Morning Star: Astrology for the roller coaster ride into the ecliptic: August 9 to August 13, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's the weirdest thing to me; but, it seems like things are unfurling both quickly and slowly. At the same time. As if time were this bendable thing but remaining out of our control. As if the tempo were being set by a drunk jester who sits back and laughs saying, “Watch, when I turn this dial the humans speed up. But, when I touch this one, they slow down.”

Yes. It does occur to me that Mercury is in his retrograde shadow. It also dawns upon me that Uranus has just turned retrograde and that does have some bearing upon the “feeling” of time. However, what hits me about this more is that Mercury is edging into opposition with Neptune. No wonder the jester seems drunk. No? But, he will not perfect in this opposition until AFTER his retrograde is complete. Mercury turns Rx on August 12th just one degree shy of creating that opposition with Neptune officially. That does not mean we won't feel it (Mercury/Neptune) as it does hold bearing in the energetic net even when not exact. The influence will wane as Mercury retrogrades. But, the Neptune feel of “time being elusive or shape shifty” is going to remain apparent until Mercury has backed up a few degrees or so.
To add to that, this week, Uranus (the higher vibration of Mercury) meets Neptune by semisquare skewing our concept of time and advancement even more. It's a weird thing. And, yet...that is merely the tip of the ice berg, friends.
There are SO many subtle nuances within this week and the following as we march our way toward the super hyped Solar Eclipse in Leo. Will it be all that it is being built up to be? My brain wants to say “no” but in my heart I'm screaming, “Yes!” In truth, no one has really any idea as most speculate but still hold in place with bated breath. Mercury and Venus dance together a time or two between now and then. The Moon creates flickering yods with Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter in Libra and Sun/Mars in Leo...punctuating points in time that are going to matter in our future yet we are not likely to see how until we are much further down this road.
So, Mercury, the Moon and Venus are of relevance this week as are our outer planets. But, of even more relevance under this umbrella of time between eclipses are the Sun and Mars. How we act upon the impulses of ego is going to be a big deal in dictating how this second eclipse unfolds for us. Plus, our past actions are tied into this as well. Go figure that with the BIG eclipse coming to the sign of Leo. What's even weirder is that it seems that most of the table has been set for that big event. Much already ripped from our hands and out of our control as if we were just waiting for the judgment of...what, exactly? I don't know. I feel a familiarity connected to that sense of “waiting for the other shoe to drop” or “impending judgment.” As, I'm sure the rest of my generation and many others do as well. I grew up in world that seemed to linger in waiting for the end of life as we know it. Some even seemingly yearning or wishing it into fruition. Some who got tired of waiting and blow their own world up all by themselves. Some attempting to grasp a semblance of control in a chaotic world who veered to extremes thinking that they could circumvent or create the End of Times on their own. Now, apocalyptic reference makes me yawn. I've been through enough bomb and disaster drills in my youth to know how this goes. You tunnel deeply into a place deemed “safe” by someone and protect your head while praying for the best. And, that's about all you can do. Except, wait.

This morning, the Moon resides in Pisces. The collective body will likely become a bit quiet and withdrawn. We gestate for a bit in Pisces and this Moon is excellent for detox, emotional purging, resting/restoring and even spiritual cleansing such as smudging, decluttering, etc.
At 1:46 PM, the Moon makes a sweet and gentle trine with Venus in Cancer. Talk about the mark of a homebody. Holing up in secure bliss. Indulging in the comforts of home or just bringing along a nice home cooked meal with you to work for lunch. It's those little gentle touches that matter. But, remember, this can also be emotional as the trine does occur in water.
Venus issues are due to become even more watery as she enters trine with Neptune. Yes. Venus is soon to be under duress as she comes into contact with our outer planets beginning with Neptune and moving forward to square Jupiter, oppose Pluto and square Uranus while ending with a trine to Chiron. Even though we are focused upon the ecliptic and the Mercury retrograde, Venus is also rising as a factor in the collective energetic influence.
At 2:52 PM, the Moon stands off with Mercury in Virgo which can actually help us bring some of these more confused and foggy thoughts/perspectives to better ground. Still yet, Neptune and the fact that Mercury is in shadow does bear influence. Check for the accuracy of information. Ask for clarification if you need it. Aim to speak to understand (which includes listening) instead of being bated into an argument or just accepting things at face value. Mercury/Neptune shades the truth and its much easier to be misunderstood under this sky. Speak clearly and concisely while remembering to listen and intake information with discretion.

