Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 15 to October 20, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Last night, after the Leo Moon was rendered Void following a trine with Uranus, Mercury perfected in opposition to Uranus (3:52 AM). This morning, after what could have been a restless night, the Moon resides in Virgo as Mars opposes Chiron.
But, spirits are soon lifted as the Moon sextiles Jupiter early in the day. This sets a practical tone. It's wonderful for “Dark Moon cleaning efforts” and putting fine detail on current projects you may be finishing up.
The rest of the day goes by without major aspect. It's a good day for pittering, tinkering or just relaxing. No fuss. No fluff.

Many will recapture some rest if they didn't sleep well last night. The Moon will oppose Neptune overnight to help us.

Monday, October 16, 2017

We may be a little slow on the draw this morning; but, things even out nicely as the day moves forward. The Sun is sextile Saturn as the Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn. We are production oriented. Accountable and given the grit toward follow through, tenacity and completion here.
It's Monday. A good Monday for work and grown up things.

At the end of the day any progress you make...something you can look back on feel going to ease the tension/pressure that may wax in from the Moon square Saturn late tonight. Roll up your sleeves. Get something done or make strong effort in that direction. Today is a day to “adult.”

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mercury has shifted gears to join Jupiter in Scorpio.

This makes me glad. Though, as the Sun lingers in Libra, some folks may find the resulting language that ensues from both Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio...harsh, rude, offensive. But, the blessing of that is when these two bump heads, a stream of truths, long held secrets, subservient plans and manipulations are going to be unleashed. Ahhh...yes, my friends. The plot. She thickens nicely. And, it's coming very quickly.

Now, I'm not saying this is going to be wonderful uplifting news that comes from the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio. But, it is powerful. I don't know about you; but, this Mercury in Scorpio native wants some truthful answers for a change. And, this set up just may bring at least some of the information we have all been waiting on. The conjunction waxes now. It is due to perfect early in the morning. Keep your ears peeled. There is going to be information spewed in this day that many will want to take note of. Can't do that if you are too busy shooting off your own mouth.
Early this morning, both the Moon and Mars pass by Uranus by inconjunct. Then, the two meet by conjunction at 7:28 AM. This spins us off to duty and perhaps has some nuance to that makes things feel rushed or hurried. The key is employ your Virgo “fix it” skills in new or inventive ways. Be innovative in problem solving and what have you to appease Uranus' call to new. Slow down. Set a manageable pace and follow through step by step..improvising when called to.

The Moon is Void after this conjunction. She wakes up in Libra at 1:36 PM. She meets Venus in Libra at nightfall. After the Moon clicks back on, that's likely when the chatter begins. Don't forget that Scorpio is a water sign. Don't just listen to what is being said. Feel and watch non-verbal communication cues to get the most clear part of the story. Keep stuff in perspective. Know this can manifest as shouting or a very loud and long string of expletives. But, there is truth that comes out at this conjunction that is probably pretty relevant.
Now, this is not to say that it is a horrible day. An interesting one. Surely. Windy, yes. There could actually be some crazy weather patterns that emerge from this. But, Moon conjunct Venus in Libra is amicable. Gentle. Satisfied and feels pretty good. Plus, the Moon is very, very dark scaling back the chances at being overly emotional...not that Moon in Libra tends to be that way in the first place. It is an Air sign, though. That most definitely has concern over logical truths. So, no..not likely horrible. But, very likely, interesting.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Today the Moon is very, very dark. We are certainly in full release mode. By this morning, some truth has leaked out. By nightfall, we could be obsessing about it as the Moon squares Pluto. Fixated. Paranoid. Feel betrayed or manipulated. This is also a marker of emotional abuse or malefic power efforts in relationships.

