Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of July 24 to July 28, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

This morning the Moon is still fresh and new in the sign of Leo. Her first aspect is in sextile to Jupiter in Libra at 7:00 AM. This is light and uplifting allowing us to potentially greet Monday with optimism. However, we also have two major personal planet transits today that bear importance. At 10:55 AM EDT, Venus perfects in opposition to Saturn. Then, at 12:33 PM, Mercury trines Uranus.
Now, the actions of Mercury right now are particularly interesting. He is essentially the leader of the planetary pack right now. Between today and tomorrow he will jet across the Aug 31 ecliptic point, enter his retrograde shadow and exit Leo for Virgo (25th 7:42 PM). There may be information that trickles in on a personal or global level that will relate to ecliptic themes. We may ALSO encounter the introduction of themes due to repeat themselves during Mercury's retrograde. My best guess is (especially since Mercury's retrograde includes a direct station ON the ecliptic) that Mercury's retrograde journey and the ecliptic themes will correlate.
Also, I feel it is relevant to mention that the Dragonfly has been on the uptick in my observations of collective symbolism recently. The message of dragonfly correlates to the energy we have in the sky now. But, it's also fairly natural for the creature to rise importance at this time of year, particularly in the US, since we are in the midst of it's “season.” For more information in regard to how Dragonfly may be relevant to you, click the links here or here to read more.

The Moon will interact with both Mercury and Venus while they are still within orb of these transits to Uranus and Saturn (respectively). As I mentioned, the Mercury/Uranus trine perfects at 12:33 PM. But, the Moon will keep that energy alive past the perfection point. The Moon trines Uranus at 3:59 AM on the 25th and then finds Mercury by conjunction on the 29th degree of Leo at 5:23 AM on the same day. Then, the Moon moves directly into the Mercury ruled sign of Virgo and Mercury, himself, does the same on the evening of the 25th.

As for Venus and Saturn, as mentioned that opposition perfects early today (10:55 AM). But, the Moon holds that energy in force as well. At 4:54 PM, the Moon trines Saturn and then meets Venus by sextile at 5:27 PM. Venus in opposition to Saturn is not fun, folks. Our butterfly Venus doesn't like to be stuck in one place and that's kind of what this feels like. Like the butterfly has been mounted on a display board or something. Yeah, that's not a fun time for the butterfly, right? However, as the Moon passes over this opposition in a supportive manner as it wanes, we may be able to see how we can create from this point of Venetian focus. Bringing inspiration, perhaps catalyzed by Mercury/Uranus, into tangible and physical reality by use of our own personal sense of creativity is entirely possible here. But, the negative influence could bring a feeling of anxiety (Mercury/Uranus), resources in short supply (Venus/Saturn) or even a feeling of being lonely or left out...the latter being a feeling that doesn't sit well with a Leo Moon. Leo doesn't like to be the one left off the invitation list for a party, for example. Venus opposite Saturn can create a feeling of just that.
As the day moves forward, we are encouraged to realize we are enough and our worth is not equivalent to the accolades we may or may not receive from the outside world. This sets us apart from the social sphere and, in a way, forces us toward our own company. Then, as the Moon in Leo passes through here overnight and reignites both these aspects we may just see the reason we needed to slow down and introspect, think independently/with innovation while attempting to become more comfortable and secure in our own skin as we plot our way forward on our individual paths.

The Sabian Symbols for the Venus/Saturn opposition read as follows (21/22 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini):

22 Gemini (per Dane Rudhyar): Dancing couples crowd the barn in a harvest festival. Richness of life in associations based on natural instincts. Warmth of simple living. Normal fulfillment of self.

21 Sagittarius (we assess the degree the planet is headed toward. In this instance, Saturn is Rx and headed toward 21 Sag): Child and dog play gravely with eyeglasses on their noses. Usefulness of make believe. Rising to situations through the imagination. Assuming a part ahead of natural development.

