Morning Star: Astrology for the week of August 14 to August 18, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

This morning the Moon remains active in Taurus. At 2:43 AM, she is trine Mercury Rx in Virgo. This is practical and grounded. But, by sunrise she is sextile Neptune in Pisces. We are softened and delivered empathy and compassion. Perhaps a little relaxed or tired. The softened outlook does not last long, however, as the Moon and Mars butt heads at 10:31 AM. This is ambiguous pitting values against personal interests and agendas. There can be conflict here or even a deadlock as this occurs in fixed signs. An opportunity to ease the situation comes shortly later as the Moon sextiles her current ruler, Venus in Cancer at 10:50 AM. I want to say, “Cookies make everything better” and perhaps you reach for those under this sky. Yet, the true power found here is in gentleness, compassion, understanding and a growing concern for the welfare of folks other than ourselves or along with ourselves. It's very territorial and protective. Yet is also steady, safe and comfortable. Many will seek shelter from any potential conflict stirred by the Moon/Mars square.

At 12:34 PM the Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn which brings intensity and fortitude to our emotional outlook. Bellies will growl. Feelings deepen. We are empowered and restored. The spectrum of potential emotions expands to include extreme paranoia or emotionally manipulative efforts all the way to emotional forbearance and steadfast bravery. The focus delivered here is astute. On the whole, though, the Moon/Pluto trine is wonderfully supportive and grounding. If you need to face something down this aspect provides the where-with-all to do so plus it pulls in the circling of wagons for protection in even more tightly.
Later this evening the Moon passes through a Yod which includes the waxing Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius sextile. Emotional maturity and our developing sense of self-worth and value are tested against time, experience and wisdom. Some may discover platforms they formerly stood on erode in light of being tested in real world application. Some may change or alter their concepts of right and wrong due to personal experience or history. And, you know, that's ok. Values and priority do change over time and with age. They should adapt to both our changing personal structure and the growing world. This Yod provides a personal gut check in that area.

At 9:16 PM, the last quarter Moon perfects between the signs of Taurus and Leo at 22 degrees and 25 minutes of our fixed signs bringing the two in very close proximity of our nodal axis which wobbles around 24 degrees Leo/Aquarius. This denotes a time of letting go and continually releasing within this lunar cycle. But, between fixed signs, the letting go is not easy. It is change. It calls for a shift in momentum. Neither of which fixed signs enjoy. But, as it aspects our nodal axis it becomes an imperative factor in our future. However, if the metaphorical ground we are standing on does begin to shift under our feet, we are more likely to move to more solid ground for safety. So, if you are going to stand on a principle or a soap box, make sure it is sturdy enough to hold you up. The main question is to sheer away any activity that is not supportive of a strong set of values. Are you forsaking yourself and becoming too steeped in the collective or matters of friends and group agendas? Are you valuing your talents and yourself as you engage in the world? Are you over-complicating matters and need to bring in a bit of common sense? Are you holding your ground just to be stubborn and refusing to look at anyone's point of view but your own? The outlet for this fixed t-square pulls in Scorpio pointing to issues of power. How you use yours or how you give it away. There are also matters of shadow at play. Take a long hard look at yourself and how you interact in the world and release any habits that call for you to over-compromise yourself, are self-disrespectful or a misuse/exploitation of your talents.

Value systems can be morphed and reformatted...transformed on a very deep level right now. Venus waxes into opposition with Pluto in the morning. Yet, the most common expression of this is likely going to be an adamant stand and clinging to things held dear without seeing how it could be to our own detriment. Pluto is not a light energy. In this instance, he may tempt Venus or even bring her into harms way. At any rate, we are called to reform, change, deepen the relationship with what is truly valuable without attempting to trap or control it. This sky may make us prone to want to hoard all the cookies for ourselves and to hell with anything or anyone else. But, the answer to highest expression here remains, let go of outdated subservient beliefs. When folks show you who they are, believe them. Humble yourself and open your heart to others. Let go of a feeling of not having enough and having to go to extreme measures to get what you want...because in that instance, good sense is lost and the thing of value enslaves you, dictating your behavior. Don't allow yourself to be charmed into being taken advantage of. And, as per typical, be wary of the undead loves popping into your sphere. Old relationships, past lovers, old friends...or someone calling to say your debts have all become due.

