Morning Star: Astrology for October 8 to October 13, 2017

Sunday and the First of the week look rather cumbersome. This is partially due to introductory Scorpio lessons coming in as Jupiter enters the sign. We've had preview before as Jupiter squared Pluto by transit from Libra. But, on September 10, practice is over and we are on to the real deal. Jupiter will stay in Scorpio for about a year shining his spotlight on all that is good, bad and ugly about the sign. He only passes through the initial 13 degrees once. So, we are going to pre-study a bit this week to get a head start. A quadruple ruled Venus sky (Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Moon) dawns Sunday as Venus squares Saturn. This teaches resourcefulness. How does one become resourceful? Usually by force as access to Venus has been restricted in some way.
Then, as the Moon moves into Gemini and Air becomes a factor with lunar trines to all that falls in Libra, we learn about manipulation, temptation, greed, fear, obsession, paranoia as both Sun and Mercury square Pluto from Libra. As a residual, we have the opportunity to learn how to better manage our fears. How does one learn to manage their fears? By having them put in their face for them to deal with. See what I mean?
The best way I've seen to deal with the week ahead is “focus and finish.” Any ongoing projects you have, any chores or tasks you may have ahead of you, this is the time for the finishing touches and follow through. Distractions will likely abound. Sometimes they will serve as distraction. Others may beg to be dealt with. Sheer away the distractions. Deal with what needs to be dealt with. Then, refocus on your task ahead and follow through. Finish. It's time to start wiping the slate clean and readying ourselves for the last quarter of this year. Focus and the tenacity to follow through while adding fine detail and edit are high functions of this sky. But, know there are also several ways it could go sideways. Don't make that your concern until it becomes one. Shortages, lack or loneliness may become issues Sunday into Tuesday. The result of that will likely kick off fears that are exacerbated by Sun/Mercury/Pluto. Acknowledge and square off with these fears instead of ignore them. They bear relevance pointing to things you can do to improve. But, we have to conquer or effectively deal with the fear before the course of action will become clear. Once you do that, though, the energy spent on fear is converted to strength.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Today we find ourselves under two luminaries who both fall under Venus' rule. Unfortunately, their ruler is also square Saturn. Venusian pleasures and comforts are in short supply, restricted, suppressed.
I have this square in my natal chart, but flipped from Venus in Virgo to Saturn in Gemini. It's not a happy, happy, joy, joy placement..I can attest to that. In a natal chart, though, natives slowly grow into the blessings of this placement. We have a lifetime to learn how to be responsible and accountable in matters of love and money. We learn to do well with very little resource. We learn to be appreciative for the times in which Venus does see fit to bless us. We understand that solid and stable love is built over time. We blossom late but strong. We pay for quality and function not trend, not label...and most with Venus/Saturn in their natal have fairly simple tastes preferring classic beauty that has endured the tests of Father Time and the language of antiquity.

By transit, though, there isn't much time to get used to it. It can feel lonely. Lacking. Wanting. Dissatisfied. Locked out of the Garden of Paradise. Denied. Forsaken. There is not much that is “pretty” about it.
Normally, this would barely be a blip, though. A strain on resources and feelings of bliss/appreciation are temporarily limited but soon resolves itself as the aspect begins to wane. But, BUT, seeing as what comes next in the way of major transit...a Venus ruled Mercury and Sun both heading for a square with Pluto? The lack of resource, loneliness, feelings of falling short, being unacceptable or unloved and shortage of joy could quickly prompt some to subservient action, greed, manipulation, thievery or hoarding of resource for oneself with no intention to share with others who may lack. Folks will be more prone to respond to the temptations and fang toothed promises of Pluto following this period of tightened resource.

On a personal level, the best way to deal with this in my opinion, is to allow yourself to be humbled by noticing the simple mundane blessings around you. Be resourceful. Start from where you are begin laying a foundation. Know that the quick and easy route is usually not everything its cracked up to be. This is our chance to stare down our fears of “not having enough” while realizing there are ways in which we do have some control over that. Improvise. Don't let a feeling of self-loathing or unworthiness stop you from connecting with others or attempting to pool resources and share talents toward a certain goal.
Do something nice for someone at random. Doesn't have to be complicated. Simple truly is the name of the game here. Expect, though, that through this period that fear, paranoia and greed are going to be the very things that trip folks up. Endure. Make do. Shift your focus. Innovate. Protect and honor the resource you have. And, beware the snake charmer who swoops in with wonderful promises of wealth and abundance just when you are feeling totally impoverished.

