude of our waiting time and will truly be able to say that we've put forth our best efforts. Truth is though this is how we manifest our reality. So, just by faking it for a bit we could in fact fool ourselves right into feeling better and manifesting more positive outcomes in our future. Now. I don't believe in sugar coating a damn thing. However, as hard as it was for me to believe that this could be true (that what we allow ourselves to think does influence how we feel and the circumstances we encounter in our futures plus how we meet those circumstances), I've tried it. I have been surprised by the results. Overwhelmed at times actually. So, yeah as the Sabian portends, take a little creative optimistic spin and imagine what good things may be coming instead of allowing the doom of dread and worry to run your life. Sounds too easy. Feels at first like you are lying to yourself. But, I promise it does get easier especially when you start getting those positive results. Just know you have to be diligent, self-patient and gentle in the turn around. With Mercury retrograde, there is no better place to attempt it. This is wholly between you and your brain, babes. Be it's master or let it's run-amokness be the master of you. There is a choice to be made there.

The Moon goes on to oppose Uranus at 10:50 PM which (depending on how you steered your brain early in the day) could equate to either a break down or break through moment. Either way it is congealed and sealed in the early morning hours of our tomorrow as the Moon meets Saturn by sextile at 7:28 AM and is rendered Void. She remains Void until entering the depths of Scorpio at 9 AM on Wednesday. And, here's the funny thing about that. See how this week keeps building? Take time on Sunday to heal yourself and that makes a difference in how Monday will play out. Take time/effort to steer the brain appropriately and that is surely going to affect how we end up feeling the Scorpio Moon. I mean, it's not a far stretch to imagine someone who may live in a state of self-created drama. Why, then, would be it be that far of a reach to believe that we can also live in a state of self-created bliss or joy or hopefulness.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This morning the Moon is in Scorpio basically floating until her first major aspect. This is a conjunction with Mars in Scorpio at 2:24 PM. I think you will notice that Mars in Scorpio is quite a bit different than Mars in Libra, if don't know the difference in feel already. When the Moon meets Mars in this sign, wherever we are, we are going to go deeper. So, the “building” upon this week continues making our earlier efforts all the more worthy. We could plunge the depths of the “Hell” of the situation or we could seep this self-created choice into our very bones. Either way, it's deep and enduring.

At it lowest, this is seething and abusive anger potentially colored with resentment, pain, bitterness and disdain. On the high end, it sturdy resilient steel. Basically. High gets higher. Low gets lower. Seething grows hotter. Yearning grows stronger. Resolve becomes more resilient. We are inclined to physically respond and engage with the world depending on our mood. Makes sense, right?
A card I like to reference under this kind of energy is the Chariot. A charioteer takes opposing forces and steers them with sheer focus and employment of all her own faculties toward a common goal. This is employment of both Moon (emotion, intuitions, creativity)and Mars (passion, desire, anger, action) toward a purpose of our choice.

There is also a visceral awareness here. Much like an animal has the ability to literally “feel” what is going on in its environment, Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio has this talent, too. Matter of fact, most water Moons or Mars have this ability. But, in Scorpio, these instinctual cues are fostered due an effort or desire to survive and used in various ways. The main thing to remember is to listen the cues you may get for no reason today. If something doesn't “feel” right and you can't explain why, the “feel” is probably spot on. Learn to read and trust that language (wonderful undertaking with Jupiter in Scorpio). This also tells me that body language will speak much louder than words. Ensure you pay proper heed to that.

This would be a good day to aim toward productive efforts. Especially those that you might have dreaded or that which calls for endurance. We can channel this Chariot like energy into any project we declare worthy. This is very focused. Very enduring. A lot could be accomplished under that type of energy. This is also excellent energy, as the Moon is waning, for “snake-skin shedding” efforts. What I mean for that is purging emotional efforts. Severing forever our attachment to the “demons” of our history or to negative attachments of any kind (health threatening habits, abusive relationships, etc.) It's a good day to take the psychological garbage out or let the foul stench of it continue to stink up your life.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Scorpio Moon continues to shrink as she waxes into a trine with Neptune early this morning. Right before Noon EST, she finds Jupiter by conjunction. We wake up groggy, bleary. Perhaps there is fog, fatigue or just general “want to sleep-inedness.” There is also potential for emotional hangover here. Just plan to take the first few hours of the morning slow.

However, by the time the Moon finds Jupiter, we may feel a little more upbeat. Likely hungry. Feed yourself with fuel sustaining foods and satisfy your hunger. This is going to help us feel better and more energized following our washout with Neptune this morning.
Tonight, we begin to feel more restored as the Moon sextiles Pluto at 8:42 PM. Eat well. Rest when you need. Let go more than you cling to. Feed your Moon what it needs.

Friday December 15, 2017

,The Scorpio Moon persists with a trine to Chiron this morning. She is Void as Mercury Rx finds Venus by conjunction in Sagittarius at 9:09 AM. Yesterday, we fed our Moons. Today we are called to Venus our brains. Or Mercury our hearts.
Lol? What?
Mercury has been rewinding for awhile. He has gathered a lot of information and likely flipped our perspective a few times. Surely, a lot of us still have outstanding questions about various things. Perhaps we have remorse, holiday themed depression or have suffered some not so nice memories recently. As Venus in Sagittarius at it's highest is generous, warm, gentle and uplifting we can use her energy to ease our troubled minds (Mercury). It could be a simple as perhaps your car broke down during the retrograde. To Venus in Sagittarius that you could “splurge” on a new one or splurge on spending the money you need to fix it. Shower what was broken by Mercury's rewind with the gentle warm generosities of Venus in Sagittarius. The energy itself has the potential to play out like the scene in the Grinch. A lot of scenes, actually, whether it is the part where his heart grows three sizes or where the Who's come out to sing or where little Who just takes time to be nice to someone no one else is nice to. It echoes of the heart opening of the Scrooge. The end of the movie “It's a Wonderful Life” when every time a bell rings...
It's where our hearts learn the lesson it needs. Where your words of kindness might change something for the better more than you could have ever imagined. Where we have a chance to turn our hearts around.

This also places emphasis on the element of charm and simple day to day generosities. In a world of harsh words and criticisms, be rogue. Be nice. Compliment folks. Look for the good. Share. We all have our own worries and concerns. Being kind for kinds sake never hurt a soul. It could, however, help heal one.
The Moon is Void for most of the day allowing us to gently think things over. She reawakens in Sagittarius at 8 PM. Overnight, the Sun will square Chiron in Pisces. Another opportunity at release and healing in preparation for a new start emerges. The Sagittarius Moon wants to help us make a new start. We continue to flush out the remnants of the year until while seeking out that New Year, New Day, Hope is forthcoming energy that begins to build under our New Moon over the weekend. Keep releasing. Keep clearing the space clean.
In the morning, we wake spry as the Sun leaves Chiron and trines Uranus. The Moon will look back and perhaps shed a tear or two. She will also leave room for forgiveness, acceptance and help us deliver goodbyes, if we need to. But, we will be ready, overall, to move forward. New. Different. Refreshed. Less encumbered. Sun trine Uranus will lift us toward that as if we were luminaries. If we allow it.