Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of July 1-2, 2017

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Alrighty then. I'm just going to let it be known right off the bat that I don't like the feel of the Astrology as we make our way toward the US July 4th holiday. I don't want to come off all doom and gloom and fear mongering either though. So, let me just say have fun but make safety your number 1 priority. If you enter a situation and it doesn't feel right, trust your instincts and just be alert and careful out there. K? K! n

Today, the Moon resides in Libra. And, her pretty little smiling facade is going to be tested. It's going to be hard to smile through this. However, the very fact that the Moon is in Libra (though she meets most of the rest of the sky harshly) is going to help us a bit since from here she can negotiate and also has the ability to de-escalate situations...both necessary talents under the sky she has ahead of her.
We begin the day on the right foot. Chiron stationed retrograde overnight. This morning the Moon is in a buoyant and optimistic conjunction with Jupiter. It looks as if it is likely a bright and sunny day at the beginning at least.
Here's the thing, though. Mars is waxing into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. The aspect perfects tomorrow morning. Yet, while it is waxing the energy builds. Add to that the fact that the Moon will cross right through this configuration today and what you have is an early ignition of the energy as it is at its most powerful.

There is absolutely nothing “pretty” about Mars in opposition to Pluto. And, for a Moon that prefers things to be amicable, pretty and light this can feel pretty heavy. The Moon passes by Mars in Cancer by square at 1:05 PM and quickly following squares Pluto at 2:06 PM. That's a Cardinal T-square folks with the outlet falling in Aries. Meaning, the outlet calls for us to take action while both the Moon and Mars are in passive signs and influenced by the deep wells and temptations of Pluto. Some could or be tempted to revert to violence with this set up. However, the set up keeps pointing back at the Moon. Begging us to be high functioning Libra's not war mongers (as a matter of fact, conflict avoidance which is considered a shadow side of Libra might actually come in handy) as the outlet in Aries may first have us believe. See, even though the sign of Aries answers to Mars by way of rulership, Mars is in Cancer and runs on Moon power. Add to that fact that Libra energy is emphasized first thing this morning by conjunction to Jupiter in the sign and you end up finding your benefit in this situation by channeling the same. We find the most effective relief by way of Libra moreso than reverting to commonplace Aries outlets (fighting). However, not everyone is going to “get that” and instead some may fall to the lesser expressions of both Mars and the sign of Aries all wrapped under a shroud of Plutonic influence. See? I'm trying in my own very Libra way to tell you that there is a high potential for violence and nastiness. We will need our peacekeepers, deescalators, negotiators, and those skilled at conflict avoidance.
By transit, this energy can be hard to wrangle. I don't worry about folks who have Mars/Pluto in their natal charts. Folks born with this energy in their charts have time to become accustomed to it. But, when it comes in by transit affecting folks who are not familiar with the energy...THAT'S when it becomes tricky. And, potentially dangerous.

There are ways that it can be used effectively though! For example, if you have an initiative that you want to take which requires focus of your physical energy as well as a lot of physical work...then this is something that can really boost your jets. All that is accessible here. It's also quite sexy. So, if you are working the romantic tendencies of Libra, things could get rather spicy (in a good way) fairly quickly. However, pointed in the wrong direction and it could end up being abusive. In trusted and already intimate relationships though and...bow chica mow wow.
Yet, the lesser end of this energy is severely passive aggressive, prone to sneak attacks, abuses of power, ripe for betrayal and at the very, very worst and lowest acts of violence could occur. With Mars/Pluto in harsh aspect by transit that is always a possibility which is why I encourage you to keep your radar up and trust any instincts you may have in regard to the safety of situation.
Especially since Mars is in a very intuitive sign. Just as physical energy will be high, so will our abilities to empathically assess our surroundings. Put your radar to good use.

