Morning Star: Astrology for the week of Nov 19 to November 24, 2017

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Today the Moon waxes in Sagittarius. The energy coloring the day comes largely from the Moon in square to Neptune at about 1 PM EST and the lingering tension of the Mars to Pluto square that perfected this morning at 7:09 AM. What this tells me is there may a push to escape from the pressure of Mars/Pluto back into personal spheres and potentially end up wrestling with our own demons rather those found in the outside world.

Unfortunately, none of these energies fit well with our current Moon. In typical form, Sagittarius Moon wants levity and lightness of being. She loves and needs to laugh and have the freedom to broaden her horizons. She looks forward to holiday celebrations but today seems to throw a wet blanket upon all things celebratory on the horizon.
This is a good day for solitude, quiet and alone time. It's a nice day for rest and restorative efforts more so than being in the public forum or taxing oneself with efforts at production. Yet, the lingering Mars/Pluto square may call us to confrontations of ill used power within our relationships. We may feel over zealous or eager. Yet, the restorative and re-energizing energy of this square is also accessible. We delve deeply inward to assess not only our emotionality but also our motivations, drive and perhaps our hidden desires to be more widely accepted and powerful within the world. It's a quiet reflective but at sometimes seething and resentful mix especially if we are unable to see beyond our own perspective or allow ourselves to become overly sensitive.

With the Moon in square to Neptune, our boundaries are much more permeable to energies we surround ourselves with for better or worse. If you need to be in public or in a crowd, stand or sit next to the optimistic and use the strong intuitive powers of Moon/Neptune to keep a strong gauge on your surroundings in general.

Monday, November 20, 2017

This morning the Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct Mercury who is currently in his retrograde shadow. The story line that unfolds here likely has a few chapters. I would suggest refraining from drawing conclusion at this time which may be hard as what is received is resonates in the emotional body. It is, however, a good time to express your emotions verbally or in writing. Or even in song.

By 4:44 PM, the Moon is in a wispy trine with Uranus calling us to feed our expertise, sense of adventure, independence and try new things that can add additional nuance to the emotional sphere. This aspect is light and busy and best used toward being mobile rather than forcing oneself to sit still. It also loves to be surrounded by upbeat groups of friends in a social setting.
At 7:27 PM, we may be all socialized out, reminded of our responsibilities or perhaps our mood is just squashed by an authority figure or negative Nelly. Boundaries are strong and we are astutely sober. Being able to foster a sense of accomplishment within this day helps the harsh energy of Saturn lighten up a bit. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself and try not to take things too seriously.

Following this conjunction the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 2:14 AM.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Today we are ready to get down to business and increase our earning power as the Moon enters Capricorn just before Venus in Scorpio meets Pluto in Capricorn by sextile. This can take a greedy and envious turn having us focused more upon amassing material wealth (or even debt if we are not careful) in an effort to gain prestige and enhance our worldly position. Yet, the highest expression of Capricorn knows that money does not equate to success. It is self-mastery and the ability to set a positive example for others to follow that are the gifts of the sign.

The mood is mature, sober and focused. With a sense of integrity and a willingness to roll ones sleeves up and carve out ones future by the fruits of our own labors, we can really create reward within this day.
Always. Always with Pluto in aspect to Venus and during the presence of Venus in Scorpio on the whole, it is important to remember to only feed that which you want to grow. If you want your savings to grow, feed it. If you want insurmountable debt, feed it. If you want solid and intimately supportive relationships, feed them. If you want more paranoia, envy, jealousy, grudges and a resounding sense of vengeance...well, you can feed that too. Whatever you invest the resource of your heart or wallet into will likely reward you with dividend.
The Mood does lighten as well as have a tendency to take a saucy turn as darkness blankets the Northern Hemisphere as the Moon finds Jupiter in Scorpio by gentle sextile. Take good aim at your productive activities in the sunshine hours of this day and earmark the evening for relaxation and perhaps a physical indulgence or two.

