Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of July 8-9, 2017

Saturday, July 9, 2017

So, there's a Full Moon tonight. Have you heard? It's a little intense. Since it is conjunct Pluto. Just a little. Let's begin at the beginning.

This morning the Moon resides in Capricorn and makes no major aspect until about 6:05 PM by way of a sextile to Neptune. The Moon is waxing. Emotions are high. They can soften or stream from the eyes as the Moon passes by Neptune. It's a release point in which we are given opportunity to purge, create or just relax a bit from the heightened state. Water and Earth mix to form a metaphorical creative energetic clay. At 6:45 PM the Moon squares Jupiter and emotions rise again. Wherever we are emotionally during Moon/Neptune expands under Moon/Jupiter.

Just after midnight, the Full Moon blossoms at just a little over 17 degrees extending from Cancer to Capricorn. The Moon officially meets Pluto by conjunction at about 2 AM.

Aside from feeling broody, seething, paranoid, angry...this Full Moon offers a powerful point of release. Wherever the Moon and Pluto reside in your Astrology chart points to the place where you need to aim your purge. Full Moons are for release. Culmination. Completion and the beginning of clearing the decks in preparation for a new Lunar cycle. This Moon opens a huge pit for your to toss garbage into. It could be that something usurps your power in the house of the Full Moon. Or, perhaps there is a block there that keeps you from fully accessing and commanding your power. Perhaps you are being emotionally manipulated, abused and/or controlled and that is just now being revealed to you under this Moon. Either way, there is room for deep excavation here but in order to that, you must face off with yourself, your fears, your shadow and bravely look at what it is that you need to let go of. It's a great Moon for severing negative attachments, releasing malefic habits, disconnecting from abusers, manipulators or merely ditching outdated standards that could work to block us more than support us at this time.
Georgia was born during a New Moon that fell in opposition to Pluto

The Moon does seethe and brood a bit. It is conjunct Pluto. And, with Moon/Pluto emotions are no light affair. They can be spicy, saucy and erotic but light? Not so much. And, speaking of erotic, releasing at this time can be an orgasmic energetic experience. Bringing forth feelings of euphoria and relief once the tremendous weights are shed.

May remain and will continue to be, concerned about the happenings in the world. But, this Moon is a highly personal affair asking us to peer deeply into the personal constructs of our lives and yank our power back in an effort to live more freely and less inhibited by doubt, fear and the ways in which we or others may block us from even realizing we may have power to begin with. Because we do. We all do. The question is not whether or not we have it. The question is whether or not we can recognize it and put it full conscious and responsible use toward our goals.

That being said, this can be a true mark of exacerbating power struggles...internally or externally in which the dynamics of power need to be more evenly balanced. In that, we are looking for a mixture of Cancer and Capricorn energy that best supports the balance of power instead of putting too much weight on one end or the other. We are called to be the ideal parents (which we may not have experienced as children) to ourselves. To be supportive. Realistic. Protective. Nurturing. And, gently guide ourselves in a way that allows us to step gently into our own power and then put that to proper use.

The Sabian Symbols for this lunation read as follows:

For the Sun at 18 Cancer: In a crowded barnyard a hen clucks among her chickens. Gossip. At times, spreading unverified information in an effort to deflect attention from oneself. Social chatter. Enjoying local company. Conversations that happen at home. Devotion to issues that directly effect matters of home and family. Airing of grievances or worry. Simple and/or mundane aspects of life.
--you can keep clucking about what everyone else is doing wrong and use that as a distraction from your own problems...but, your problems, until directly faced, are going to continue to exist after the clucking ends

For the Moon (and Sun's ruler) at 18 Capricorn: The Union Jack Flag flies from a new British Destroyer. Ownership. Patriotism. Standing off in defense of home and country. Pride. Challenge to competition. Signal or symbol of established norms.

The Moon remains active through the night. That could stir some restlessness or insomnia. Such potential exists under any Full Moon. We are essentially looking at transforming, shedding snake skin, purging and releasing things that may manipulate, abuse, usurp or block our access to our own power. The place to begin in the search for things that may need to go begins within. Point your focus there and bravely stand off with yourself in an effort to gain more conscious control over your life. Use the waxing Sun/Pluto opposition to keep hacking away at and recognizing these things. We are able to release/purge solidly and effectively for the next two weeks before we begin rebuilding our more free and authentic identity and self-expression under the New Moon in Leo. Then, once we've metaphorically cleared the decks we can use the waxing Mars/Uranus square and subsequent square from Sun to the same in an effort to step into our lives under a stronger sense of freedom and personal authenticity while wearing our gentle source of power consciously like a crown.

Sunday, June 9, 2017

The Full Moon is crested and now waning. All that is left is to recuperate and deal with the potential of emotional hangover. Moon drunkeness. Hysteria. Lunacy. Or, to self-care following a particularly heightened emotional state.

At 11:41 AM, the Moon opposes Mars which can birth ambiguity but is best used toward acts of self-care and perseverance. Mars is motivated by the Moon right now. The Moon resides in Capricorn. It is your job to take care of your health just as much as any other job. Aim productive efforts at doing just that in an effort to appease and balance out this opposition.

At 10:13 PM, the Moon meets Uranus in Aries by square. As this aspect waxes in, we may feel anxious and nervous. Reactive. It does bridge a gap between the waxing Mars/Uranus square which can be indicative of these inclinations rising in the background. If you reverted to self-care efforts and were mindful of dietary and stimulant intake throughout the day then this may go more smoothly. However, if you were restless in sleep last night and overloaded on stimulants in an effort to “get back in the game” it's likely you are frazzled and agitated by the time the night sky unfurls. Ground out excess physical energy or anxiety through movement. Work to rise independently above swamping emotions instead of flailing in them. Evoke emotional care expertise (Moon/Uranus) and breathe through the adrenaline that may surge to help over-come the tendency to be erratic or reactive. This is also the point where we can take our first few steps toward emotional independence from whatever we decided to purge or banish from our life under the Full Moon.

The Moon sextiles Chiron at 11:17 PM. She reaches Void status here. Meanwhile, the Sun perfects in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. We are encouraged to focus into the deep inner wells of identity and continue to remove blocks or dissolve attachment to things that may stop us from accessing the root of our power. Folks may still come on strong for various reason throughout the day as this aspect waxes in. There could be power struggles, disagreements, angst and fatigue to deal with. The Cardinal cross created by the Moon/Mars/Uranus finds outlet in Libra. There is not much in the way of Air or Venus in this sky (other than the contact with Uranus). Tap into these outlets in your natal chart and seek your Venus. She is the light creature in the sky right now that can help boost us above more swamping emotions while Libra reminds us we can negotiate, detach, compromise and be fair in dealings that may include conflict in relationship.

It's an intense weekend overall. However, there is definitely room for banishing or purging elements in our life that drain, manipulate or block you from full self expression or may be hindrance to your access to your own power. The suggestion is to face off with yourself in regard to these issues and deliberately release them. In a laser like focus. Rather than worry about what Sally across the street or Jim at the grocery store may or may not be doing. That's just a distraction from dealing with your own life. Maybe burn any tendency like that first.