Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of July 22 to July 23, 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017

For just a very few hours this morning, the Sun and Moon both linger in Cancer. At 11:16 AM, the Sun transitions to Leo giving us an official stellium in the sign. Prior to that, however, the Moon in Cancer is a busy lady. She danced with Neptune overnight at 2:35 AM (trine). Then, she butted heads by square with Jupiter in Libra (5:35 AM). Then, at 8:51 AM she opposed Pluto....all of which can operate to cast a nostalgic and swirling emotional haze over our morning.

This could lead us into memories of childhood for better or worse. The Sun's shift into Leo may prompt us to lean into those things we remembered enjoying from our younger more naïve and whimsical days. Or, it could bring hauntings of those times, as well. For me, and most likely the balance struck by others here, it was a little of both...remorseful and joyful. I plucked out the joy and let the remorse slip away. So many years have flowed by since then. Why keep holding on to muddy water?
The rest of the day, plays out with this introduction to the Sun in Leo. A passage that surely has many twists and turns along with opportunities to assess our personality, how it came to be and get in touch with our most pure know, the person we were before we were told we weren't allowed or it wasn't acceptable to be that? Yeah. Like that. This will be no less than an interesting ride, I'm sure. Not just today. But, the entirety of this passage of the Sun through Leo. That section of your chart is lit up and in line of the eclipses. What's going to help the most through that is being able to properly assert yourself in ego matters without allowing that beast to run the show. In other words, some folks may become completely full of themselves, filled with dramatic attention seeking acts or just roaring because they feel like they can.

The better expression? A deliberate return to innocence. An opening of the heart to the inner child as we assess her hurts, joys, pleasures and fears in a humble and curious manner. To remember romance and how much joy it brings to you when you, in turn, bring joy to others. It's a time used best for playfulness and creativity. Yet, as much as the high expression exists, so will the low. We will see the shadow of Leo as well. That's just par for the course. The main thing is to draw your attention to yourself, who you are, who you were, who you would like to become. Not selfishly. Not in a grand standing type of way. But, gently focusing on self with an aim to humbly shape and embrace what we find. Then, using the powers of an inspirational fire set up to employ those things...creation, play, simple joy and sharing without letting it all go to your head.
There is an inconjunct from the Moon to Saturn at 3:41 PM. Subtle, but grounding...allowing us to make comparative assessments of “then vs now.” Then, tonight while all should be sleeping the Moon squares Uranus (2:06 AM) and trines Chiron (2:23 AM) before reaching Void status.
She is only Void for about an hour and half. She enters Leo to join Mercury, Mars and the Sun at 4:35 AM.
Today, on the whole, is rather contemplative. The Moon is dark and we have just a little while longer to detox, absolve and release the passing Moon phase before a new one begins bright and early tomorrow.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

This morning our first New Moon in Leo (of the non-ecliptic kind) dawns at 5:47 AM. This occurs at the genesis of Leo and offers us a chance to take a good initial look at self and matters of the same. Between now and the next New Moon in Leo, there could be a lot that has changed. Mark this time and set our intentions. Do you know who you are? Are you doing that on purpose? Are you good with it? In the weather we are headed toward, it's imperative to have a good sense of self. Things are going to be confusing at times...happen quickly...surprises lie just around the bend. The set up for the ecliptic is already in play. The themes are there and unfurling already.

The Sabian for this lunation read as follows: For the Sun and Moon at 1 Leo: Under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man's head. Adrenaline and anger. Those are the first two things I think of when I see this degree. It's that moment when your face flushes for one reason or another. Embarrassment. Anger. Either way, we are poised to respond. This plays nicely into this Moon as it is in a tight conjunction with Mars. Plus, we have a very astute fire trine happening with Mercury, North Node, Saturn and Uranus. Mercury's involvement just reinforces that potential of “hot head” syndrome. There is a pure expression of self called for here and doing so is likely to be irresistible. The only question is whether you will build regret or behave in a way that your future self can look back on with pride OR are you just going to lean into a negative sense of pride here.
It is relevant that the New Moon is conjunct Mars. It kind of kick starts the day. What's more interesting, though, is the condition of Mercury. He has passed over the nodal axis and now resides half-way between the NN, the entrance of his shadow AND our eclipse point on 8/21. An eclipse in which schools are closing in the interest of observation because it is considered a potentially “once in a lifetime event.” No pressure. HA!

But, listen to me...ok? Eclipses pack this whacky energetic feel. The second New Moon trines Uranus and we are just coming out of a phase in which Uranus has been highly active via transit of planets through Cancer. Most recently, last weeks Sun/Uranus square. What that tells me is that the Universe is giving us “trial” runs of discovering where we may trip (or blow) ourselves up due malefic expression of the South Node. See, the axis works together. It's not that the South Node is this dangerous insidious place. It's only when we have a weak foundation at the South Node that we may be hindered on our journey toward the North. So, if there malefic tendencies that relate to the South've likely been show them by now. These include impulsiveness, apathy, being overly detached, unable to separate yourself from the cluster of others, rejecting out of fear of rejection, reactiveness...lack of mindfulness. However, at it's highest expression, the South Node acts as good support in our ventures to come out of our comfort zones (which is the South Node) and dare to embark on challenges that lead to growth and new experience. Remember, North Node in Leo says, this is a journey into matters of self, ego and identity. There will be things in the world that may operate as a distraction to that. But, the focus needs to be redirected to self. Not selfishly, mind you. But, in a way that lets us explore and understand more fully who we are instead of wondering why everyone else is doing what they are doing. We can't really afford to pay attention to that right now. This is know thyself, time.
And, thus, the journey to that know thyself end begins today. Choose a statement...maybe a few that fill in the blanks following, “I am..” Write them down. Then, at the next New Moon, we may be able to add more detail or realize “Maybe, I am something else.”
Coincidentally the child in this photo is a double favorite Leo as a matter of fact
Either we go. Keep your roars gentle but effective. Your actions mindful and generous. Much of how this goes is going to depend upon the GENTLE bravery of your heart more than your ability to roar over others. If you are afraid to delve into that heart and re-kindle that little sense of innocence and childhood wonder...then, there's your starting point.

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