Morning Star: Astrology for October 23 to October 27, 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

This morning we begin the day with Moon square Neptune which could bring lethargy, forgetfulness or weather issues in to contend with in the beginning of our day. Weather may be a “thing” in the next few days actually as Mercury in Scorpio waxes into trine with Neptune which is due to perfect tomorrow around midday.
Chances are it's a washout kind of Monday where we lament the loss or closure of the weekend moreso than inclined to focus on responsibilities.
Take the cue and move slowly and leisurely. We can worry about production tomorrow when the Moon wakes us up with a harsh conjunction to Saturn.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

As mentioned yesterday, today dawns with a call to accountability. So, we may resort to trying to focus on that or succumb to the pressure of it. It's not a bright morning with the Moon conjunct Saturn as we first wake up. But, we do have more traction in the emotional realm. Unfortunately, that is offset by the fogged up mental nature that comes by way of Mercury trine Neptune around noon.
We feel the sense of accountability but our brains go absolutely everywhere except where we want them to go. Let me tell you something I've learned in regard to Neptune. You might as well go ahead and surrender to the tides and float wherever they take you even if it seems like non-production. Why? Because you cannot fist fight Neptune. You can try. But, eventually you will tire out and he will pummel you.

The odd stuff waxing into your mental sphere and where the mental ambiguity takes you might actually be important. There could be something of use that comes to you. But, if you expend all your energy trying to fight it...the fatigue...the distraction...the little hidden nuances that trickle into your psyche by way of symbolism and synchronicity that you push back because “what, am I crazy?” might miss it. Yeah. I know that it is completely against the normal construct of our production oriented society. But, the planets have a tendency to go on doing what they do regardless of what humans think about it so...
At any rate, I happen to have Mercury in Scorpio. I have been catching Neptune by trine wafting in off and on through this past year. In 2018, my Mercury will spend most of his time underwater. Yet, the introduction I have had as of late, shows me that this trine from Neptune takes Scorpio's power of intuitive “knowing” and sends it off the deep end. Even if it is a water placement, my Mercury is also in the 11th house. So, it likes to make logical sense even of the intuitive hits or symbolism it may dig up. There is no logic with Neptune. What I've experienced with this trine falls in line with the quote in the graphic that follows this paragraph. don't have to drink to may FEEL like you are drunk. But, in the end, it's just a knowing with no rhyme or reason as if you have soaked it all up by osmosis or something. Powerful stuff if you learn to read the language of your intuition and declare your right to employ that. Otherwise, there is potential for a complete mental wash out.

However, if you are brave enough to lean into the wisdom that comes from this place of the aethers, you may just have an “aha” moment as the Moon clicks into trine with Uranus just a short bit following the Mercury/Neptune trine. The Moon/Uranus trine occurs at 12:46 PM. After which the Moon is rendered to Void status giving us plenty of time to contemplate what it is we just suddenly “know.”
She remains Void until entering Capricorn at 8:13 PM EDT.
As the stars flicker on the Moon in Capricorn, she squares Mars in Libra. Some could berate themselves for not getting as much done in the day as what they perceive others expected them too. But, the incoming sextile from Moon to the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio leads us to the awareness that maybe we did the best we could with what we had....and, perhaps, there was deeper and more intangible less logical reason for that. Divine intervention, perhaps, even. Dreams are likely vivid and symbolism filled. Keep your dream journal close to jot down insights or to note the imagery.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

This morning we feel a little bit more “on pointe” as Mercury moves away from Neptune and we have been restored following the Moon's interaction with all that is Scorpio. So, today may be a good day to embark on a little “catch up” work as the Moon climbs through sturdy Capricorn. Not necessarily an exciting day. But, one in which we could make some progress forward.

As nightfalls, the Moon does have a cocktail and relax with Neptune while contemplating all it's new wisdom with a sextile to Mercury in Scorpio at midnight.
Midnight? Yes...there may be ghostly whispers as folks maintain “the veil is thinning” and I maintain...what freaking veil. Ha! Again, dreams are vivid. We still get wisps of “knowing” with no logical rhyme or reason. Perhaps to the degree that we are tempted to share that phenomenon with our friends...except we don't. Because, they would likely think us mad? Yes? Except...they are probably thinking the same thing about what they are experiencing. Still yet, our “big adult Moon” squares with “oh, crap...what would they think” Venus in Libra at 2 AM producing discomfort in the realm of sharing anything that may seem unconventional. We zip our lips and try to shove it all out our brain in the interest of rest even when we aren't that satisfied with any of it.

In the morning, we are deeply assessing the psychology behind the symbolism in our dreams or just...maybe...a little paranoid as we start our day under the Moon conjunct Pluto at 6:50 AM. Was the night dark and full of terrors? Or just filled with stuff you can't explain? Or don't want to explain?
I'll tell you a secret. You don't have to explain it. It's not for everyone else to know. It's for you. So, tuck it away and go on with your day. Give the Polaroid time to develop.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

This morning the Moon in Capricorn wakes under the deep temptations, potential fixation and power plays of Pluto. Overall, it feels “haunted” in some way. This is followed later in the day by a conjunction with the Sun to Jupiter in the land of Pluto...Scorpio. So, it is definitely a day of becoming “comfortable” with your own darkness whether you want to or not.