Quite literally, though, this energetic aspect in terms of creativity is wonderfully expressed by way of refinishing old furniture, making something old look new again or for re-purposing items in artistic ways. That appeases Venus/Saturn and the Sun/Mercury/Pluto square. Make something old, ugly and no longer lovable into something that feels beautiful again.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Paranoia and temptations toward ugly rise with the Sun and persist throughout the day. The Moon resides in Gemini now and hits a confusing and emotional square with Neptune in our early evening. Mercury and the Sun are now officially square Pluto. Dark. Gloomy. Forlorn Monday.

No one wants to talk to each other. Everyone is trapped in their personal melodrama. Some have already sold their soul. Others are fearful and paranoid. This is your opportunity to recognize the fears that may well up and deal with them effectively.
Step lightly. Keep your stimulation to a minimum. Know that with the Moon square Neptune, it's going to be a lot easier to empathically pick up on the negative feelings of others. Personal isolation is not a bad idea. Remember, focus and finish. We end the week with triskaidekaphobia and begin with the Monday from Hell.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Things start to level out today; but, we are not entirely out of the woods yet. Thankfully the more harsh aspects in the sky are loosening up. However, we still have the Gemini Moon opposed Saturn and Venus moving into opposition with Chiron. We see clearly and without a doubt how we may have shot ourselves in the foot in the love or money department. We may see how we were taken advantage of. Allowed ourselves to be finagled in times of desperation. Shown how we just took out a loan with terms that are impossible to repay or see how we compromised our integrity.

Jupiter enters Scorpio early this morning. Meaning, our introduction is over. We are learning (Jupiter) about power (Scorpio). Deep dark secrets are revealed. We open the book on intimacy, sex, taboo, the occult, death, greed, if turning pages of pornography haphazardly mixed within the pages of a True Detective Magazine which is also filled with “get rich quick” ads while on a bus filled with scary clowns. These are no light lessons. These are unforgettable lessons that touch folks at their core, exploits their fears while abusing them with manipulations of power and debt.
The gift of Jupiter in Scorpio is a nearly psychic sense of subservient intent, endurance, focus and deep well of wisdom...eventually. But, his lessons are not easy or gentle in the sign of the Scorpion. They do penetrate deeply and there will certainly be a few “unforgettable” moments as Jupiter transits this sign created within the collective.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Moon has transitioned from Gemini to Cancer this morning. We may want to hide in our shells. May feel moody and Mars in square to Saturn is not going to help much, unfortunately. He's going trace Venus' footsteps here meeting with the blockage and curtailment of Saturn today and moving on to oppose Chiron (showing us how we shoot ourselves in the foot regarding our ability to initiate and maintain motivation or engage) on Oct 15th.

Today it may feel as if we have been tasked with breaking down a cement wall with only a wet noodle and find we could make more progress by just slamming our head against it. If your efforts fail, you feel restricted or a time out. Cater to your needs and revert to efforts of self-care. This will pass. If it is something that HAS to be done today, take your time and use experimental or untried methods to circumvent blocks and obstacles. Ask for help if you need it. Know when walk away from frustration for a bit and come back to insurmountable problems with fresh eyes. Don't push yourself too hard.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This morning the Moon still resides in Cancer perfecting in square to our Sun in Libra to form the Last Quarter Moon. The loveliness of this day comes by way of a stabilizing and reality filled sextile between Mercury and Saturn. Some of the thoughts that went sideways are rectified within today.
However, the Moon meets at cross purposes with Mercury at midday and then squares the higher octave of the same as nightfall comes about. In the meat of the day, Mars (though still in orb of a square to Saturn) offers the Moon an energy boost by sextile in the early afternoon.
which is actually a very Libra thing to do
Minds straighten. Emotion and motivation align. Yet, things may not go entirely as planned. Be prepared to improvise while aiming to keep your schedule flexible. Physical work during the day (though it may feel like tedium at times) will have dispel any excess angst brought forth by Moon/Uranus thus decreasing our chances at a knee-jerk or unconscious response to sudden unforseen stimuli. Again, refocus and finish.
At midnight, the Moon sextiles Venus at the end of Virgo and enters Void status. She remains Void until entering Leo at 2 AM.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Ah...Friday the 13th. Sweetly earmarked as a good day for horror flicks as the Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio early on. The rest of the day is filled with mere minor aspects. The Sun/Mercury wane away from Pluto. Making today great to play with fear more so than be slain with it. As I mentioned horror flicks, haunted houses or just preparing for Halloween fit well within this day.

It's funny. The day notoriously bent for scary stuff is actually the lightest day of our entire week.
We do have the potential for some upset on Sunday as Mercury opposes Uranus as Mars opposes Chiron. A startle may cause us to run so fast that we trip and fall, as an example. But for the most part it doesn't look horrible. Plus, Venus enters her resident sign of Libra in the morning! I recommend setting some time aside to recoup from this week, finish up whatever remains; then, get out and enjoy some of the essences of Autumn this weekend.