Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius--It's all about YOU

For the Sun at 16 Leo: Refreshed by a storm, fields and gardens bask in the Sun. I love the feeling that this symbol represents. However, you don't get to that fresh revelation until after the storm. That must be weathered and faced first. Storms are symbolic of crisis. The water offers cleansing and we don't always get to cherry pick what gets to be “cleansed” and what remains untouched. We can, however, conduct and shelter ourselves in center of peace and protection until the storm passes allowing (as if we have a choice but to allow) it to strip and wash away both on the inside and out. It's scary going in especially when we are fearful of what can be lost. However, being reminded that all things and people can be lost to the storm in a blink of an eye can surely reorient us to what is truly important.

For the Moon at 16 Aquarius: Business manager at his desk studies a complex project. This symbol calls for focus, thinking and concentration. All of which are really hard to do when the emotional body is in flux. In that, dealing with our emotional bodies is the first task we must address. Once we have a deeper understanding of how we feel and why, we can then invoke the logical brain toward problem solving. We need to be in command here. Consciously steering from the helm in order to manage the situation. This symbol also reminds me of the 8 of Coins. We have experience that we have previously built to get us to our current plateau. It's now time to take that experience and acquired wisdom and stretch it into new ventures while leaving ourselves open to learning and experiencing more.

For the Moon's ruler, Uranus Rx, headed toward 28 Aries: Now. I've found two different illustrations of this in my search of the Sabian symbols. One is (as described by Blaine Bovee and Lynda Hill) A large disappointed audience.
The other is (taken from Dane Rudhyar) A crowd applauds a man who shattered a dear illusion.
But, here's the thing, regardless of how it is stated it equates to the same thing. The Emperor is naked in some way and the reaction from the crowd is two fold. One half cheering. The other disappointed at the revelation. Either way, something is given away here and the matter of “self” is placed on the other end of it as witness. What is likely set to occur here is exposure in the realm of the public. Meaning, as part of the public, we will be witnessing the exposure. Our current perspective of the world at large will dictate whether we cheer over the shattered illusion or are disappointed. In either instance, it is relevant to understand that even though we are part of the collective who will witness the exposure, we are also “self” in which matters of “self” will also be exposed to the public at the same time. In other words, we may see (or have it pointed out to us by witnesses) where we, too, are naked and where malefic factors of Ego may play a part in that. These include but are certainly not limited to matters of pride, pomp, showy-ness, willfulness and, in general, pointing at core issues of the identity that have served to historically be factors for the entirety of its existence.

Watch your recent “I” statements for clues in that.
What we have here is what I refer to as a boomerang Yod created with two generational planets who have been in sextile for many lifetimes. Of course the orb has ebbed and waned but everyone in existence on this planet at this time has this sextile between Pluto and Neptune in their charts. As a matter of fact, few Astrologers even pay attention to it because it has been in play for so long just kind of dictating different themes of different generations. For example, the foundational themes of a generation can be viewed by looking at the art, music and creative expressions that “defined” that generation. These artistic expressions define our generations, yes. The issues that catalyzed their creation, subsequently, become part of the “houses that built us.” However, individual response to that varies...which is where the Sun comes into play here. There may be matters of ego that developed in response to these generational issues that we are unable to recognize because they are so deeply ingrained within us. However, that is what up for exposure now. Showing what developed within you as a result of these generational themes and showing you, at the same time, how you are prone to expression of that for better or worse.
The boomerang comes into play because we are witnesses of this exposure within the collective but it boomerangs back as we, ourselves, are exposed at the same time. You will likely notice this with the folks around you as you can vividly see the thorns of their psyche exposed. The downfall of it is not taking the time to inspect yourself for the same because I promise you, you are not exempt. Even if it is a quiet affair without a public display (which could be the case if the Moon falls in a private sector of your chart)...exposure happens and someone will likely bear witness even if they don't say anything. The entirety of the point, though, is that you notice. That you keep a watchful eye for matters of malefic Ego that have run in the background operations of your life and are as obvious as the nose on your face, probably, to others but something that is SO innate to you that you never really paid attention to it.