Today there is a possibility that the voice of the collective will rise. Ideas and communications are whip about like whirling dervishes. But, Venus/Saturn suggests we isolate from that while the focus on the sign of Leo implies that we need to assess all this information for personal relevant choosing to “pocket” or “entertain” only that which is personally relevant. It's also a day of inspiration and perhaps a feeling of being left out. That just gives us time to focus in on these inventive ideas in an effort to bring them into our current reality by way of physical manifestation. Resourcefulness will be called for as, for a time, they may feel slim. We are thinking of freedom and independence as the shackles of monetary/consumer driven culture hang tightly on our ankles. I've got news for you though. You are only as shackled as you want to be. Freedom is a mindset that no one can really give to you or take from you regardless of your financial, physical or social status. Besides, Janis says it's just another word for nothing left to use. At any rate, it's time to focus in on your personal priorities then work to build a few steps toward that into our future. This could involve learning new methods or techniques that support us in our individual goals or even joining up in collaborative effort in social groups that share our agenda. There is power in numbers. One is also a number,too, though. Ensure you are the one holding the reigns of power in your life and are able to steer your boat where you want it to go despite the potential distractions.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This morning the Moon completed the aspects I spoke of in the write up for Monday and now leaves Leo for the sign of Virgo (6:34 AM). Mercury follows the Moon entering Virgo at 7:42 PM.
As Mercury hangs on to the last degree of Leo and the Moon passes through Virgo, we are left to contemplate how it is we can use our personal ideas and inspirations in service to others. Planets/luminaries in the sign of Virgo prompt us to look for usefulness and application. Not to mention relevance and practicality. That is essentially the “theme” for today. How can you use your creativity? Can a change in perspective give you the unique solutions you are looking for? Are you assisting the collective condition with your talents/ideas or are you just being a troll? How can you apply the influx of information to your personal situation? And, better yet, are you able to separate the wheat from the chaff in regard to truth/fiction and distraction/relevance?

Today is great for fixing things. Toiling with your hands. Putting newly found information to work or simply getting your head on straight in regard to where you (specifically YOU) need to go or what you need to do next. Be practical. Be self-honest. Look for usefulness and application of your wild ideas and creative inspirations.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Moon in Virgo finds herself in a bit of flux today. She bounces off Neptune, Pluto and Saturn as the Sun in Leo waxes toward a conjunction with Mars. She begins her day under a haze, lethargy, potential illness or just a general feeling of increased empathy or over-sensitivity as she passes by Neptune in opposition (6:38 AM). It could be hard to wake up or we may be a little forgetful (where's my keys, did I turn the coffee pot off...kinda thing).
As the day moves forward, though, we reach a point of restorative ground as the Moon meets Pluto (1:29 PM) in Capricorn by gritty trine. We refocus and are more geared toward production. Yet, the square between the Moon and Saturn (8:52 PM) can bring doubt or depression which doesn't sit well as the Sun/Mars (8:57 PM) conjunction waxes in. However the mixture of solid boundary and emotional maturity can also help us to manage the hot headed ego push that may come from Sun/Mars.

There may be difficult truths delivered here or a sense of restriction. We may feel self-critical and thus be prone to really act out on low end of this. But, the truth is the truth; and, it's better to know it than be deluded. Here we can align that with our personal motivations as long as we can effectively handle the potential for frustration. It can be grounded out...but, you know, there are folks who love drama and would rather go out in flames than be ignored (good attention/bad attention...some folks don't care as long as its attention). You can go that route if you wish. But, my suggestion is to get off your high horse act your age not your shoe size and do something worthy with all this fire. Something that pays future self favors instead of causes you more of a mess to clean up in the end. Some will opt to go out in a blaze of glory. But, the wise shall opt to fortify themselves, remain patiently aware of timing while keeping their heads in their own agenda.

The Sun and Mars meet while both are headed toward the 5th degree of Leo: Suggesting figures, granite masses overhand a canyon. Permanence of basic elements in nature underneath temporary changes and emphases. Endurance. Steadiness of self-knowledge.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Late last night, the Moon in Virgo met Venus in Gemini by uncomfortable square. Want and need clashed. Then, the Moon opposes Chiron at 9:00 AM which shuttles her into Void status while prompting her to retreat to lick/treat her wounds. The Moon remains Void until entering Libra at 11:38 AM.
The first aspect from our Libra Moon waxes in at 8:33 PM bringing her into a nice sextile with Mars in Leo and, soon after, the Sun. On the most simple and mundane level, this aspect pattern says to share. Share your motivations. Surround yourself with friends. Share yourself and be open to exchange, collaboration and fair unbiased consult, if needed.