Overall, it's a tedious Monday. The Taurus Moon wants to build wealth and security but the face of that is changing. Valuables are under threat and in some instances ripped from our hands. The “rocks” we stand on as principle begin to erode and are challenged in an ever changing world and within increasing volatility. Folks will butt heads. Fight over and for what they think is important. Argue over the slices of right and wrong. But, the real answer is to quit slicing and dicing. Adjust perspective and see the world as one large breathing unit in which we need to come together moreso than we adamantly fight to splinter apart. The route I suggest is to pass out love and kindness. One thing I know Taurus and Leo have in common is hugs. They adore adoration and love. So, maybe in a world filled with hate, violence and fear be part of the counter culture that spreads love for a change. Let go of the rest or any belief that says you need to harm or oppress others in an effort to build and secure a “just” world...because...that's bullshit.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This morning the Moon in Taurus is Void following a sextile with Chiron at 6:47 AM. Meanwhile, Venus and Pluto perfect in opposition at 7:14 AM at 17 Cancer/Capricorn 18. This is the same degree in which Pluto perfected in square to Jupiter. And, Venus will find Jupiter by square on the 17th. So, part of the energy between the waning Jupiter/Pluto square will be re-fueled by this opposition and the waxing square between Jupiter/Venus. So, I would imagine we could expect to hear news about shady financial dealings emerging at this time in the collective. However, the Sabian Symbols from the opposition tell a deeper story. One of clucking barnyard hens versus a newly free and empowered woman.

For Venus headed to 18 Cancer: In a crowded barnyard a hen clucks among her chickens. Constructively practical, natural approach to life and its simpler joys. Concern over things. Child-like group devotion.

For Pluto moving toward 17 Capricorn: Repressed woman finds psychological release in nudism. Escape from bondage to social inhibitions. Readjustment of relation of spirit to body. Self-purification. Self-confrontation.

So, basically, you can spend your time deflecting and gossiping about others. Finger pointing and sitting in your little cliques reveling about the failings and juicy tales of the lives of others. Or, you can face yourself down. Focus on where you need to let bondage to social inhibitions (expectations and pressure) go and dare to stand naked in front of this group of clucking hens without fear of their clucks regarding how dangerously brazen you are. Or, how you should conform. Many will take the safe route and hide behind the gossip and juvenile mentalities. The strong will stand boldly naked in opposition to being chained to such social expectation thus learning to be themselves regardless of the pressures it may bring. They will face off honestly with themselves thus becoming emboldened with wisdom as a result. Brazen. Empowered. Free...or keep clucking and miss the entire point.
The Moon wakes back up in Gemini at 10:07 AM providing plenty of wind for our clucking hens. But, with Mercury's ruler retrograde in Virgo, if what you have to say doesn't act as true service to others or contain useful tools of solution, it's best to shut your clucking beak. Or, at the very least, leave the hens to their little prison coops and go about your own life all free range and stuff. Yeah, in a world of caged, fearful and complacent chickens, be the one that breaks free.
The rest of the day passes without major aspect. The Gemini Moon will square Mercury Rx in Virgo which reinforces the theme of “help or just shut up” and “make it practical and useful or quit wasting air.” But, for today, we are mostly experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly of Venus in Cancer. I suggest digging deep for these values you've built your life around and make sure they can sustain you for the long haul instead of looking to deflect attention from yourself by chatting it up about everyone's dirty laundry.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in Gemini and gets her wings curbed by curt Mercury in Virgo before daybreak. But, the most interesting aspect pattern comes in this afternoon as our Gemini Moon creates a Yod with Mars in Leo and Pluto. Mars in Leo can seethe in regard to personal desires in aspect to Pluto. But, the light Gemini Moon is more inclined toward sociability than violence. What this Yod calls us to do is to assess our motivations and how they align with our connection to the social and our emotions. We are to mix motivation with emotion while striving toward matters of integrity and fortitude. But, this could lead to abusive or violent efforts when the malefic agendas align within a small (or large group). We can have a peace mafia or a movement that is much more insidious. Choose the twin you align with carefully and ensure that what you are putting yourself behind is a matter truly of your own agenda and you aren't just going along to get along. Do you decide what action is best? Or does circumstance and the folks you surround yourself with help to determine that. I encourage you to step out on your own for a minute to check. There is both shadow and empowerment accessible here. But, the only way to get to the higher expression is through conscious choice and subsequent conscious action. Don't allow yourself to be led into something that really doesn't belong to you or align with the truth of you. Instead, maintain your ability of choice, perspective and action.
This Yod spans between our early morning hours and into our afternoon while also including a lunar square to Neptune at 8:35 AM. So it would be VERY easy to be tricked into a subservient agenda. To be led naively to metaphorical slaughter. Boundary up and ground...completely avoid the crowd of crazy folks if you can. Find your voice.