The weaving of themes within this is so intricate and detailed...very personal...tying all kinds of things together and putting them “at issue” in such a way that the immediate message of ALL of it may only be apparent to you as you are the only one that knows the truth of your past history; and, you are the only one that can note the pattern of themes in an effort to see how they have played out across the time span of your own life. So, yes...witnessed on the outside; but, that is a mere sliver in comparison to what you may find when you take the time to introspect or self-inspect the depth of what is truly going on here.
In those personal revelations you may be disappointed with yourself or happy with you find. Others may bear witness one way or the other, too. Point being, now you know. Is this something you want to keep doing? Or has this been a continual source of your own undoing that you've failed to see before that you are going to allow to continue?
AAAAH! And, there's the clutch. Because some of this stuff is going to be difficult to admit to yourself. Something so deeply ingrained within you comes forth and on a personal level that may be hard to face.
However, as advice, we have the Empress. The supreme mother. Who points to our Cancerian energy which holds Venus, Hekate and Ceres. The highest expression (not what you may have experienced) but the HIGHEST expression of the Empress Mother is acceptance and unconditional love of the child. Even with the child's faults. Even through the child's temper tantrums. The mother loves and takes care of the child while being honest WITH the child about the things he/she may be doing to hurt themselves that they are not aware of. Gentle nurturing self-acceptance and guidance toward more conscious and supportive self-expression at the same time is what is warranted. But, you can't do that if you are stuck in denial or pride that says there is nothing you are doing wrong and it's all the fault of everyone else. You see? Because, it's not. You play a part in some way and that “role” that you play without even realizing it is what is exposed here. Sussing out the root instigator within yourself that causes that continual role to emerge is the trick.

With me it's willfulness and malefic pride. From the day I was born, “I will do it myself” has emerged out of my mouth over and over and as soon as I was able to say it. Without permission. Without knowing what I was doing. Without seeking advice/instruction. “I will do it myself in the way I want or die trying” is the full length of the statement that continually serves to point to my own demise. Or, “Watch me.” A Uranian statement (natal Sun/Mars conjunct the lighting God) and a reflexive “cut my nose off to spite myself” knee jerk reaction that is wrapped up with my Chiron who forms a boomerang Yod in my chart...just....like...this...one. Any kind of “You can't” implied or spoken outright toward me that may insult my sense of independence is automatically met with “Watch me.” Then, I will follow through (self-destructive or successful) until it is done...overdone, even. This fact IS as obvious as the nose on my face to others but something that is so “innately me” I've failed to see it. I keep circling back to the time I outright asked my mother, “If you had to describe me when I was a kid, what would you say?” She immediately said, “You were a very willful child.” LOL. She saw it when I was a toddler. I was in the throes of midlife before I saw it and realized it. AND, even though I can vividly see it now...I'm lax to change it because it is me! Yes, I see who I am. And, that's literally WHO I am. As I adamantly stand on that, you know? How that unfolds is still up to me. I maintain power of choice and awareness. I can work to change it or continue to be slain by it...my choice. Main problem being, “I” really don't know any other way while the admission of “not knowing” is another Chironic issue that bubbles up to play here for me too. Sun/Mars/Uranus (opposite Chiron)..Mercury in the 11th (inconjunct Chiron and square this eclipse)....the shadow of that Uranus action there is that it expects itself TO KNOW and feels “less than” or inadequate when it doesn't or has to admit that. Venus in Virgo also inconjunct my Chiron and semi-sextile this eclipse as my natal Saturn (sextile to my Chiron and trine the Moon/sextile the Sun at this eclipse) plays a part here too...ALL OF THE AFOREMENTIONED PLANETS that bear relevance here are either currently receiving Neptune/Pluto transits or just did (Pluto being furthest ahead and filling in the “just did” as in just did trine my Venus, sextile my Mercury and square my Uranus while Neptune hits all that shit right now).
Suffice to say...that's “MY” story. That's how this is playing out in my chart and it denotes feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth that feels better when it “proves” itself even if it is to my own detriment. There is a story about YOU in here, though. That's what you need to be looking for without letting the drama coming forth from the collective exposure distract you from the boomerang that points right back at you. It is very deeply woven in your chart and within the personal time line of your life, I'll say again, so the entire truth of it (even with public exposure) is really only accessible to you because you know your personal history (and yourself) better than anyone else.
So. What are to let go of at this Full Moon eclipse? We have the choice of freeing ourselves from the malefic expressions of ego that may have woven themselves into our identity and served only toward self-destruction or being chained within these malefic cycles. Thus...as a end result...we are given awareness and a choice echoing the them semi-sextile between Uranus (RULER OF THIS MOON) and Chiron in Pisces in which Uranus is trying his damnedest to help us free/liberate ourselves from these things that we deny or try to coverup/escape but continually undo (Pisces) ourselves with.
So, all that covers this boomerang Yod, right? Where, then, lies the answer in the best way to navigate it? What are our tools?