Overall, it's a nice day that allows us to bring ourselves to the table of the other. In that, hostess gifts are welcomed as well as warm exchanges of thank you's as we all are invited to “come as we are.” It's gentle and playful...even flirty at times bringing the opportunity to romance both yourself and those that you may find yourself a little enamored with. It actually sounds...hold your!
Enjoy this active and light weather while you can. If there have been recent disputes this is an excellent sky to make amends. If you've been lonely or feel cast out, it's a great day to get out there and make friends or just re-engage. Create your own team...don't have to be worry about not being picked in that situation, do ya?
In the interest of production, this is a great day for that too. We are mobile, light and energetic. Plus, with the cooperative Libra Moon we may find folks willing to assist us in our endeavors or have an opportunity to barter or partner up toward that same end.
It's the flirty feel that tickles me about this day though. There will be dramatic hair flips and plenty of batting eyelashes. Maybe even a giggle or two as we conjure up practical ways to make both ourselves and the folks we care about feel special. In any deal struck today, though, it is highly suggested that you read the fine print and get any agreement of any importance in writing. My suggestion is to ALWAYS read the fine print and get it in writing; but, this is especially true with Mercury in shadow in the sign of Virgo, we need to be mindful of detail since some of this may come up for later review. Don't be charmed out of your good You know? It happens.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Today the Moon still resides in Libra. However, there is a bit of a different feel to her today than yesterday. She passes by the morning without major aspect as Mercury meets Pluto in sesquisquare (7:04 PM). This is a minor aspect but does have the mind churning to a degree at times, perhaps, leaning toward darker, paranoid or self-critical thoughts. It's a very subtle nuance but it bears relevance given the set up for the rest of the day. The “Let's make a deal” mentality is still in force...but, maybe make sure what kind of deal you are signing up for and ensure you know/trust who you are dealing with.

At 6:46 PM, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Libra. Now, Jupiter has been the instigator of some squirrelly stuff lately as he hung inconjunct to Neptune during his station direct. Here we find him away from that station point and now moving into square with Pluto in Capricorn. They are currently separated by one measly degree.
Oh, but Jupiter is wonderful! Jupiter is our luck planet! Jupiter is benevolent! Yeah. Sure he is. Let me tell you something, Jupiter is a smart ass is what he is. He operates as spotlight that both “heats up” emotional situation but also blows stuff (expands) way out of proportion. In square to Pluto, he lights up both the shadow of Capricorn as well as light and shadow of Libra. He is non-discretionary in that manner. Plus, when you have Jupiter and Pluto in harsh aspect what you end up with is a lot of self-righteous smart asses, dangerous pranks PLUS very vivid view of the UGLY rotten foundations found in greed, subservient leadership, abusive control efforts can be likened to demons (Pluto) on parade (Jupiter).

The high end of that aspect pattern is looking deeply into the structures of our life (you know, since we are in that basement with a powerful flashlight right now) and square off with some of our more insidious tendencies. Bringing awareness to them strips them of their power and lays it in our conscious hands. And, you know, folks get confused when I talk about employing the power of shadow and our demons but it can 100% be done! For example, a tendency to tell tall tales could be converted to becoming one heck of a fiction author. An ability to pierce the criminal mind can lead to criminal activity or ventures into things like private detective work or inventing strong security measures against more subservient agendas. What we are most likely going to see is that continual stream of headlines that shows us exactly where the ugly is...and, you know what, some folks with cheer for it! Slobber at the chance of watching it run out to infect the world. While others will never once stop to look at themselves but instead project all that they deny on the ever elusive “them” or “other.”
Man. Is that ever a trap waiting for you to fall into. If you catch yourself placing blame on someone or something else for the current circumstances in your life, know that you are willingly giving your power away. Also know that placing blame and saying “he started it” or “she made me” IS the shadow of Libra. Folks only have as much power over you as you give them. Remember that and redirect if you get personally stuck in that mess.

As the square between Jupiter and Pluto tightens ugly will be squeezed from the collective and put on display. The better use of this is introspection and deep self-assessment of matters relating to personal truth while checking into the ways in which we may be unconsciously screwing up our relationships with it. As for today and the Lunar activity, know some will be wearing smiles with fangs underneath. Be wary, still, of the deals you make. Read the terms thoroughly and leave no detail unchecked. Look past the facades you encounter and assess motive...because some will be up to no good. I assure you. All the more reason to keep your nose in your own business in my opinion but under a sky that bears social emphasis, that could prove difficult. Just don't allow yourself to be set up to be the patsy or the fall's not fun getting thrown under the bus in an effort to further someone else on their slimy agenda. Plus, don't get so stuck in the “self-righteous I KNOW IT ALL” mentality because exalting yourself to that position (since NONE of us really hold that title) is just prep for a fall in this time of eclipses.