Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of July 15 to July 16, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

This weekend, we are under an Aries Moon that answers to Mars. This particular Aries Moon has a certain nuance, though, that in the end may have bearing upon our relationships. Mars in Cancer (which operates on Moon/emotional/intuitive/instinctual juice) is waxing strongly into square with Uranus. The aspect perfects on Monday but is strongest as it is waxing. The Moon aspects both these entities this weekend and her current ruler is Mars. So, that's kind of a big deal.

Ahhh, Liz Taylor. One of my favored poster children for Venus mixed with Uranus
Basically, what happens here is, our ability to navigate and self-direct is tested. The ways in which we respond to emotional stimuli and potentially catalyzing circumstances measured. In the end, there is opportunity to learn more about how to effectively handle our selves during heightened emotional circumstance. However, the “lessons” are forced upon us... not necessarily chosen.
Still yet, Venus is a factor this weekend too. Under this Aries Moon she waxes in square to Neptune which is also due to perfect on Monday. But. Before she gets there and during the last major aspect from our Aries Moon (conjunct Uranus at 10:20 PM Sunday night), she meets the Moon and Uranus by semisquare. We are seeking independence in our relationships. We are looking for freedom of expression in the same. We want to be valued for our uniqueness and we find ways to appreciate others in the same manner. However, the problem with that, is obscured.
As Venus squares Neptune we may have veils fall like a thud regarding relationship or money issues. We may be overly attached to lofty or overly unrealistic ideals of either or both. Either way, there is not much clarity there. By the time this aspect perfects on Monday, the Moon is in Taurus, which helps to bring grounding. However, as both of these very personally themed aspects wax in, there is a sense of impulsiveness, reactiveness and even an impetus toward self-destruction all while our view on our value systems and relationships are...well...a little drunk or uncertain at the very least.

We may see relationships suddenly break apart or form at this time. Sometimes, this can happen all at the same time. I liken it to the 7 year itch which is a Uranian related concept. We can either look at our relationships and attempt to bring them up to speed or up to date. Assess whether folks are “growing together” or “growing apart” and, in the end, take appropriate action.
Or. We can start or end a relationship without really thinking it through. In the realm of finances, this can be indicative of impulse buys (especially if you are prone to such when the emotional realm gets sticky) or being deceived or confused about what it is we are purchasing in the first place. It's an odd set up that can really sneak up on you.
Aries wants to ACT. And, the state of his current ruler is fairly trigger happy and nervous. Venus is restless AND confused. The answer to both these conditions is to deal with situations consciously, wisely and with the long-term future in mind (ground and maintain perspective). However, I do expect some folks to blow stuff up (in their own lives or in their relationships) in response to this energy. High or low end expression...conscious or unconscious action...we will learn from the event either way. Choose your classroom.
This morning the Moon resides in Aries, as I've mentioned. We have shifted from a severe influx of Water and are now in the Fire realm. Our Moon makes mostly light aspects which don't come until later this evening. At 5:41 PM, she meets Venus in Gemini by sextile. This is soft and brings opportunity to engage with friends or maybe may inspire a short day trip. Neither of these two enjoy leisurely sitting around indoors. Aries Moon is needs to be physically active. Venus in Gemini wants to feed her curiosity. So, a day freely flitting about fits the bill.
A little deeper under the surface, though, Mars in Cancer and Venus in Gemini meet by semisquare (1:04 PM). This is a check-in with how we hunt what we need and how we decide what we want. A pretty little “something” catches Mars' attention and stirs a bodily reaction. This kind of sets up the dominoes (so to speak) for the rest of the way this plays out.