As the Moon finds some sense of levity in aspect to Jupiter, the Sun does the same. At 10:05 PM, we shift from the Sun in Scorpio to the lighter and more boisterous sign of Sagittarius. This is followed by a very relaxing sextile from our Moon in Capricorn to Neptune who is stationed to turn direct before dawn. Things may feel sluggish for a bit as Neptune turns about. Tomorrow is a good day to sleep in and avoid larger crowds. Intimate, small and relaxed gatherings are favored.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

As mentioned yesterday, Neptune has staggered direct this morning as the Sun resides newly in Sagittarius with the Moon waxing in Capricorn. The first major aspect from the Moon darkens our doorstep at 2:00 PM. A conjunction with Pluto.
How this goes depends on how well you know your own psychology and how familiar you are with your inner demons. Both Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio, also bless our effort at endurance and survival as well as accentuate our abilities to peer into the deep abyss of the individual psyche. Otherwise, this conjunction can produce abuses of power, emotional manipulation efforts and general acts of subservient control.

At 5:41 PM, the Moon is enchanted and enthralled with Venus. Or terrified of the intimacy the placement craves seeing it a thwart to ones independence and ability to maintain. Then, ambiguity and uncertainty finds us as the Moon squares off with Mars less than an hour later. Balance out your expectations in relationships and lean more fully into what you feel you need to do rather than feel beholden to what others may expect of you. Know this can cause disagreements or friction between folks of the opposite sex.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

This morning we wake up early and perhaps with a sense of anxiety as the Moon in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries before the Sun comes up. Following this rattling aspect, however, the Moon is Void until she crosses into Aquarius at 3:14 PM. At that time, we want to be surrounded by light and amicable connection. Nothing too serious. Nothing too complex. Just gathering under a lightly detached, hopeful and amicable sense of being.

By nightfall, the Moon is dancing sweetly in sextile with our Sun in Sagittarius. This feels very buoyant and is greatly supportive of folks who come together in genuine friendship, tribe and connection in celebratory and, even spiritual, goals. It's very light and mobile giving us a chance to escape some of the heavier or swamping energies in the sky.

In the United States, it is Thanksgiving Day. Gatherings after the Moon clicks in to Aquarius are greatly favored. And, it may be important to include your “friendship” family just as openly as you welcome your relatives.

Friday, November 25, 2017

This morning the Moon in Aquarius waxes into square with Jupiter in Scorpio as Mercury in Sagittarius makes his first of three squares to Chiron. What we could have here is paranoia or wounding that connects into the deep roots of our past that cannot essentially put into verbal form...or just wouldn't dare to. The square from Moon to Jupiter makes me think of overspending online or perhaps just an anxious type of feel in regard to the incoming holidays. It is important to keep emotional matters in proper perspective as we inclined to veer to extremes. Don't forget there is a vast expanse of middle area too.

There is likely a chance at over-thinking today. It's like, you take the whole computer apart and rebuild the motherboard only to discover that all you need to do is reboot. Go for the simple answers first before you allow things to over complicate themselves. Know there may be issues around matters of Mercury as he is in square to Chiron. These include a potential at misconstrued communications or misunderstandings, delays or quirks in travel plans or with machinery and there is also a chance at illness or addiction to cloud our thinking. Be easy with yourself on this day. Steer away from over-complicating or over fixation on spending just to be liked or accepted. Allow room for downtime to help you assess the potential pains that may emerge from memory or self-doubt in general.

The rest of the night passes without major aspect. However, in the morning, Mercury waxes in to a busy and enlightened state of mind as he makes his first trine with Uranus at 5:56 AM. Ideas and inspirations whip freely about. Many areas will see frost or even snowflakes in the morning. Regardless of how it goes, write brilliant inspirations down as they often waft out of consciousness just as quickly as they come in. Soften the edges of your tongue and know that there is great clarity that can come from this when managed appropriately. It is also imperative to remember that, again, Mercury is in shadow. Story lines and conversations that bear relevance as he prepares to turn around will unfold more fully as we move through the entirety of the retrograde. Refrain from drawing until the entire puzzle comes together.

Saturday looks like quite an active day. However, due the action of Mercury, minds may be restless and find it hard to sleep tonight. In order to capture the exalted energy in our tomorrow, however, getting some rest is highly beneficial. Start early tonight cutting down on things that may cause over-stimulation such as caffeine, sugars and electronic usage to help offset some of the potential brain spin of Mercury/Uranus.