Dealing with Mars and Uranus by transit

*This is a re-post. You may notice aspects/dates mentioned that do not apply. However, the tips for dealing with Mars/Uranus are always the same no matter what the rest of the sky is up to. 

What you may notice is a lot of nervous energy. In that, it could be hard to sit still. If you have any desk work that you can get out of the way today so that you can spend tomorrow being active, that will really help.
I also advise that you cut your caffeine and stimulant intake drastically by noon today. The reason for that is it may be hard to get to sleep tonight. Any type of nervous energy producing thing will have an increased effect. Of course, you have to bear in mind there how these things normally effect you.
If you have an idiosyncratic response, such as stimulating substances make you sleepy, that may occur too. It is also entirely possible, if you are prone to such things, that your energy levels may actually be really LOW during this passage of the Moon.
If you regularly sleep during the day and stay up all night, know that this energy will STILL be here late day tomorrow. So, adjust stuff accordingly. Same applies to you night owls out there. This is poking at us through at least Monday.
If you have anything physical that you need to get done, the Universe is going to support you tremendously in that for the next few days. Typically, this energy is very stimulating and works very precisely and quickly when directed. Good activities to contemplate for the weekend involve anything that has you outdoors and moving around. Outdoors is important because that enhances your grounding which is quite beneficial when dealing with Mars/Uranus. Moving around is important because it allows you to expend this self-generating, nervous, compulsive energy.
The Moon is still waning. Any clutter removing projects that you have on your back burner fit well with this energy moving in too. Clearing out and purging is highlighted under a waning Moon. And, Mars/Uranus functions best in a simple, low maintenance and uncluttered environment. “Surgical” sterile environment is actually best but who the heck can maintain that? You know?
Grounding is what makes the difference between Mars/Uranus manifesting erratically, impulsively, needlessly rebelliously and compulsively. Being well grounded helps to manifest the energy so that it is precise, surgical, exacting, a little mechanical (which is better than maniacal), inventive, genius movement and more.
Understanding how the energy actually affects YOU (as in paying attention while the Moon is here) will be key. That way, you will know more about what to expect (for yourself AND others) as the energy continues to build to perfection.

Here is a link to a previous post written to address the first two passages of Mars in opposition to Uranus. It contains additional information on what this energy is like.
All that being said, know that there are sometimes things that happen in an instant. Sometimes these things are wild and unpredictable. There is potential for things like this to break loose under this energy. Know you have NO control over that.
The only thing you have control over is yourself and how you respond to what happens. There may be instances in the next few days where you have to react suddenly and swiftly. This energy will support you in that. The KEY will be being grounded enough to know what things NEED an immediate and emergent response and which things do not. You could very well be prone to “feel” that fight or flight response (Adrenaline) EVEN WITHOUT A TRULY EMERGENT EVENT IN PLACE. See?
We are talking about energy here. Mars/Uranus can be the energy behind someone blowing up an abortion clinic vs someone who raises money to back an organization that supports young mothers. The difference lies in the way that energy is directed and the person directing it.
It's important to know, I think. Because, even if you don't feel this, the guy sitting on the bus seat next to you might...your spouse might...your boss might. There again, you can't do anything in the way of controlling what happens outside of you. But, Mars/Uranus' at some of its highest expression is to act (Mars) independently (Uranus), which equates to being in control of you.

Practical tips:
Gardening: great time to really take a stance against those weeds. Also a great time for removing things like suckers or pruning.
Office work: If you work 9-5 behind a desk while this energy is in force definitely mind the stuff I said about stimulants. Allow yourself breaks to get up and move. Ideally you won't have to sit still during this transit. But, the reality is that some people have to. You can still get a brilliant amount of work done but you could be rather grumpy and snappy about it. Set your evening time for something active to burn some of that off.
Health: Headaches are kind of a hallmark with Mars and an Aries Moon. Avoid any known triggers of headaches that you are aware of. Have your typical headache remedies at hand and allow for plenty of time to rest if you need to.
Food: The more pure your diet is the better off any health issues will be. Look to raw veggies and food that brings you “Grounding” while steering away from heavy stuff. Some people enjoy spicy foods during these transits and that's cool if you can tolerate it normally. Overall, aim for simplistic, light and energy sustaining. Protein. Raw fruit and veggies. Low carb.
Sleep: Good luck. LOL, seriously, meditation and stepping down the stimulants while minding your diet will help. Grounding will help as well. But, overall, I do expect sleep patterns to be a bit erratic increasing the irritability factor. Bear that in mind and give yourself and others space.
Activities: Anything that has you up and expending energy. Anything that involves quick reflexes. Dancing...always a good thing to do. Do something in the name of a social cause. This polarity (Aries/Libra) is great for that. Organizations and networks are highlighted. Social causes and charities come to the fore. Any efforts taken in those directions are great expenditures of this energy as well.
Demolition. If you have something that needs torn up or torn you go
Breakups. You'll likely hear of some of these and they probably won't be expected. So, if you are looking for an “exit” the sign will be BLARING AT YOUR FACE AND it could get impulses of NOW! BREAK FREE! GO! Yeah, and you could end up on the other side of that too. Remember: Don't react to a temporary emotion (because most of the are) by blowing up your life. But...if you NEED to do that then... Everything that I've just mentioned will help you better able to tell the difference.

Stones that may help:

Any of your grounding/protective stones—hematite, tiger's eye, obsidian

TOURMALINE If I could suggest one stone for this transit that would be it.

I would suggest steering clear of the stones that increase psychic energy or intuition unless you are working on that specifically. If you are empathic you, of course are going to feel this much more acutely. So, unless you NEED the energy, don't turn the volume up on it.

Lapis Lazuli is also a good choice along with any of your Ambers or darker reddish brown stones.