Morning Star: Astrology for the Weekend of July 29 to July 30, 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pranks meant to stir fear and phobia. Insidious Clowns. That is what we were dealing with in the US the last time Jupiter in Libra was in square to Pluto. There were other headlines that did correlate. But, this one was easy to remember. Now, the bolts on that square tighten, yet again. The next Jupiter/Pluto square perfects midweek. However, the headlines between this “war of the Gods” have already began trickling into our sphere. Threats from foreign enemies (which has been a thing, anyway), killer carnival rides, public tirades of profanity...all Jupiter/Pluto. These two are insidious bedfellows. With them, they squeeze the ugly out of the collective and put it on public display. Some inflated and meant to catalyze fear/phobia. Some, horrific tales in which a happy result was anticipated. Public threats and shaming. Self-righteous proclamations. It's all coming to the fore now and will continue to be at issue as this square waxes in.

A prelude, also likely, of the shadow we will see emerge from the future expressions of Jupiter in Scorpio. Not that there are no positive expression of that. But, the energy of Jupiter in Scorpio is the same as the energy coming from Jupiter square Pluto. Same energetic mixture just delivered in a different way. Difference being, a square is forceful and creates discomfort in folks until they respond. The entire passage of Jupiter through Scorpio is not continually forceful. However, it will teach us about proper use of power. Educate us about the shadow that lies beneath and teach us more about survival, in general. There is much more to that transit. But, that is the general overview.
In terms of survival, we are now entering a time period in which a person's character may be severely tested. Perhaps folks respond to the fear/paranoia catalyzed by this square negatively. Perhaps personal situations arise as a result of the ecliptic and folks are tempted to go to extreme measures under Jupiter/Pluto. These are all possibilities.
An overly pumped Ego would have us consistently and adamantly defending ourselves. Which, is not a bad thing. It all depends on the effectiveness of the path we decide to take in that. We remain open to our powers of choice and perception (which may also be skewed by this square). As the Full Moon eclipse on the 7th waxes into our awareness, a door opens for exits. Then, the New Moon eclipse, opens a door for entrances...stepping out...stepping into. For example, under the effects of the Full Moon, someone may suddenly leave a job opening up an unexpected position for someone else to walk into under the New Moon. A couple may suddenly divorce opening the door for two new potential mates as they newly single non-couple re-enters the dating arena. Someone moves out of one house opening the door for someone else to move in. It's shifting. Some of the exits may be shocking or unexpected...and yet, serve as opportunity for someone else in the future. Not that the leaving person has no further opportunities. They do! They automatically get a fresh start...enter a new type of life and may meet with a opportunity to do something more fulfilling than what they are leaving behind. Crowns of power are exchanged and people are shuffled around like a deck of cards and re-dealt.

Now. Lets add to that a little. The Jupiter/Pluto square occurs on the 4th. The Full Moon eclipse on the 7th. But, on the 2nd, Uranus stations retrograde. Uranus is catalytic energy. Shakes things up and makes it nearly impossible to not react. Nearly, I said. Not entirely. However, his energy is very punctuated right now. It's a station point that few pay attention to but it is likened to a Mercury Rx station on crack, in my opinion. Plus, it could be the very catalyst that sends some folks toward measures taken out of desperation. We still maintain power of choice but the situations this may bring could cause it to feel like we need to choose quickly. Yet the higher vibration ALWAYS calls for mindfulness and breathing through/grounding out the adrenaline in an effort to find mindfulness and conscious choice.
Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. So, what we are looking at are things like squirrelly internet issues, electricity outages, public transit breakdowns/accidents...and that other shoe dropping. So, yeah, today's lunar aspect to Uranus (opposition 5:31 PM) as well as the one incoming once the Moon reaches Capricorn (on the day Uranus stations Rx) are going to have particularly punctuated Uranian themes moreso than what previous passages have brought about. Cardinal Moons aspect Uranus harshly 4 times a month. Yet these incoming with Uranus in station are very strong.
If you've been reading here for a while, you know what I advise in regard to the basics of a Uranus transit. Prepare for the unexpected. Reduce the stimulation that you take in through diet and through your brain and try to remain grounded particularly if you are receiving direct transits from Uranus right now. Physically move around to dispel excess physical energy. He lingers at 28 degrees Cardinal.

