Things you need to know about your Astrologer

Dear readers, colleagues and friends:

I apologize in advance for the length of this address. This is a topic I have much to say about and plenty to share with the folks who frequent my site. I have found sludge in my profession.
Over the weekend, I was greatly triggered by information that I just happened to trip over. You see, historically, I am one of those “middle of the road” gals. What I mean by that is that I have been at one time or another in my life a registered Republican, Democrat and an Independent. I have no party loyalty. I do this thing where I go to and read the platform of folks that are running for office rather than adhere to a certain party affiliation. I want to know who I am voting for and what they stand for above and beyond what party they align with. This is why you do not read me specifically writing about any certain party in the political realm. I also have readers outside the US. I try to keep my writing relevant to them.
Writing and Astrology are my primary focus. I also have a Mercury placement that devours information. Those two things (my interests and my brain) give me a tendency to look up a lot of birth dates. I've studied a countless number of charts in an effort to understand more about Astrology and how it works. I have tendency to be one of those people that likes to draw my own conclusions, make my own decisions. I study things inside and out until I understand without trapping myself in what previous teachers/students/advocates for Astrology tell me is true. That mentality is not exclusive to Astrology. This is just how I'm built. I'm curious. I'm independent. I think for myself and study what I'm interested in deeply. I don't take the words of someone else automatically as fact. I check things out on my own, first. I most definitely encourage others to do the same even in terms of what I may publish.
All these habits were in full force when I ran across an article over the weekend. In that article, they were specifically speaking about “women fighting for white male supremacy.” I like to figure out what makes folks tick. I do not think you can see a tendency toward racism, sexism or anything about such things like that in a person's chart. That is your humanity (or lack there of), not your Astrology. However, after reading the article about this lady, my curious brain kicked in and wanted to see her chart. She is a public figure from what the article says. So, I thought her birth info would be easy to find. I'd not heard of her before reading this write up.
I type this person's name into my handy dandy Google bar and put the word “astrology” after because this often turns up the pre-cast charts from different sites. Except, when I typed that in, my results turned up this persons very own Astrology writings. It also turned up several Astrology sites that directly referenced her work. Some of those sites were from Astrologers I have read and respected in the past. Their mere affiliation with this person who is married to a high ranking member of the KKK has prompted me to cut those who have cited her work off completely as sources of information. That, too, was a huge disappointment. By the way, the person who was subject of the article I was reading, publishes her Astrology writings right on her site that was built specifically to push a White Supremacy agenda. If you link her site, you link directly to a website that promotes and supports this disgusting mentality right alongside Astrology.
I was mortified. To put this succinctly in regard to how it played out, I went looking for understanding. What makes someone who supports an agenda of white supremacy tick? How do you even rationalize that? Especially as a woman? Because, this mentality preaches the suppression and subservience of women... another thing I can't wrap my head around. The first thing I found behind what makes someone aligned with White Supremacy “Tick”...was my very own passion. Astrology. I say mortified. But, it was bigger than that. My reaction was visceral. I stopped there. I never looked up her birth information. Anger usurped my curiosity.
As a matter of fact I wanted to address this in public the day it occurred but was unable to handle my emotional reaction at that time. I wanted to do a video about this but I am STILL unable to do so without tearful eyes and quivering lips.

I don't think it is wrong to be viscerally and emotionally affected by something like White Supremacy, racism, bigotry, ageism, sexism...all that sliminess. Yet, I want to be effective in how I address this and my emotions are a distraction to my point.

I'm not naïve to the fact that Astrology and the Occult were both fascinations to Hitler. He dabbled in all kinds of stuff. I have no interest in knowing what made that man tick. I have no interest in studying whatever justifications or what have you which are out there about Hitler. I realize, now, that I blurred those things out as having no any relevance to what I do. There mere previous association of Astrology with the Nazi movement, all by itself, makes me feel it is now necessary to bring this to light.

Astrology is an open book. The practice is unregulated. It is a tool that can be used for just about any cause with symbolism that can be manipulated to push all sorts of agendas. For example, you can use a hammer to fix something or you can use a hammer to hit someone on the head. The intention lies in the user not the tool. I realize that too. This is another reason I want to make my intentions crystal clear. I have no time to play with Fascists. Or entertain to them.

So. In the event that someone has interest in both the suppression and exploitation of others and also happens to be an Astrology fan, let me be clear, I am not the Astrologer for you.
However, if you have an interest in learning Astrology, like the way I write and enjoy my readings as a source of personal knowledge delivered with the intent of empowering you upon your personal journey; then, I am your gal.

That being said, in order to make my goals for writing Astrology clear to my readers and those who may tumble across this site in the future, I'm going to write them here.