All that being said, when you've got a Cardinal Cross like this lighting up the sky there could be conflict. The best tactic to take is to try to negotiate a resolution that works in favor of all concerned. Libra can do that! I mean, you don't want to compromise yourself or the entirety of the metaphorical “farm” here but taking time to listen to all sides of the story, then, finding a common ground and working from there is a good way to go.
If a situation begins to get heated, employ deescalation techniques immediately because the thing could spiral out of control quickly if left unchecked. Remember, outlet is in Aries. Aries' ruler is in Cancer. Mars in Cancer says “Do the Moon” which in this instance says, “Make peace and love not war.” Know that if you are playing the role of negotiator, though, you have a tough job ahead of THIS Libra just let out a long exasperated Peacemakers and negotiators have their work cut out for them with this but they also have the power at hand to deal with it, too. That does not mean it will be fun OR easy. Those that can remain calm, cool, collected, alert and safety conscious with a talent for taking the “heat” out of situations are going to fare the best here.

At 10:17 PM, the Moon squares with Mercury which could complicate and bring friction to discussions and negotiations. However, the emotional body does settle and can reach some type of resolution as the Moon passes by Saturn by sextile at 11:49 PM. The energy of the seething and brooding and potentially revenge seeking Mars/Pluto opposition continues to wax in the background. It perfects in the morning at 7:56 AM just before the Moon opposes Uranus. So, we have violent tendencies mixed with catalyzing lunar activity happening at the same time. Use the lunar sextile to Saturn to get grounded and then hang on to that feeling as best you can. We are gonna need it.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Alrighty, as I've pounded the drum about Mars/Pluto all day yesterday, by the time you get today you probably already know that aspect perfects early this morning and is quickly followed by a lunar opposition to instigating and catalyzing Uranus (9:18 AM). Early morning upset has great potential. So, radar still up and be mindful of any warning signals that may come in.

Following the opposition with Uranus, the Moon enters Void status and things have a little time to percolate for better or worse. Then, the plot assuredly thickens and emotions take a somewhat deep and potentially intense turn as she enters Scorpio at 1:00 PM.
Now. Mars and Pluto are still within orb but waning now. However, remember Mars answers to the Moon and that energy has shifted into Scorpio which falls under rulership of both Mars (traditionally) and Pluto (in modern theory). So, we still have that seething, brooding and abuse of power potential here as well. The trick to that being the highest expression of Scorpio. Survival. Endurance. Focus. An ability to feel and assess situations very deeply. The challenge will be resisting the temptation to go to extremes. There are more options than kill or be killed. But, it's going to be harder to find a middle ground in this mix than it was under yesterday's Libra Moon.
The good news, though, is that the Moon does make a nice amicable (though watery) trine with the Sun in Cancer tomorrow at 12:47 PM which is followed by another peaceable (though, again, watery) trine with Neptune in the evening. As the opposition between Mars and Pluto continues to wane, the Moon eventually meets both of them amicably too on her trek through Scorpio. In turn, what we had as antagonistic energy under our Libra Moon becomes more easily accessible and supportive.

Use anger as motivation toward productivity. Physically move around to dispel any excess angst. If you are one of those weekend warrior types that likes to tackle DIY projects on long holidays this set up definitely provides enough physical energy to use in that capacity especially if you are remodeling or renovating something. If you have a marathon or athletic competition to attend, it's good for that too. It's the brooding and seething that becomes an issue. Plus, the potential to fixate on negativity and paranoia are possible. Yet, aimed and focused upon something that requires a lot of physical energy and endurance, and this sky becomes supportive moreso than dangerous. Make it through this day and we can essentially float through tomorrow.
Past that, looking more deeply into the week, we shift from the seething Mars/Pluto opposition and focus is brought to the mental realm as Mercury waxes toward a square with Uranus and Venus enters Gemini on July 4. This is less visceral and more cerebral. The shift of Venus brings her flexibility and a lightness. However, the square between Mercury and Uranus is quite anxious making. A good expression of that is literally the safe use of fireworks. At the same time, though, it could be the booms and orchestrated explosions that cause folks to be on edge. I will talk more about this in the Astrology of next week. Just be prepared to shift from focus upon the physical to a more punctuated focus on the cerebral at the first of the week.
Folks will likely keep more to themselves under today's sky. The air of sociability leaves us a bit with the lunar shift to Scorpio and folks become more deeply concerned over personal issues in their lives instead of prone to be out and about. It's also a good day to recuperate from any nasty we may have experienced yesterday. So, don't push yourself. If you feel like you need to squirrel away for some rest and personal time, this is certainly supportive of those kind of efforts.

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