Remember, we are closing here. Whatever information that comes to you by way of Mercury/Jupiter was meant to help spiral you toward that end. It is also a time in which we benefit greatly from conquering or addressing our fears. But, there will be strong temptations to resort to impulsive or rash means.
That's not the way to go. What we need to do is incorporate this truth as we receive it. Heed the call to closure. And, prepare to make a fresh a start. The New Moon begs us to do that.
It's time to ditch outdated mentalities, time to improvise, time to turn our perspective to the future and make plans about what we are going to do about it. It's time to improvise. Innovate. Experiment and carve new paths.

The New Moon itself, opposes Uranus as the Sun sextiles Saturn. Mercury remains fairly close to Jupiter. This gives our New Moon intentions a magical sort of power. Wishes have strength and solidness. Of course, the caution of “be careful what you wish for” is implied. But, if you can close a chapter, declare a new beginning and find a hopeful and optimistic place within your heart to declare a fresh start...this is the Moon to use.
Today, we are weighing our options. Listening to the information coming forth from the boiling thickening stew. But, the main act is to aim toward closure. Clearing out. Finishing and shutting the door behind us. Sweeping the threshold clean. Aaand, maybe hugging your Astrologer. Her birthday just might!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

So. About this Sun/Moon opposite Uranus thing. We have energy this morning that can help us ground some of that out. It comes by way of the Sun and Moon also sextile Saturn. This brings grounding. Boundary. Accountability. Maturity. Can we just dump a big ol bucket of that over the whole world? Yeah? Cause that'd be great!

Anyway, grounded, mature and accountable is the precise way you want to deal with this energy. It can feel likened to a quickening, a burst of inspiration, impulsive actions/words/conclusions, anxiety, restlessness. Well grounded, however, and it becomes uplifting, hopeful, fresh, new...perhaps even optimistically exciting. Grounding is key, however. Otherwise, the “electric” energy from Uranus is a loose electric wire whipping in the backyard. Volatile. Temper it. Be mindful. Make conscious decisions.
Our New Moon officially pops forth with opportunities for wishes and fresh starts at 3:13 PM. After the lunation, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 9:42 PM. So, yeah. We switch from optimistic to intense and penetrating fairly quickly. The Moon meets up with Mercury and Jupiter overnight and into our early morning hours which could bring forth some rather...interesting dreams or overnight secret conversations. Other than closure preceding this New Moon, there is also the element of self-trust that becomes an issue. Or, at least that is what I have gleaned from the Sabian Symbols involved. They are as follows:

For the Sun and Moon at 27 Libra: A spot of light in clear skies; an airplane sails calmly. This is a “rise above” symbol encouraging us to soar above happenings in an effort to get a wider perspective and to look at the situation objectively in observation. It is a quiet affair. Not one where we are weighted down with emotion. We are not judging, either. Just observing. Rising above the perceived stress of the situation in an effort to gain a more clear view.

For the Moon's Ruler, Venus, at 7 Libra: A witch feeds chickens frightened by a hawk she had tamed. This brings trust to mind. Obviously the witch trusts the trained hawk. The chickens trust the witch. But, the biggest amount of trust comes from the witch and is directed at her confidence (trust) to train the hawk effectively and still keep the chickens safe. The person in the symbol is denoted as a witch for a reason. Witches are in tune with nature and aware of their shadow as well as “darker” powers. In order for a witch to be effective, she must know what she is capable of and all the ramifications of that.

Our Guidance Card for the New Moon is none other than the 10 of Swords. So, yes...closure. Yes, a new conversation begins.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Ah..yay! Friday! Can you believe there are only 11 days left in October? It's like the month just flew by!
Today, we wake up under a Scorpio Moon joined with Mercury and Jupiter. By nightfall, our Moon has heard enough...most likely. And is either weary or emotionally sensitive as a result. She is trine Neptune as night falls. It is time for the Scorpion to retreat to its craggy cave. It's time to rest and recoup. Some may feel the desire to indulge in escape by way of Neptune. Don't go overboard with it. But, definitely feel free to take some quiet down time and allow yourself to rest and restore. The Moon sextiles Pluto in the early morning. Any efforts at personal restoration are strengthened and empowered by that early morning aspect.