Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 29 to November 3, 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The day is pretty solid, yet breezy. The Aquarius Moon aspects Saturn and Uranus from morning to early afternoon. This provides stability, purpose, a sense of calm and a willingness to look at old problems and assess the potential of new and inventive solution.
I love Saturn trine Uranus. An aspect that will perfect once again November 11. Modernizing Saturn and giving purpose and cause to our rebellious and inventive nature is how it operates best. Today, the Moon gives personal nuance to that. Allowing us to directly access this power for ourselves. I have it everyday in my natal chart. I love creating new traditions. I've never walked into a workplace without wondering what I can streamline, modernize or improve. It seems as if it would be an eternal matter of flux when the God of standards, norms, contraction, consistency and tradition meets with the lord of change. However, Uranus knows there is always room for improvement. Saturn stabilizes him with a goal toward which he can aim his ingenuity while also enriches him with experience and maturity.

Following the sextile with Uranus at 12:22 PM EDT, the Moon is Void until diving into Pisces tonight at 7:47 PM. If you have weekend chores, a problem to solve or merely something new you'd like to learn about, today is good. It could be quite productive in the earlier parts of our day. Then, tonight, we are given license to relax under the Pisces Moon in an effort to prep for the watery Monday we have ahead.
One way we can better understand the effect of Saturn trine Uranus is to look at both PaulSimon (who originally penned “The Sound of Silence” featured in tomorrows write up) and David Draiman (who rearranged and re-recorded “The Sound of Silence” in 2015). Simon is a Libra with Moon in Cancer trine Mercury in Scorpio. The song itself is very much a depiction of that water trine. However, Draiman is a triple Pisces (Sun, Venus, Mercury) with the same Moon in Cancer as Simon. Yet, Draiman was also born while Uranus in Libra was trine Saturn in Gemini (basically the reverse of what we have in the sky now). That Uranus/Saturn trine falls right on Simon's Sun. So, Draiman with artistic nuance took something that had already been made, established and part of the voice of a previous generation and made it new, modern and still, currently applicable. That's how the aspect works and what it strives to do.

Monday, October 30, 2017

There is SO much water within this day! We begin with the Moon in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio at 3:54 AM. By 9:34 AM, the Moon is trine the Sun in Scorpio and conjunct Neptune by 5:32 PM.
I'm wondering if we will even feel physically present in this day. It's very drifty and the air is filled with the things no one wants to talk about as minds churn in an attempt to put the pieces of all that together.

I expect most of the day will be quiet and perhaps inwardly speculative. Pisces nor Scorpio are known for their volume. Yet, both of them have this non-verbal way of both communicating and taking information in that sets a certain type of undertone.
On the best end, this is a highly creative and deeply intuitive day. It's excellent for ceremonies that honor the non-living and perhaps also leave room for mourning and contemplation. It's stellar for deep introspection and really getting in touch with your personal softer bodies.
But, productive? Not so much. Folks will not really be so prone to be engaged with reality as they drift through this day. Their minds..perhaps even their souls...are elsewhere. We are wafting spirits in a material tangible world today. Music will help to guide our way and our mood. Employ it liberally.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Woo hoo! Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain! This is my absolute favorite time of year! So, let's have a look at how the day goes, shall we?
It looks as if it begins with the PERFECT set up for all the Halloween and Samhain activities. The Moon resides in imaginative and intuitive Pisces waking up in sextile to the Lord of Darkness, Pluto in Capricorn. She goes on to tell ghost stories and talk to the dead with a trine to Mercury in Scorpio at 1:22 PM. See? That part is PERFECT!

What is not perfect is the reality slap that comes by way of a lunar square to Saturn at 5:08 (just before the festivities for this day usually begin). Something, perhaps just a feeling of dread or the day being curbed by outside factors, comes to try to block or usurp our fun this evening. The Moon meets Chiron by conjunction at 5:35 PM. So, that curbing could come from various form from illness, fear, spiritual issues or, even, religious oppression.
The Moon remains Void until entering Aries at 2:43 AM. That means that the evening activities are pretty passionless. We are not emotionally engaged. However, since the Moon is Void...does that mean all the candy you eat after Trick or Treating has no calories? Or that those calories have a semi-teflon coating that keeps them from “sticking to your ribs” and your waist line? I mean, Void Moon means “nothing shall come of it” right? I think I may test that know, in the interest of science and stuff.