Things you should know about this Astrologer

  1. I write daily astrology to empower people with knowledge and awareness of the current energies in our sky. How to use them. What the pitfalls may be. The potential circumstances it could whip up as a result.
  2. I also write these daily astrology articles for my own use. Astrology is nothing less than a passion for me. A continual source of learning and understanding. Sometimes, when I write a forecast for the week I often don't remember the day to day specifics. So I refer to these writings through the week in order to keep track of my day to day on a personal level. Writing weekly forecasts for myself is how the blog of Shock Therapy came to be.
  3. I cater to a specific audience by use of the language I choose. Most of my readers have a basic knowledge of Astrology. I may begin to write with less astro-lingo in the future in an effort to cater to a more broad audience. However, that audience still will not be one that supports folks who wish to oppress the rights and freedoms of others.
  4. Should you be someone who agrees with a White Supremacy agenda, is fascinated with oppressing/controlling others, wants a white washed world or spews an oppressive agenda against any race, religion or culture, I am not the Astrologer for you.
  5. My readings are specifically for folks who want to know more about themselves and the world around them. I try to connect Astrology to current events in an effort to help folks see how the energy works. I do not point my clients in any specific direction. My personal judgment has no place in your readings until I discover you are exploiting my talents for illegal activity, mentalities like White Supremacy or to manipulate others in a malefic way. I aim to guide you through the energies at hand. Show you the tools you have to put to use by way of transit, natal astrology or progression. I will support you and encourage you in making your own decisions and defend your right to have authority over your life.
  6. I consider myself a pioneer in the Astrology realm. Even though Astrology has been around forever. Many of the old texts are written in a language that exudes outdated values that no longer serve us. You can see this written in the Sabian Symbols just as one example. I wish to be part of the movement that looks at Astrology with fresh eyes and brings it into more modern mores and standards.
  7. I wish to help unite folks. Not divide them based on their beliefs. I support and work with folks from various religions, races and walks of life. Often folks seek me out when tremendous change is happening in their lives and need to see the picture of what is unfolding more clearly. That is why I named my business “Shock Therapy.” I often show up before or just after something hugely transformative has happened such as death, break up of long relationships, people finding themselves and the audacity to be that, births, marriages, long-term is not uncommon for folks to find me at those times in their lives. I'm not a light worker. I work in the shadows to help those also there find their own way out.
  8. I am also a medium and work extensively with folks in the grieving process. This is commonly referred to as being a psychopomp. These are services I do not advertise nor do I collect money from them. The situations find me and I'm able to discern where I can be of help and when. Most often, my daily life leads me where I need to be without me having to do a thing.
  9. Astrology is my passion. I did not pick it up as a trade because I thought it would bring me fame, large sums of money or notoriety. I picked it up because fueling my own passions makes my life more fulfilling. It also fulfills another passion...empowering and assisting others. I have no problem refusing money or support from someone who touts a slimy agenda. I have absolutely no desire to support, enable or advocate for anyone who aligns themselves with such folks, either. If this is too controversial for you, you find it insensitive or you happen to be one of those folks who is offended that I don't condone this stuff, you are welcome to exit. However, if you would like to hang in with me along this journey that is steered toward helping the world get past this kind of thinking, I not only embrace and support you, I honor you.

I will not knowingly support nor assist with plans that include illegal activity or any one who may harbor a racist, bigoted, sexist or White Supremacy agenda. I do not wish to benefit from these activities. I do not need money nor support from anyone with that type of mindset. I was told this was a bad business model. To automatically exclude potential customers. I do not care. My conviction over-rules my desire for success and my ambitions in this realm. If working with Astrology means I must pander to folks with this convoluted and subservient mindset, I'd rather scoop up excrement for a living. Quite frankly. I do not think it will come to that. So be it if it does.

As an astrology lover and a person who commonly cites the articles of other Astrology writers, I encourage everyone who reads this to continually check out who it is you are citing; who it is you are reading; and, who it is you are allowing to have access to your information by the way of Astrology readings and consultations. The match is no different than picking out any other type of professional. In this Astrological period we have been very challenged to both figure out who we are and what or whom we may be dealing with. I encourage fact checking and taking the time to do this in everything you read. I'm pleased to see this seems to be trend that is catching on. It could be quite embarrassing if not infuriating to discover that you have cited or paid for advice from someone who is a blatant White Supremacist or who harbors such mentalities. Unless you care not to be affiliated with such vile examples of humankind. I care. Do not be afraid to research and ask questions of any professional you may hire.

I want to name names. I want to tell you who the article was written about. I want to call out those who have gleefully cited her work. However, I do not want those names attached to me or my business. If you re-read what I've just written, you will see that I have given you all the information you need to discover what I have, should you feel inclined. I will not tell you what to think. I just encourage you to do it for yourself.

I have a tendency to believe that I live my life in such a way that I would not be mistaken for someone who would try to manipulate or oppress folks. Many of the other Astrologers I know do this as well. Still yet, colleagues and friends, I encourage and support you to address the dark history of Astrology and define where you stand in that mix with your own readers as I'm sure you would not want to be mistaken as someone who supports or continues to promote that dark history. If you frequently share Astrology articles, I would also suggest you check whose words you are spreading for more than just accuracy.