The Sun/Jupiter conjunction occurs at 2:10 PM (and may give some a rather “self-righteous” ego boost) at 3 Scorpio 31. The best way to use this is to remain humble in the face of the unexplained powers of the Universe. Just because they light upon your head doesn't mean you are special. That access is there to anyone who cares to entertain it. However, if it DOES unexpectedly find you...this “knowing”... then you should be humbled by the blessing of it. Use the knowledge and know this gift is yours should you decide to employ it in that way. Also know sometimes it is just as much a curse as a blessing. You don't always get information you would like to know...and well, that's just something you should understand before you up and jump in that well. Either way, the window opens to that option today. You may be asking with me, “What veil?”
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun/Jupiter conjunction reads as follows: Youth carries a lite candle in his first church service. Beginning of spiritual participation in the world's work. Sustained inspiration. Conscious linkage to inner realities. (all Sabian Symbol explanations in this write up come from Dane Rudhyar's book “The Wheel of Significance.”)
Yes. Some may feel as if they have been initiated into some sort of secret school of the unknown. It is surely just the introduction. At the threshold of that doorway, ensure that you are ready. If you are...welcome to Hogwarts? I guess?

The Moon remains active through the night until meeting with Uranus by square at 1:23 AM. A little jolt and some restlessness send the Moon into void status until she enters Aquarius at 8:59 AM tomorrow.

Friday, October 27, 2017

So. This morning we wake up in an airy world as the Moon resides in Aquarius and trines Mars in Libra at midday. Lalala...everything is normal. We are chatting it up with friends leaving out the part where we were up one night this week entertaining the possibility of impending insanity because the light switch was channeling spirits. So, we pretend to be all normal and stuff in our social constructs while that bunch of illogical swirls in the back of our brains.
Then, by 6:23, under the crunch of the First Quarter Moon...the Scorpio Sun pops forth with its Cheshire grin and says..”Hey, muggle. Remember me?”

Here's the problem between Scorpio and Aquarius. First of all, right now, our brains are prone to fixate and be paranoid if we are not used to Mercury/Pluto in our native sphere. Next, Aquarius wants scientific explanation. But, I'm telling you...there some things that exist beyond that. Not that Aqua wants to hear them. Scorpio already knows, though. Yet, in order to bring ease to our emotional sphere we will likely brain screw the happenings to death in an effort to have it make sense.
In the meantime, our sweet demure Venus in Libra creeps into square with Pluto in Capricorn..potentially increasing our paranoia over what others may think about what we've experienced and how they may respond. We may be welcoming of this gift and just as quickly be tempted to use it's power for evil or malintent. Yeah. Sounds a lot like my second day at Hogwarts too.
I can't tell you how to make that go. You have to decide that (while choosing your potential consequences as you go). My suggestion is to believe it. Try to understand it..but, know you may not be able to explain it. Yet, expect it to feel like a total reality crunching brain screw that does come with pressure to perform under the First Quarter. Avoid fixating and over-thinking. That's where Scorpio and Aquarius come to odds. Instead, let Scorpio bring the information forth and tell the emotional body to just categorize it and study it...observe without any emotional attachment that says it must make logical sense. Because, no matter how much you WANT to be able to explain the message from that light switch, it's just not going to make sense. Well, not in the realm of logic anyway.

The square from Venus to Pluto, apart from the pressure in the sky, can cause malefic control or abuse efforts in relationships. Folks may become greedy, jealous, envious and what have you as result. Know that possibility exists. But, to use the energy to its highest, ensure that the power within your relationships is well balanced. Note your bank account and make sure you are not living beyond your means. Invest ONLY in that which you want to grow. And, I mean that energetically. Feed your paranoia and it will be monster by the end of the day. Face down your fears of not having enough and instead seek solutions to fatten your reserves. Riddle your deep yearnings and cravings to suss out the root of your feelings of lack. Face down your insecurities in the realm of building intimacy and deep connection with others. And, watch out for the enchantments of sirens and their temptation will be strong within this day.
The Sabians for the Venus/Pluto interaction read as follows:
For Venus at 18 Libra: Two men placed under arrest are being brought to court. Responsibility of individual to society in terms of normal behavior. Return to values. Obligation to face subjective facts.
For Pluto at 18 Capricorn: The Union Jack flag flies from a new British Destroyer. Extreme objectification of inner resources. Challenge to life. Splendid self-realization. Full awareness of competition.
But, wait! We are not done here, yet. After Venus squares Pluto and everything we hold at “value” is threatened and folks' feet are held to the fire in front of a judge for their past transgressions...Mercury sextiles Pluto. Those pieces of nonsensical information from the previous week start clicking into place to create a picture that moves from “what the crap””oh my gosh.” Uh huh. That's how it works. It's all, for better or worse, starting to make sense now...dare you tell anyone? Because, you are tempted as the Moon trines Venus tomorrow night. Maybe just let the puzzle pieces continue to plunk together for now.