Bearing in mind the advice of the Empress, we have the Mystic rectangle that holds 3 Goddesses in its entrapment and includes that very same Pluto/Neptune Yod AND Mercury in Virgo...who just happens to be in shadow. In other words, “fixing” or using this awareness to foster positive personal change is going to be a process of winding and rewinding and unwinding all in the interest of 1) converting this Pluto/Neptune into something more beneficial through personal awareness 2) picking apart that which is relevant WITHOUT cutting self apart but instead UNCONCTIONALLY ACCEPTING (Venus) what is found and like the highest expression of “mother” nurturing ourselves and redirecting in a gentle way that shows a more beneficial and conscious expression of what you find. It may involve changes and restructuring of both perspective and daily routine but it goes without saying that once you stand at the crossroads and “witness” what emerges there your moves forward and your personal “outlook” on yourself and your life will be forever altered. Oh...hello there Hekate. 3) feed what you want to grow (Ceres in Cancer/Empress) and 4) Vesta in Virgo says pay homage and honor to the detail and says to remain self-honest while appreciating your power of choice and ability to “fix” what needs to be fixed. Because, you can. Because, that is what is going to benefit you most (recognizing, accepting then subsequently redirecting toward more positive expression) in the end.
And it totally sucks. I'll tell you that. But, if you can do this the efforts are 100% worthy. Free yourself from yourself through self-awareness and acceptance and convert unconscious malefic Ego expressions (as they are exposed to you) into something more self-supportive and conscious, instead. Sounds simple. Totally ain’t. It's deep. It's personal. It's convoluted. Yet, that is our task at hand. Remember that as you witness this go down in the collective; because, it WILL BE a dramatic show. The thing to focus upon is the boomerang that points right back to YOU. Don't get wrapped up in the sea of the collective and miss it. The Eclipse is going to isolate it for you and a great amount of positive personal change COULD come as a result if you don't allow yourself to be distracted away from it by the outer chaos. In other words, the Full Moon in the Collective report says...DON'T GIVE ALL YOUR ATTENTION TO THE COLLECTIVE BECAUSE THIS IS ABOUT YOU. JUST. YOU.

I will leave you with my chosen “poster child” for the eclipse. The song that I'm going to post were essentially his “final words” to the collective. In his chart, you will find that his Jupiter in Leo is conjunct the Sun at this eclipse. Johnny Cash was very prideful and his end reflections in this video are very telling of a man who can now look back on his life with a deeper sense of understanding for better or worse. This hollow echo of reflection and truth 100% encompasses the feel of the ecliptic. Take it from Johnny, as he is one who surely knows the effect of malefic pride. He built and “empire of dirt” and tells you that you can have it..as he can now see that empire was of pure irrelevance in regard to what truly “made” his life. Humble hard words to swallow. But, there is no more relevant truth to this. You can read the story behind this song here.