The morning is great for getting a “feel” of the season and entertaining that however you choose. Tonight though is fairly subdued and it can be hard to “get into” anything after that 5 o'clock whistle blows. I do not recommend efforts aimed at divination or communing with spirit on this night. The emotional body needs to be properly engaged to glean what is intended from such. In the early part of the day looks much better for that. Or, if you are a night owl, perhaps you charge fearlessly into the graveyard after the Moon clicks back on in Aries. It will be more close to midnight on the Pacific Coast. So, it fits on that side of the world.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

This morning the Moon is in ambitious Aries. Her first major aspect occurs at midday with an opposition to Mars following an inconjunct with Jupiter in Scorpio. As a result of the inconjunct we may receive intuitive nuance that something feels off thus leading us to the stand off and call to balance brought by the Moon/Mars opposition. Self against other. What we feel like doing versus what we are expected to do. A need for independence but drive toward relating. That's where the fulcrum must find center. Between ourselves and our ambitions and that which we perceive coming from the elusive “other.” This act of balance will likely be a big part of the day.

Overnight, Mercury will find Chiron by trine. In times such as these, when the mind is deep and potentially feeling wounded, it may be best to keep our thoughts to ourselves. With Mercury in Scorpio, we may lean that way anyway. But, here we run the risk of speaking harshly from our places of pain. That potential meets exacerbation under Moon/Mars. All together, it seems like a good day to be easy with ourselves and maybe be resistant to reacting “in the moment.” Mars in Libra can be used to bring peace to our internal and external wars. However, as the logical mind swims the deep and meets with the thorns in our own psyche, that talent may seem inaccessible. Libra runs on logic by way of it's adherence to Air. Yet, logic is skewed in this day. Again, the best bet is to let things play out without feeling as if we have to engage right now. Yet the push to respond “right now” is there with the Moon in Aries.
It is a goodnight to attempt to contact “spirit” under Mercury/Chiron. It could bring healing closure to someone in need. Just be responsible practitioners, in that regard.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

This morning, the Moon still reside in Aries. As we wake, she is square Pluto in Capricorn bringing punctuation to emotional control and abuse efforts. With the Moon under Pluto's subservient spell and a current stellium in Pluto ruled Scorpio, this can also breed paranoia or fear. The Aries Moon won't likely back down from such. It's a brave and warring placement. However, it could have the Aries Moon fighting things that don't even exist. Unsubstantiated fears and products of a potentially sick (Mercury/Chiron) and twisted mind.
As the day moves forward, how we deal with those fears becomes a very punctuated event. Saturn in Sagittarius squares Chiron in Pisces at 5:47 PM. We are forced to stare this stuff down. Face it. Deal with it for better or worse.

Then, as the Moon opposes Venus in Libra, Mercury finds Uranus by inconjunct and, then the Moon finds both Uranus (conjunction) and Saturn (trine) we can either break through or break down. Relationships will end on this day for various reason. Likely abruptly. We will see more of that as the Full Moon in Taurus waxes in while Venus is opposed to Uranus tomorrow night. What hurts us and how we deal with it does have a trickle over effect into our relationships. Depending on our ability to deal, that can either help us build more effective relationships or serve forever as a source as their undoing. Chances are you will be well apprised of well you actually deal and how that bears affect on the folks around you today. Again. For better or worse.
Prepare for the unexpected. Ensure you are aware of and conscious control of your own demons not to mention your own psychology. Know that if something ends abruptly it likely needed to. You are now free of it. Free to learn. Free to move on. Free to apply those lessons in the future. Or, free to do nothing and keep making the same mistakes that got you into this position to begin with. The choice and what you do as a result is up to you.

On a collective level, Saturn square Chiron shows us that the “old ways” (Saturn) of dealing with things is making us sick—physically, psychically, emotionally and, sometimes, physically. Uranus in the proximity of this square, ahead of Chiron and trine Saturn, begs us to seek new solutions in an effort to deal with these things. It can be done. But, the way Uranus catalyzes to that end is not at all nice and in this instance, probably not chosen. Some outdated machinery may blow completely apart forcing us to upgrade. The power to do so is there. That doesn't ensure that it will be pleasant or something you chose to do.
Overnight, Venus does stabilize with a sextile to Saturn. The Moon is Void after the conjunction to Uranus at 11:03 PM. Whatever “explodes” is going to leave a dull ring inside our heads until the Moon finally saunters into Taurus at 5:46 AM tomorrow morning. I don't expect things to fully “settle down” by then. We are under the influence of a very powerful Full Moon who's ruler is opposed Uranus. Settled is likely not going to be a feeling most have until after all that passes and the energy begins to wane.