Plus, tonight, Venus meets up with both Chiron and Uranus who both remain on that 28th degree. Things like electric or computerized appliances have a tendency to be a bit haywire. So, perhaps you have something like that occur and are forced to respond with Venus/Money. Uranus stations DO that! It screws up big systems...grids, networks, flight patterns. So, yeah, imagine you are pinching every last penny you have just to make it until the next payday only to have a major appliance break down...or the electric goes out thus wiping out your food stores. Or, imagine trying to hold everything together in your home and being successful thus far with that only to have that ability taken from your hands because severe weather has forced evacuation...see what I mean? Much of this is out of our control. Lack of control and uncertainty coming at folks' foundations is scary. That's when we resort to extreme or dire measures and I'm certain we will see some of that this weekend and into next week.
In those times, for a lot of folks, the first inclination is going to be to fight. Rage. Declare, I am the superhero that can fix this! We may pridefully refuse to leave our home despite impending a matter of fact, pride in malefic terms is going to be what unseats folks in a lot of instances through these eclipses. All the wailings of ego. But, truth be told, survival is not all about fighting. Adrenaline equals fight OR flight and those of who have and continue to survive know that certain situations may call for one or the other...the objective being to live to fight another day.

At any rate, the character, the true ability to self-direct is tested within folks. Why? Because this is Leo. This is the axis between creative self and integrated groups. Can you be true to who you really are or is who you are dictated by what occurs or who is around you? Can you accept when a door unexpectedly opens and you are pushed through its exit? Or are you going to claw to the sides in desperation? Are you able to flow with the circumstances and remain optimistic that...perhaps this means there is something better or more fulfilling for you out there. Perhaps, this is just the shove I needed? Maybe my time is finished in this place or there is good cause behind this even if I don't see it yet? It all depends. On your character. Your faith in yourself to handle unexpected change. Your ability to direct yourself or inability to control ego...again, this is Leo. The Sun. The core essence of life. Your heartbeat and all that you are. Challenged and squeezed until the “truth of you” comes out. What IS the truth of you?
Last night, the Moon passed by the Jupiter/Pluto square. All you have to do is read this morning's headlines to see how that played out bearing in mind Jupiter/Pluto themes and being on the lookout for Uranus' early news as well. Today, the Moon is fairly stable following a sextile with Saturn at 4:27 AM. This is followed by a trine to Venus in Gemini at 4:26 PM. Yet, following that, the potential catalytic nuance from Uranus begins to be a factor.
At 5:30, the Moon is inconjunct Chiron and opposed Uranus. See, these two are in semi-sextile. Uranus being the front runner in that is actually trying to pull Chiron forward in development by bringing AWARENESS to these Chironic triggers, thus, helping us to liberate from them. To evolve our coping mechanisms in light of them. To act more independently in spite of them. His methods, typically not pleasant. Folks are anxious, reactive and potentially triggered. Watch for that awareness to trickle in. What triggers you? How are you initially prone to react to that? Is your reaction self-supportive and self-respectful? Or, are you the type that just likes to cut their nose off to spite their face? Good at blowing your life to smithereens? Astute at shooting yourself in the foot? All in the interest of a malefic ego push that says, “I'll show you”? Observe. Discover. Adjust as necessary.
(I'm laughing...because my Sun/Uranus/Mars conjunction in Libra is fairly prone to ALL that if I'm not paying attention).