At 7:15 PM, the Moon sinks into her current ruler, Neptune by conjunction. It is likely to be an early night for some and an emotional night for others. Tears are likely as well as fatigue and potential bouts with illness or lethargy due to medications prescribed for the same. This is where we need to stop and rest while continuing our detox/emotional release efforts.
Folks are sensitive today. My suggestion is to leave them be and focus on the issues that are relevant to you while allowing others to deal with those that are relevant to them.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Moon still resides in Pisces this morning but she receives a restorative sextile to Pluto at 2:23 AM. This offers us a little more strength after a solid night's rest and hopefully strengthens our resolve and boundary in order to deal with this day more effectively.
Between 3 and 4 AM, the Moon crossed over the tip of a Yod created between the Sun in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra. This is how much worry is yours versus how much worry you are allowing yourself to carry around that doesn't belong to you. Pisces Moon is the empath. You feel what others feel and your own emotions can become muddled and confused as a result. This is exactly why Pisces Moon natives NEED time to themselves. In an effort to recalibrate and discharge the emotional system of what it may have picked up in interactions with the other. This Yod encourages us to balance that. To learn to recognize the difference between being a supportive friend and a friend that carries around or is slain by the baggage of others constantly. Good boundaries are called for as well as a strong sense of self. The latter of which involves both the Sun and Mars in Leo.
As the Sun rises (5:03 AM), however, Venus in Cancer makes a sweet sextile to Mercury in Virgo. We want to nurture and reach out to help others fix things. We may be prone to DIY projects or little fixer upper ventures in our own homes. This set up is perfect for that! Just remember the Moon yod and bear in mind its not your responsibility to fix folks or enable them. If they ask for help, be supportive and advise the best you can. If they don't, don't feel as if you have the right to enforce your wonderful answers upon them. Refocus on what is yours and get your hands busy fixing that.
Mid-morning is rather interesting as well. Mars meets Neptune by inconjunct. What some folks are experiencing right now, on some levels, is fatigue and even digestive/sickness issues. This is partially due our last eclipse that opened the door wide for several different kinds of purges including purges in the physical body that is likened to sudden release of toxins. The other part is 100% Neptune with Mercury opposing and Mars now inconjunct. So, yeah, some of us were temporarily wiped out by this. And, we will continue to purge, physically, mentally, verbally stuff that is threatening to poison us if we attempt to hold on to it. So, if you are tired and/or sick enlist Mercury in Virgo to help you feel better. Be your own best caregiver wherever you are in that. Say what you need to say. Purge what you need to purge. The waning Mercury/Venus sextile supports us in those types of efforts.

At 9:39 AM we are dried out and sobered while being gifted this glorious thing called boundaries through a lunar square to Saturn. No, it's not fun. Yes, it can be depressing. But, it can also feel like being thrown a life raft after you've been struggling to stay afloat on your own in a turbulent sea. Grab hold the grounding that is accessible and accept the harsh truths as they may come. It is what it is.
At 5:25 PM, the Sun is boosted with a sextile to Jupiter in Libra. Perhaps we receive help here or just feel a bit better. This marks the Sun's exit from the Yod with Neptune and Pluto (where we found him at the Full Moon) and, as mentioned, Mars is now ready to pass through the same. Also know that even if Sun/Jupiter does help you feel better, Neptune is still in play. Don't overestimate your capabilities or attempt to take on too much. Re-engage at a slow and mindful pace.
At 10:04 PM the Moon is poked by Chiron prior to reaching Void status. Don't deny issues. Find ways to effectively cope and nurse any seeping wounds instead of allowing them to fester. The Moon remains Void until entering the fiery realm of Aries at 1:23 AM. That is going to catalyze action and whip up the other fire planets in the sky. Be well rested in an effort to meet those demands tomorrow.

Friday, August 11, 2017

This morning, the Moon is in Aries which delivers us a little more get up and go. However, for some, it will mean anger, frustration (due lack of ability to move forward at the rate one thinks they should be able to) and general hot headedness all around. This is very much (with Sun and Mars in Leo and now an Aries Moon) a time in which folks are wrapped up in their own problems and perhaps having difficulty seeing past that. I'm not saying that we should not be personally invested. I'm saying that we should be but without attempting to run over other or bully our way to where we need to go. Keep that in mind. Manage anger/frustration by remembering Mars is in a precarious position. Match efforts to flow and grace while still putting your personal signature on it and leave others to their own thing. Don't forget to check your perspective and attempt to see beyond your own problems, too.