The entirety of this set up echoes themes such as those found in the movie, "American Beauty"

At 11:04 PM, the balancing begins. The Moon in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra. We are prompted to assess and balance the axes between the Self and Other dynamic. Are we over-compromising ourselves? Are we placing too much emphasis on the opinions of others? Are we so worried about others think that we are hindered in our ability to engage or be properly assertive? Are we too selfish? Are we too brash? All this and more is up for weighing, measuring and balancing out.
As the night moves forward the Moon makes a fiery trine with Mercury in Leo..another very personal planet who is getting sideways hits from outer planets right now. The Yod with Mercury and the Neptune/Pluto sextile is still in force. Mercury wanes in sextile to Jupiter now. But, the inconjunct to Pluto doesn't perfect also Sunday (3:48 PM). The trine between Mercury and the Moon allows us to tap into and access our emotions while delivering the ability to communicate these or put them into words. It's a bit feral. Potentially romantic or creative. But, it's very animated and CAN have a narcissistic or purely self-centered tone. We may not be able to see past our own perspective or view here. While it is important to know where you stand and why, the Yod with Mercury, Pluto and Neptune says to go deeper than that. Inspect things more closely. Ensure you are not making judgment calls based on delusion and don't do so without a shred of empathy or compassion for your fellow man. Yes. You are important. You need to get in touch with to speak. However, for the duration of the North Nodes transit in Leo we should attempt to reach for the high expression of the sign of Leo. That comes with a realization that it is not ALL about you. It's a desire to share. A return to innocence, romance and creativity. Healing the inner child. Finding the tribe (SN in Aquarius) that supports our pure expression of self (NN in Leo) and really getting in touch with the original, more pure, essence of self. The syllabus for NN in Leo does not have “learning to be a selfish, attention seeking, narcissistic dickhead” as the last chapter. That's Leo at its lowest. It's about learning to find your “shine” and bravely but gently putting that light into everything you do and feeling secure enough about ourselves that we are not threatened by the “shine” of someone else. You know? So, maybe keep that in mind as this Moon/Mercury fire trine whips in and for the duration of NN in Leo.

Overall, Saturday seems to go by fairly lightly. Many will feel active, social, prone to explore or reach out for new experiences. We want the wind in our hair these days. Yet, under the surface, there are deeper and more personal matters being stirred about. So, go! Have fun! Just be aware there is more going on than what may immediately be aware of.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Overnight, the Aries Moon met Pluto by square (4:06 AM EDT). This could have stirred nightmares, paranoia, greed or punctuated a deep sense of hunger or longing. If you snuck into the fridge overnight...this would probably be why. The Sun chases Pluto's influence away though as the Moon begins waxing into a nice stabilizing, yet forward moving, trine with Saturn. We can access wisdom and grown up emotions here and can easily incorporate our initiating goals into our future plans. Yeah. HOLD ON TO THAT GROUNDED FEEL!
At 3:27 PM our Last Quarter Moon between the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Cancer perfects indicating a time of being proactive about consciously addressing emotional issues while also evoking another “hunter” type of feel. The Moon strongly releases now and we are encouraged to take part in that by letting go as well. Releasing. Walking away. Absolving. Wiping the slate clean in preparation for our First (because there are TWO this season) New Moon in Leo coming in next week.
From there, we the “lesser” aspects begin to come into strong effect. Mercury perfects inconjunct Pluto at 3:48 PM. This is further stirred by the Moon as she squares Mars (who waxes toward Uranus) at 9:13 PM and then finds the lightning God, Uranus, himself by conjunction at 10:20 PM. What happens here occurs very quickly under a feeling of needing to rush or respond to emotional stimuli RIGHT NOW! Plus, our values are skewed. The Moon lights up Venus too by semisquare as she passes by Uranus putting emphasis on the potentially fickle nature of Venus at this time.

Remember that Saturn trine? Well, try REALLY HARD! We need our grounding and we need to focus on the path ahead of us to ensure that our actions and what bounty we decide to allow ourselves to be “swept away” by all align with our goals for the future. Eyes. On. Purpose! But, know....there are going to be plenty of distractions, most likely.
Following the conjunction with Uranus, the Moon reaches Void status. But, the stage has already been set for our incoming Taurus Moon that is under a bit of duress this go around. The Moon officially enters Taurus at 1:05 AM. Try to get some rest and get your feet firmly beneath you in preparation for Monday because that is going to be what helps you the most in dealing with that. Where are you? Who are you? What's important? And, where are you going? Then, shape everything you do around those things without letting the actions of others or circumstances control what you do. Act independently and with the precision of a surgeon while deliberately wiping the haze/smoke from your eyes that is coming from Venus square Neptune.