After the Uranus opposition, the Moon is Void in Libra until entering Scorpio at 8:24 PM. At this point, the mood deepens further and that whole “survival” thing becomes more of an issue. However, the initial “surge” of adrenaline form Moon/Uranus has likely passed. For now. We are just stewing in it more or less.
Then, overnight, Venus has her time with the electric disco God (sextile Uranus at 4:04 AM) and an opportunity to shoot herself in the foot with Chiron (square Chiron 3:45 AM). Impulse buys on the internet? If it's a large purchase, I'd wait. Getting intoxicated and calling someone up on the spur of the moment? Probably not a great idea. Bolting in the middle of the night from an abusive or subservient relationship...maybe...go the safest route. No jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, k? Sometimes that is waiting it out for the best time after preparations have been made. Sometimes that is running RIGHT NOW; because, you are in danger. The live to love or buy another day. True stuff that the heart may skip a beat or two. Feel restless and responsive. Make sure you assess they “why” behind that...the trigger...before you do anything with it. Love and spend wisely while making decisions that are self-respectful and a true expression of you not a knee jerk reaction in the moment. That's your advice for the day.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

This morning the Scorpio Moon meets with Mercury in Virgo by sextile this morning (5:21 AM). Perhaps this is where we call the repair guy for whatever broke down yesterday. Or, maybe we just call up a friend for some practical advice. I can tell you this. If it is possible for something to be figured out...a mixture of Scorpio and Virgo will find it. From here, the Moon moves on to square Mars in Leo at 9:03 AM. Then, we are off to the perfection of the First Quarter at 11:24 AM perfecting at 8 degrees fixed.

The First Quarter is going to exacerbate feelings of frustration. Ambiguity and tension/pressure are par for the course. Mars' presence here is not helpful. Neither is that person over there in the corner screaming his agenda in an attempt to get folks even more whipped up in his efforts to start a revolt...or encourage one. Thing is, though, anyone making such efforts...especially due to pure personal Ego invested interests...might experience that backfiring. For example, they whip up a crowd alright...but not to align with his agenda. Instead, they line up against the instigator. Folks will likely be quite wise to and sick of efforts such as this. Because, there is some real serious stuff going down and who needs someone whose main motive is just to whip things up in an effort to force their own agenda making it worse? Maybe think twice before trying to push any kind of agenda today. Help if you can. Ask for help if you need it. Otherwise, don't go screwing with folks.

Ego vs Shadow. Harsh interplay between Scorpio and Leo is not pretty. Plus, the feel between fixed signs can be equivalent to being trapped in concrete. Immobilized. We are already anxious and now it feels like the walls are closing in and there is no escape. The desperate measures continue to pop in our awareness. The best advice I can give you came from a very wise Sun/Pluto person, “If you hit rock bottom...quit digging.” If you are stuck, at least you aren't sinking. Weather what you can instead of doing something that...may initially relieve pressure but, in long term, serves only to make things worse. Decide whether its wise thing to fight or to flee.

At 11:30 PM, the Moon trines Neptune...I suggest a glass of wine. Maybe two. Take your finger out of the dam. Whatever you've been holding back, let it out. Let the emotions come forth so that you can clear your system. Safely. This is also time for gentle acceptance. Realizing, “ok, so this is where I am. I accept that. Now what?” Tomorrow the Moon does refortify and refocus with a sextile to Pluto. Cleansing the emotional system of what is overflowing the dam will help. We use less energy when we let it go thus reserving some for future use. Be gentle with yourself here. The adrenaline has left for a moment and we are left in deep quiet...alone with our swirling emotions. Allow the waters to run until they are clear thus clearing your perspective, as well.
If you are in the mood for creative efforts, the energy of the day is great for re-purposing, exerting your efforts at being a junk gypsy or yard sale re-invention wizard. It's great for creating mosaics particularly with broken pieces of tile, dishes, etc. Take what is broken, no longer useful or in need of repair and breathe new life into it. Turn your pain (and broken things) into art.