The rest of the day passes without major incident. However, at 1:18 AM Venus trines Neptune and we may feel essentially “over-done” with life in the Mars Moon world and be looking for a nice secluded hole to crawl into. Hopefully one with comfort foods and a safe, secure place to nest. I suggest you go full lean into inklings such as those. With Neptune Rx, we could see some veils dropping in regard to things like money or relationships. All the better reason to find a good cave for solitude.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ok, the Moon is still in Aries and there is a whole slew of stuff happening today. We are just waking up from the haze of Venus trine Neptune this morning following a lunar square to Venus less than 20 minutes later. At 3:40 AM the Moon found Mars in Leo by trine and moves on to square Pluto at 8:28 AM. This is where bottomless pits of need (Venus/Neptune) meet with greed (Moon/Pluto) and potentially desperate or manipulative measures in an effort to fill those empty voids. The better use here is to remain compassionate toward others but monopolize upon the focus that Pluto brings allowing you to sheer away distractions and focus efforts on your goal...instead of shooting yourself in the foot. Be that strong boss with yourself that directs you toward long-term goals while reminding yourself that most things take time, patience and hard work. Taking short cuts that involve compromising who you are or manipulating/bullying others might get you to your goal more quickly but eventually your malice will catch up with you. Is it Karma? Is it God? Is it cause and effect...I have no idea. But, what you put “out” there always comes back to you for better or worse regardless of who/what you believe sends it back to you. Be in this for the long haul and lean toward thoroughness while allowing the Venus/Neptune trine to deliver creativity into your efforts.

It's also going to be important to be flexible this day. Aries Moon is a go getter! But, our efficient Mercury in Virgo is a drunk dude stumbling backward. He stations retrograde today just one degree shy of Neptune. So, Mercury related things could go haywire or be screwy which can definitely throw plans/schedules into meltdown. So, have a goal today. But, know you might have to be flexible in regard to doing it. Yeah, kinda like full effect of Murphy's Law. Aries Moon is not going to like it one bit and will be tempted to lower it's Ram head and charge at whatever it is. Meanwhile, the Sun in Leo (lunar trine at 1:28 PM) might over-dramatize or make a bigger deal out of what is going on than need be. (Think meltdown likened to a 2 year old temper tantrum here...yeah, lot like that). Slow down. Be patient. Be flexible. Take a break to chill out or shake it off if you need it.
The Moon does grow up a bit and stabilize as she trines Saturn in Sagittarius. Here is were we are able t draw upon past experience and set our perspective on the next step more clearly. Mercury officially turns retrograde at 8:56 PM.

My guess is this could be a rather dramatic day. Moon in Aries with Mars in Leo is one fiery bunch of energy. There will be a lot of folks focused on doing their own thing and likely in a rush to do so. But, many will be slowed or frustrated by Mercury Rx. Therefore, not happy campers. Not to mention we start the day off with a Moon/Pluto square which is not exactly soft cuddly energy, you know? Take today with a grain of salt. Leave folks free to run around like chickens with their heads cut off. If you don't take yourself too seriously and can direct this fire toward productive or even FUN means, while not getting too torn up if everything doesn't go exactly as planned or on schedule, you'll be fine.
Anxiety or “surprise” could be a factor in the middle of the night or that keeps us from sleep. The Moon does meet Uranus by conjunction at 4:02 AM.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Most likely, when you woke up this morning the Moon was in Taurus. If you woke up before daybreak (on a Sunday) chances are the Moon had just left her conjunction with Uranus. Following that, the Moon was Void until entering Taurus at 6:41 AM.

Today is good. Solid. Grounded and much more settled than what we experienced under the Aries Moon. The Moon in Taurus makes no major aspect. The only other thing going is the Sun in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius. Nice! We are called to act like mature responsible folks and veer away from more childish and overly dramatic “flares” as negative expression of Leo. This stabilizes the day a great deal.
Folks could be stubborn, of course. But, there is no need to go pushing buttons on the playground because we are all grown here right? Get good and grounded. Deal like a big kid with whatever needs to be dealt with and enjoy the potential boring, yet, solid feel to this day.