After the intensity of Moon inconjunct Pluto begins to wane, she waxes into square with Jupiter in Libra. Folks gather. Information is exchanged. We reach out to friends and feel we need to hear all the news and discuss our opinion about it. Which is fine. What we don't want to do is allow this windy trine to whip up some sort of malefic collective movement. We are looking for peaceful acts that help to bring folks together instead of continually putting them odds here. Both Libra and Gemini are social signs. Just like our South Node. But the low expression of all this brings in an opportunity for things like “Mob mentality.” When the mob is angry and violent things go sideways very quickly. But, if the Mob can foster a mentality of peace, acceptance and may be worth falling into. Just ensure that you are being true to the truest expression of self even if that means going against the common grain a bit while remembering there is no high expression of ANY energy that calls for you to hurt or ostracize others. None.
At 9:41 PM, the Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. The mood sobers. Harsh truths and stark realities are delivered. Then, overnight, Venus squares Jupiter and we shift from “need, need” and “want, want” to wanting to share openly. To realizing that true value can't be carried in a wallet. To reach out to our fellow man...or, the more malefic forms of want and need may grow and some may wail “what about mine?” The best use of this is gentle generosity. Random acts of kindness. Nurturing in an effort to help instead of control. And, acceptance of our fellow humans. Justice is served either way.

Thursday, August 17, 2017
This morning the Sun and Moon played nicely together by sextile. Then the Moon in Gemini moves on to square Chiron (8:50 AM) and sextile Uranus (9:39 AM) before reaching Void status. The morning starts off on the right foot as long as agenda is aligned with true self and honoring the freedom and right to be. The Moon remains Void before sinking into Cancerian waters at 12:14 PM.
The morning is out and about. Perhaps social. But, the evening is reserved for more private affairs. We want to go home or at least snuggle up to the comforts of home.
The Moon makes no major aspect the rest of the day. We are encouraged to marinate in our own stew and perhaps may feel like retreating to our shells for safety and solace. It's a good day for home cooked wonderfulness and quiet personal sheltering.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Early this morning, our Momma Moon met with our fix-it Mercury. Perhaps a handyman comes to visit in an effort to repair what Mercury Rx has screwed up. But by 10:17 AM the atmosphere is saturated with water by way of a lunar trine to Neptune. No one is prone to move very quickly and all are quite sensitive. We may even be tired or easily distracted. Or, we could be lost in the ethereal world of our own dreams. The lingering in the fog doesn't last long.

Venus brings sobriety by way of an inconjunct to Saturn at 2:56 PM and the Moon is quickly shuttled into depth and grounding by way of a lunar opposition to Pluto in Capricorn at 4:46 PM. Then, she squares Jupiter in Libra at 8:53 PM. This is excellent for emotional purges and ridding the home of what is no longer needed. It's also a pretty good set up for becoming overly paranoid, greedy and blowing perspective way out of proportion. The best bet is to deeply inspect fears instead of become overly reactive and desperate in light of them. Plus, do some perspective adjustments to ensure you have a clear unfettered view of the situation. Or, are you being overly dramatic...because, that's at question during Leo season and during a Moon/Jupiter sextile. Scale it back and be realistic if you need to.

At midnight, the Moon meets with Venus by conjunction. The most satisfied are squirreled away safely in their nests. This brings want and need together nicely. So, in the potential of not having enough to go around in the middle of the day, maintain a sense of integrity, faith and patience. Self-care efforts are greatly beneficial as are airing of more deep grievances/fears amongst trusted and wise friends in an effort to debunk the fear's power. Surround yourself with creature comforts as best you can. Continue releasing this cycle in preparation for the next.