Friday, November 3, 2017

It's an eventful Astrological day...just as the week has been that led to it. However, even though the pressure keeps building from that in the beginning of the day, the Venus/Uranus opposition will eventually provide some relief. Something that no longer serves, something we may still hold dear is going to fly apart in some way. The tension that leaves us as Venus opposes Uranus will be a relief from the straining duck tape that has operated as an ineffective “quick fix” in an effort to keep the thing together until now. The tape flies apart and the truth about how the thing no longer works is exposed. The exposure of what is truly broken and the awareness and shock that comes from sudden and abrupt departures is going to be undeniable. In long-term, we will look back and view as “for the best.” But, under a Full Moon as the Sun is in trine to Neptune...for's likely going to just hurt. This is not necessarily something we choose to change. It is something that circumstance forces us to change. Do not expect that to be comfortable. Yet, it will serve as “primer” for our incoming transit of Uranus through Taurus which will serve to do much the same thing...push us out of complacency by ripping us from our comfort zones giving us zero choice in the matter.
The Moon does oppose Jupiter in Scorpio at 2:26 PM. Some things are going to be very much blown out of proportion. So, scale back and ensure you are assessing everything with proper perspective. Many will question who they are and some will wonder the same about them. Plus, we are quite sensitive under Sun/Neptune. Just after midnight the Moon sextiles the same less than an hour before the Venus/Uranus opposition.

This opposition occurs at 26 Libra/Taurus beneath the following Sabian Symbols:
26 Libra: An eagle and a white dove change swiftly into each other. Necessary cooperation between mind, will, spirit and heart, love. Power of psychological balance and compensation. Unity.

26 Aries: A man bursting with the wealth of what he has to give. Supreme endowment, and inexhaustibly of resources in all possible life realms. Sometimes obsession by potentiality.

What a gift really. It's going to be hard to see that right now. Our behavior in response, however, is going to be key on how this plays out in the immediate. I say let it go. Wish it well. Let the weight off your shoulders and allow yourself to feel uncertain in the weightlessness of that. Trust yourself to be able to deliver what it is you need...but, let it go.
The Full Moon officially bursts open at 1:23 AM. I drew the Devil as guide for this Lunation.

Talk about literal. I'm not sure Tarot could have been more pointed with its advice for this lunation. Now, whenever you go around throwing the Devil's name out there, folks have a tendency to react severely. Most of the time due to past conditioning and religious beliefs. None of that really matters. What matters is that you understand how “he” operates. He tempts. He seduces. He ensnares you through these avenues. He uses your strongest desires against you and threatens that which you hold dear. He's VERY good at it! “You want that pretty new car, don't you? Sure you do. Make a deal with me,” he taunts. So, you do. In turn, you are shackled to the payback demands of that loan. At times, the terms are so cumbersome that we never get to actually enjoy whatever reward we may have gleaned from it. Instead, we become the slave to our “things” our “loves” our “precious” while also carrying about this huge debt of payback. We aim our work efforts to pay for it and, then, are inclined to further worship and dictation from the same.
Do you desire money? Fame? Endless lovers and admirers? Then, the Devil likely has a ready made deal for you. He will prey upon you through your desires. He will cause you to forsake your ethereal values for worldly pleasures. He will continue tempting and seducing you until he controls the fate of your soul. You stop working for love and become the slave to desire and yearning.
Or, the Devil shows us what is truly important by giving us what we think we want but putting to perish everything that is truly of importance. His teaching methods are anything but above board.
The Devil's temptations play out in very subtle ways sometimes. Each avenue he employs is meant to allow him to feed off our energies and cause us to do his bidding. But, when we cut away or build boundary against his temptations we are left with our sense of power, dignity and integrity intact. Don't fool yourself, though. He is very, very seductive. He is literally a sexy beast. The temptation is real. The more we detach from the desires of the world, the more we keep turning our faces toward what is of true worth and value the lesser his powers become. We maintain our power through conscious choices.

This, again, lets me know this is prime time to cut negative attachment and to rid ourselves of things that may affect our interactions with others and with ourselves negatively (jealousy, envy, greed, fear, etc.). The Devil is only as strong as you allow him to be. He doesn't want you to know that. When you are in control of and conscious of your desires and make choices that align with valuing and respecting yourself and others, he is rendered powerless. Don't let him fool you, either. You are much more powerful than he is and he knows it. That's why he is targeting you. He's found your vulnerabilities and plans to play with them like a kid with a new toy. He's going to do that by playing to your deepest desires for worldly riches and notoriety. He will offer you a quick route to these things. But, when you get there, you are still going to feel empty and have the added baggage of debt on your shoulders. Don't fall for it, sweet pea. Push him aside. It won't take him long to find someone else to feed off of and enslave with his false promises.

If you have literal demons to exorcise, this is the night to do it. Banishing, banning and completely “without a trace” energetic clearance efforts work well in this day. Though, again, there may be some exorcisms that come by force. Our demons may not wait for us to call them out and decide to make their presence known on their own. Whether by choice or by having something valuable ripped from our hands, something we hold dear may be gone by morning if it's not left already. Yes, we must mourn. But, at the end of that, it is time to take a deeper look at ourselves in regard to the entirety of the happenings and stare down the fears and subservient responses that we perpetrated that led us to this end. Then, like the Atlas' of our Universe, we keep our sense of forbearance and trudge on. I mean, it's common sense that if you are going through Hell you should keep walking. Maybe you will get through the piles of brimstone so quickly, the Devil might not even know you are there.