Morning Star: Astrology for the end of August 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017

This morning, the Moon is active in Scorpio creating a square with Venus newly in Leo just before sunrise. Though this square is not the most comfortable of set ups, it is a rather mild influence. Most of the day is more about Mercury.

This afternoon, the Moon plays with Mercury and our Mercury ruled Sun in Virgo by sextile. Meanwhile, the two wax into conjunction at 4:43 PM. What this energetic mixture delivers is the ability to deeply assess Mercurian and emotional matters. Plus, it delivers talent in the way of sussing out information, putting matters into priority, digging for clues/information or discovering more effective ways to communicate our emotions or fears. These two signs are not so talkative. Virgo likes to communicate in an effort to assist or provide service. Mindless chatter is not her forte. Scorpio's emotional intensity shies away from needless or pointless talk too. What I'm noticing most, though, on a widespread scale with Mercury Rx in Virgo are folks picking apart self or the other. You cannot say anything correctly. You can't mention anything without getting unconsolidated advice. Every little detail is scrutinized. Overall, this is not a horrible thing. Other than the fact that it gets annoying to consistently have someone educate you about their truth in response to something you are saying or being at risk of having anything you say nit picked apart. Plus, it's very important right now for folks to be looking for fact and re-stacking personal priority. The constant nit picking and other critiques, though, is often used as a deflective measure (to draw attention away from the true issue). Listening, self-reflection and speaking toward the end of solution or assistance instead of criticism is the better way to go. It is not uncommon for folks to experience headaches or wonky weather when Mercury is near the Sun.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Virgo occurs at 3 Virgo 48 at 4:43 PM. The Sabian Symbol reads as follows: A chocolate child playing with whites. Underlying fellowship of all life underneath social creeds. Stimulating sense of distinctness. Rising above contrasts.
This symbol coincides with the location of the North Node during our New Moon in Pisces eclipse which occurred this past February. It denotes a coming together of sorts. Unity and overcoming conditioning that may have us splinter apart due to our uncontrollable personal differences. In my experience, I can think of few things that catalyzes folks to do that. Love, common enemies/goals or calamity/disaster.
The rest of the day holds no major aspect. It is the Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction that will receive the most attention as the Scorpio Moon delivers us focus, depth and emotional forbearance assisting us to deal with whatever may arise as a result.

It is helpful to remember, that we still have the waxing kite in the sky with Mars/NN, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This is an energetic mixture that delivers the energy needed to respond swiftly, with purpose, clarity and precision in light of emergent situations. Hopefully it won't be needed. But, if it is, our First Responders and others ready to assist will have this energy on hand to work with should fallout occur.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

This morning we wake amidst water as our watery Scorpio Moon meets Neptune by trine at 6:16 AM. This is wonderful for sleeping in and recapturing rest. It's not great for having to get up early and find your keys or phone. What's nice is the fact that what this energy needs to offset more negative potential is also accessible in the sky by way of the perfection of the Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius sextile (8:17 AM).

This sextile perfects with both planets now direct and hovering around 21 degrees of their respective signs. Both planets are still playing nicely with Mars as Jupiter stands antagonistically with Uranus in Aries creating the kite I spoke about at the end of yesterday's write up. Jupiter and Saturn in gentle mixture offers us the best of both planets. Maturity. Wisdom. Experience. Generosity. Accountability. Strong work ethic. Future minded vision. Grounding. Boundary. Humility and sturdiness accompanied by grace. It's highly supportive and has a tendency to reward those who wear Saturn and Jupiter well.
At 2:09 PM, the mixture of Moon/Neptune has largely faded as the Moon meets her current ruler, Pluto in Capricorn, by sextile. This delivers more depth, focus and grounding enabling us to keep moving forward toward our goals. It also provides an element of integrity and emotional endurance or forbearance.

This grounded and focused feel leads us through the rest of the day. The Moon remains active through the night. We wake up to harsh aspect, though, between the Lion and the Scorpion in our early AM hours of tomorrow.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Very early this morning, the Moon in Scorpio is active and not happy with Mars in Leo (5:38 AM). However, following this harsh square, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 3:48 PM. So, mainly, a large chunk of the day is fairly low key allowing us to toil in tasks that may have loose ends or need revision. It's not necessarily indicated to begin anything new under a Void Moon. My personal experience with doing such has shown that we are just not as “into” or “emotionally invested” in our new tasks while the Moon is Void. However, if you have ongoing projects, this is a good time tinker with them.

After the Moon enters Sagittarius, she meets Mercury in Virgo by square at 7:42 PM. Most of what I'm getting from this square and the square to Mars is that there is no room for rowdy, boastful or showy displays today. It's also a time to mark the difference between focus on self and an inability to see past matters of self in an effort to understand larger undertakings within the world. Does that make sense? The North Node does call us to focus in matters of identity and self. But, not in a way that allows us to elevate our sense of importance over others. An ability to know self and still be able to look beyond our own immediate matters in an effort to understand the position of others is an astute talent worthy of attempting to foster.

We end the night with an amicable yet fiery trine between the Moon and Venus in Leo at 10:49 PM. In the morning, however, we will awake under the pressure of our First Quarter Moon.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This morning there is a veritable storm of emotional energies as the Moon creates our First Quarter Moon (known for it's pressures and challenges) and then goes on to make harsh aspect to Neptune. This calls for deliberate management of priority, a flexible scheduling framework and the ability to keep focus upon one's personal trajectory in the midst of fatigue, emotionality and other unforeseen challenges.

This can be a difficult day. Remain flexible and be wary that folks will likely be more sensitive and/or distracted than typical. Maintain a solid sense of boundary and priority to help offset the more negative potential. It could also be a good day, if you are able to do so, taken with rest and reprieve as goal.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The morning begins under the heaviness of a waxing Moon/Saturn conjunction which perfects at 10:33 AM. By lunchtime, though, the atmosphere does begin to lighten as the Moon moves away from the pressures of Saturn and enters the ongoing kite energy found with Jupiter, Saturn, Mars/NN and Uranus. This begins with the Saturn/Moon conjunction enveloping the rest of the evening as the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 11:39 AM, trines Mars at 9:28 PM and finishes up with a trine to Uranus just after midnight.

So, remember things may feel heavy and pressured in the early part of the day. But, the sky does open up with support in the latter part. Hold your compass true and be flexible in your dealings. Then, when the harsher energy breaks, we can all move forward more freely with the assistance of the Air/Fire energy delivered to us by way of the kite. The Moon reaches Void status after her trine with Uranus. She remains Void until entering Capricorn at 4:19 AM in the morning.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

This is truly a day meant for getting down to business and handling of nitty gritty detail. We wake under a Capricorn Moon in trine to fix-it Mercury in Virgo at 4:41 AM. The energy from Mercury does shift within the confines of the day, however. He moves back into Leo on his retrograde journey to the ecliptic point at 4:41 AM. This brings 3 of our most personal planets into the sign of Leo and calls us toward putting a veritable personalized signature upon anything we may choose to do.

Meanwhile, the sturdy grounding delivered by way of our Moon is emphasized again as she trines the Sun in Virgo at 10:08 PM. Efforts made at progress and planning for such receive great support from this Earthy energy. The pace may not be swift but the steps left behind have depth. Progress is solid. Any big clean up chores, fix it tasks or calls to realign priority in an effort to get the job done are accentuated.
It may not be the most exciting of days. Earth energy is boring to some. But, there is plenty of room for quiet productivity.