Morning Star: Astrology for November 5 to November 10, 2017

Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's a quiet morning for the most part. The Moon is active in Gemini while her ruler rests at the edge of Scorpio. In our early afternoon, Mercury jumps into the fires of Sagittarius. By mid-evening, the Moon is dancing with Mars in Libra.

Conversations are uplifting. Laughter and warm talk of festivities begin to fill the air. Mercury in Sagittarius has no clutch, most of the time. It's a very outspoken placement. But, what would you expect falling under Jupiter's rule? Jupiter the God of Excess, expansion, wisdom, joy, laughter...
As gregarious as Mercury can be in the sign of the archer, it does know how to laugh. And, loves to find reasons to do so. At themselves. At you. At life or even disaster. It does not matter.
What this evening's mixture offers us is a chance at levity. Whether you find that through laughter, celebrations, singing to your favorite song or raising your voice in prayer or worship. Make a joyful noise. Invite others to do the same. Grab and share this moment of lightness.

By midnight, our Gemini Moon is all tuckered out in square to Neptune. She snuggles in happy quiet letting herself forget all about the fact that tomorrow is Monday.

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Monday dread does dawn briefly this morning as our Gemini Moon creates a Yod with the Sun in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn at day break. However, this can also allow us to steer our curiosities toward assessing our tasks ahead and making a solid plan in which to deal with them.
The rest of the day actually goes by fairly quietly. The Moon plunks right along not meeting with major aspect again until a square with Chiron and opposition with Saturn following 9 PM EST. This is followed by a sextile to Uranus at 11 PM.

Last minute responsibilities could have us feeling a bit pinned. But, working through them while mustering a sense of accomplishment within the day itself helps to offset pressure from Saturn. The sextile with Uranus could very well be the second wind or the inspiration we receive following completion of the task. The set up reminds me of the times when my kids' science projects were due. You know how that goes. They've known for weeks when they had to have it finished. But, they are only telling you they need supplies the night before it is due. So, at midnight the whole family is making the universe out of Styrofoam balls or attempting to get volcanoes to grow at the kitchen table.
Might feel a bit manic. Doesn't mean it also can't be fun.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

This morning, the Moon in Gemini and Venus in Libra blow kisses to one another from the final degrees of their respective Air signs. Both, preparing to take a plunge. The Moon dives first into the seas of Cancer at 5:45 AM. Venus is a close second but she is headed for even deeper terrain in the underwater caverns of Scorpio at 6:39 AM.
Even though Mercury is boisterous in Sagittarius, today takes a more quiet turn than the previous week. Communication becomes more subtle. There is more nuance. Desires deepen.

We are inclined to listen to more of what is not said as the Moon trines Jupiter in Scorpio at 3:48 PM. We listen over and under words. Feeling our way through conversations. Fully aware of the entirety of our atmosphere. I do get the feeling there is more whispering than outward laughing within this day.
Ambiguity comes with nightfall as our Cancer Moon squares Mars in Libra. It blips by quickly, though as the Moon snuggles in with Neptune at midnight for a good night's rest.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

It's still very much a water world this morning as the Moon in Cancer swims amicably with the Sun in Scorpio. Quite a seductive and alluring mix, actually. That allurance deepens or swamps into shadow and murk as the Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn at 10 AM. Instincts, intuition and empathy are astute. Pay attention to the cues your body may give you or those that may come through as just a “feeling” for better or worse. Again listen to what is NOT said more than you give credence to lip service.

That being said, focus is nigh. Or, at worst, paranoia and emotional manipulative efforts. Choose a focus. Choose something to devote your energy to and sheer away anything that may distract you from that. This astute access to focus and follow-through camps out with us through day.
At midnight, the Moon's rest is rattled by a square to Uranus at midnight. We may have periods of restlessness when trying to initially get to sleep. Following this square, the Moon is Void until entering Leo tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

We are in the mood to be more outgoing this morning. But, underneath this day, Mars waxes into an inconjunct with Neptune which in some ways could zap our energy. Other than that, the day is comprised of a push pull between fire and water in general.

At Noon our bellies may growl as the Moon in Leo meets with harsh temptations from alluring Venus in Scorpio. Once that predatory feast is finished, she moves on to be more cat like and playful under a trine with Mercury in Sagittarius. The play takes a deep, seductive and saucier tone as the Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio shortly after.

So. It sounds to me like a real day of a cat. Hunt in the afternoon. Play in the evening. Do the bow chica mow wow at night. Eat well. Laugh well. Love well. Have a light mixture of each all at your own speed.
Friday, November 10, 2017

The main event of today is the final flush of the Last Quarter Moon in our early evening. This allows us to clean up personal business and explore our private affairs in final clearance efforts. The Moon begins to strongly release here.
Even more interestingly, as the entirety of this day leaves room for these efforts, overnight the Moon dances right in the middle of the fire trine created with the final Saturn trine Uranus perfection. This occurs just before dawn.
What it allows us to do is empty a whole lot of space be that in our emotional bodies, our physical sphere our work desk...wherever. Then, as this Fire Trine dawns we can look back upon all the experience and wisdom we gleaned from recent times and prepare to incorporate it into this fresh new space with purpose and on purpose.

This is a very inspiring trine. Allowing us to modernize and update systems. Innovate existing structures. Build our own opportunities. And, most and best of all, feel free and inspired toward stepping out into the world as the most mature authentic and well sharpened versions of ourselves.
Clear your space. Be inspired toward the new. Let go of who you've been told you are. Dare to be who you know you are.
Then, get ready to employ that in a chop wood, carry water kinda way under our demure and task oriented Virgo Moon that finds us tomorrow at midday. Greatly empowering. But, not without goal and glorified when in service.